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Theme: Dilemmas

This event occurred on
June 26, 2021
Athens, Attiki

TEDxUniWA is a TEDx event organized mainly by the students and staff of the University of West Attica located in Aigaleo, Athens. The aim is to inspire and spread creative ideas through powerful talks, workshops and performances.

Mentor: Ioannis Psaromiligkos
Coach: Tzina Kalogirou
Experience Team: Vrisiida Arvaniti, Vasilis Athanasopoulos, Georgia Chioti, Aggeliki Malandrenia, Vicky Pourlioti
IT & Graphics Team: Theodoros Xanthopoulos, Myra Bizimi, Vivian Kalomoiri, Ilias Lazaridis, Popi Rigopouli, Natasa Themeli, Giannis Variozidis
Media & Communication Team: Nikos Pata, Victor Fragkou, Magda, Logkari, Mia Panagopoulou, Giannis Peristerakis
Partnerships Team: Gabriela Telekfalvi, Aggelos Chronopoulos, Panagiotis Drosos, Nafsika Tsouni
Speakers & Hospitality Team: Marios Charalampoboulos, Sylvia Gkolemi, Anastasia Koronaiou, Vana Mitropoulou, Christos Markou
Video & Production Team: Iliana Psomadaki, Mirto Lalioti, Elda Tousai
Venue & Production Team: Panagiota Karapiperi, Stella Apostolaki, Vaggelis Dimopoulos, Konstantinos Evgenikos, Giorgos Mantoudakis, Dimitris Moustakas

UniWA (University of West Attica)
250, Thivon
Athens, Attiki, 12241
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Ada Livitsanou

Actress/TV Presenter/Pastry Shop Owner
Ada Livitsanou is a Greek actor, singer and pastry shop owner. She graduated from KEA Bellou Drama School and since then, she has starred in many famous television series and theatrical plays. She specializes in musicals – her biggest love. In 2014, she made true one of her dreams, the Adas Little Kitchen, that is, a pastry studio where she creates themed cakes. In her free time, she performs at live events, and she is currently writing her first book of recipes.

Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos

Μulti-instrumentalist / Performer / Composer / Singer/ Songwriter
Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer, singer and songwriter. He received diplomas in Trombone, Violin and Music Theory, and plays more than 20 musical instruments. In his performances, he usually combines comic and tragic elements, and he could be described as a chameleon.

Art ists

Artists: Artemis Skeva, Photographer Eleni-Elisavet Mpistika, Photographer Stratos Patlakas, Photographer Anastasia Manta, Photographer Katerina Giannikopoulou, Painter Katerina Moussiou, Painter Eirini Gemistou, Ceramics Designer Stefania Fotiadou, Free Lancer Tatiani Spanou, Free Lancer Athanasios Gkiaouris, Wood Artist Anastasia Printziou, Designer Music: George Braoudakis, Pianist

Christina Kapatou

Private Sector Employee
Christina Kapatou has graduated from the Department of Shipping and Business Services of the University of Aegean. When she was a teenager, she participated in international Debate championships. In addition, she is the mother of a young boy. For the last 2.5 years, she has been working at the National Bank of Greece in data analysis, the connection of information and departments, maintenance and storage of information, and translation of all real estate data published on the bank's website.

Dimitris Kourakos

Sofia's partner in crime is Dimitris Kourakos. Dimitris is a photographer, videographer and graduate of the AKTO Interior Architecture – Decoration program, counting many years of experience in content creation on social media. These two speakers have combined their different interests and created a YouTube channel with more than 90,000 subscribers.

Dysanatolia the band

Dysanatolia is a band whose members are united by their shared love for the traditions of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranea. Due to their different origins, their compositions are westernized and orchestrated in a fusion mood. Their creations combine the West with the East and the Balkans. The kanun switches with the saxophone and the drums with the keyboard. The members are as follows: kanun Manolis Christodoulou, saxophone Chris Kiriazis, keyboard Christoforos Mastorakis and drums Nikos Christopoulos & Simos Konstantinidis.

Eleni Dafni

Eleni Dafni has graduated from the Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun. She has participated in various cinema and TV projects. She is an active member of the Gefyra Theatre Group and the Flοu Group.

Eleni Rethymniotaki

Lawyer / Associate professor of Law at NKUA / Former President of the National Bioethics Commission
Eleni Rethymniotaki is a lawyer, associate professor of Law at NKUA and former President of the National Bioethics Commission. She has received an honorary distinction for her doctoral dissertation on medical ethics and bioethics from the perspective of the sociology of law. Her work focuses on bioethics and specifically on the ethical, political and legal issues raised by the regulations of biomedicine. She has edited a collective volume on feminist approaches to law and a monograph on new forms of companionship and family relationships in line with the evolving trends of family law. Her recent work explores the transformation of family law in conjunction with the social changes of family forms.

Fotios Sampaziotis

Physician Hepatologist and Clinical Lecturer at University of Cambridge
Fotis Sampaziotis is a Physician Hepatologist in the Liver Unit of Cambridge University Hospitals and a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on regenerative medicine, cellular therapies, bioengineering and hepatobiliary disease modelling. He has led multiple studies published in high impact journals, and his work is internationally recognised. In addition, he has been selected as the National Scholar for the UK by the European Society of Gastroenterology. Fotis is the co-founder and the CEO of Bilitech LTD, a start-up biotechnology company that aims to advance innovative cellular and bioengineered therapies to clinical products.

George known as SimpleG

Alternative Street Artist
SimpleG is a famous Greek alternative street artist. From his early years, he showed his interest in arts and hence, he studied sculpture, drawing and hagiography at the Athens School of Fine Arts. The last 11 years, his main field of interest is the public, big-scale wall painting. He works as a freelancer or in partnerships with various organisations, companies, art galleries and festivals worldwide.

Giannis Baskozos

Journalist/Literary Critic/Writer
Giannis Baskozos is a journalist, literary critic and writer. He studied mathematics at the University of Athens and completed his PhD studies in the Department of Humanities at the same university. He has collaborated with many newspapers and magazines, and today, he manages «The Reader», an online web magazine for books. In addition, he has published short stories, the study «The humble and the essential», and has edited volumes of collective essays.

Giorgos Stathis

Greek Sign Language Interpreter/Author/Presenter
Giorgos Stathis is a professional Greek sign language interpreter, author and presenter. He is the founder of the social company HandsUp Agency, the first agency for sign language interpreters in Greece. He also collaborates with the Federation of the Deaf of Greece and the National Foundation for the Deaf. In addition, Giorgos is one of the contracted interpreters of the Ministry of Digital Government and presents the news in sign language on the TV channel ANT1. In September 2019, he wrote his first book, and two short stories followed. In February 2021, he published his first children's story