x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Theory X

This event occurred on
March 7, 2020
Skudai, Johor

X, Often known as an unknown to be discovered, viewed by TEDxUTM2020 as boundless prospect to be explored for it symbolize two crossing lines. By believing in the power of the universe and the magic of Law of Attraction, those single lines have been pulled to cross each other which metaphorically means people with the same energy and positive purposes will be pulled together and meet one another anytime and anywhere. Ideas ignite conversations which connect and bring together people from all walks of life, powered to impact one’s attitude, life and ultimately the world. Regardless of appearances, humans are set apart by our own mind and thoughts. We believe every individual has their unique story to share.

Banquet Hall, Canseleri building
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Skudai, Johor, 81310
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Alex Lim

An English Teacher and Co-Founder at MYReaders Resources
Alex was an English teacher in Sungai Petani, Kedah. He started teaching in 2013. Believing that students can do more than merely receive information from adults, he rallied his students to mentor younger students in his school to read and in doing the same, grow student leaders. Alex graduated with an LLB(Hons) from University of London and was an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. Along with 3 other friends, he had co-founded an organisation to address illiteracy by empowering children through communities using structured and sustainable reading programmes.

Azfar Firdaus

A Model, Activist, PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering
Azfar Firdaus is born with albinism, a genetic condition that inhibits body from producing melanin, a substance that gives the body color. From that point thereafter, it has always been a journey for his of self-discovery, and exploration of the world. He is a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering, a model, and an activist and advocate for people living with various conditions and disabilities. He live to strive on being a person who is capable of helping those around him, a person who is capable of changing the world to a kinder place, a person who tries his best in everything that he sets out for.

Dr Chua Sook Ning

A Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Relate Malaysia
Dr Sook Ning Chua is an experienced clinical psychologist whose research focuses on motivation, civic engagement, and online mental health interventions. A PhD. graduate from McGill University in Canada, she founded Relate Malaysia, a non profit organization in Malaysia that focuses on mental healthcare inclusion for all regardless of race, economics or age. She regularly consults with media outlets on all things related to psychology and has research collaborations with universities on developing effective and accessible mental health interventions. As a hobby, she plays the violin and has the most adorable terrier-poodle by the name of Sherlock.

Dr Helen Tan Sui Hong

Lecturer, A member of the Strategic Management Society (USA), PhD in Management with Specialisation of Women in Leadership, MBA in Strategic Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), LLB (Hons) in Laws from University of London
Dr. Helen (or known as Dr HT) holds a PhD in Management with specialisation of women in leadership and an MBA in Strategic Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM); an LLB (Hons) in Laws from University of London. She worked in Singapore corporate sector for several years before a career switch to higher education sector by joining UTM Azman Hashim International Business School as a senior lecturer in 2016. She is currently being seconded to the Office of Vice-Chancellor under the Strategic Management Office (UTM-SMO). DrHT’s research, academic and consultation work focused on leadership, strategic management, organizational behaviour, negotiation strategies and decision making. She has been actively involved in facilitating strategic planning for universities and government agencies. Apart from that, she delivers lectures in construction law and law in forensic engineering for civil engineers. DrHT is a member of the Strategic Management Society (USA).

Dr Koh Kho King

Founder of ShaShinKi.com, A member of Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
DR Koh Kho King moved to Johor in Year 1995 to pursue his Bachelor and Master degree in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and became a lecturer in UTM in Year 2003. He later was awarded with Japanese government scholarship to further study his PhD in Hiroshima University in Japan. Along the time he was in Japan, he fell in love with photography which led to another interesting event which he founded ShaShinKi.com in Year 2005. The talented young man self-taught coder using open source software to puzzle ups the first online camera shop in Malaysia. Over the years, ShaShinKi.com has become the largest online camera shop in Malaysia with over 30,000 products online serving over 100,000 customers. ShaShinKi.com was the top 10 finalists in Malaysia E-Commerce Merchant Award in Year 2016.

Gary Yap Hou Huai

Clinical Psychologist, A member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology
Gary Yap is a Clinical Psychologist and a member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. . Hailing from Sandakan, Sabah, Gary Yap has developed a keen interest in psychology and mental health issues since he was 15 years old. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology in HELP University, he continued to pursue his Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Besides providing mental health services for the general public, he also founded Malaysia’s 1st Psychology Educational Platform – MY Psychology with his team. He is passionate in delivering talks / workshops and producing online bite-sized content to build psychological literacy and mental health awareness in the Malaysian community, which is to make “Psychology for Everyone”.

Germaine Yeap

Social Media Personality / Action Stunt Woman / Model
Germaine Yeap is currently a social media personality in fitness, comedy and martial arts. She has done a few action films for fight and combat scenes where she also performs her own stunts. Germaine was formerly a banker who transitioned into a professional Muay Thai fighter representing Malaysia in 2014 - 2015. She is also known for her viral video of "a nerdy girl overpowering male sparring partners" at a Muay Thai gym. Germaine started off collaborations with MaxmanTV and found her passion in producing action & comedy content for social media. She has exposure in films, viral videos, music videos, commercials and advertisements.

Keda Z. Heng Zh Feng

Photographer, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Speaker, Philanthropist, Ambassador
KEDA.Z FENG, who is from Johor Bahru is an internationally acclaimed photography artist, lecturer, speaker, philanthropist, ambassador and a successful entrepreneur. Besides being active in teaching photography lessons all around the world, he also embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in his business aligning with his belief which everyone deserve for opportunities to fulfill their potentials. He obtained Licentiate and Associate level of qualification from Master Photographers Association, United Kingdom in 2010 while the next year again he secured the Fellow level of Master Photographers Association, which is the highest qualification within the Association. He won numerous awards locally and internationally. Besides, he is the only photographer that won ‘Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians’ Award for 2019.

Koe Yeet

Actress, Barrister-at-law
Koe Yeet is hard to fully describe in a paragraph or two. The answer to ‘Who is Koe Yeet?’ could be any of or a combination of the following depending on in which year you raised the question: a state tennis player, TV host, singer, district level table tennis player, child model, judge for public speaking competitions and talent shows, and the list goes on. She never allowed herself to be defined by a single profession or a single path. As for now, the answer to ‘Who is Koe Yeet?’ is that she is a barrister-at-law by profession (called to the Bar in London in 2018), an actress by passion, and living life to the fullest is her mission. Koe Yeet sees life as an adventure, and each experience a chapter.

Myke Celis

ICF-Certified Global Life, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach
Myke Celis is an ICF-Certified Global Life and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach. He is best known for #bestmeever , his self-actualization and personal breakthrough coaching program which has helped hundreds of people globally. A radio talkshow host and multimedia host in the Philippines, this Unicorn coach is also a best selling author of 3 inspirational titles, a serial entrepreneur, and he loves to travel, sparkling and spreading goodvibes everywhere he goes, inspiring one life at a time.

Wythe See

In 1998, eight years old See Yuan Feng witnessed the struggle of his father’s business during the financial crisis and the constant fear the whole family was put upon by then. What he did not notice during that time is that the seed of courage was only watered during the fearful hours, and that was exactly when his father had planted the seed into his heart. By becoming an emcee, hosting beauty pageants and fashion shows, release own tens of thousand copies of magazine and opened over 15 retail stores in Malaysia & Singapore, the journey of entrepreneurship for him has always been about watering the seed of courage by seeking discomfort and conquering them.

Zamir Mohyedin

Author, A member of Malaysian Institute of Physics
Zamir Mohyedin is a member at Malaysian Institute of Physics, the sole representative body for physicist and for those involved in the practice of physics in Malaysia. He currently is a solid state physicist at Centre of Advanced Materials, Institute of Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA. His research involves the first principles study of crystalline materials and topological insulator by using density functional theory in which he handles modelling and simulation software for his research. Besides, he wrote seven books that include subjects like physics, psychology, philosophy and history. One of his publications - “Theoretical Mechanics” has become one of the main references for both students and lecturers at UiTM. On the other hand, he is the main speaker of popular channel ML Studios where he spread sophisticated idea of science in laymen terms.

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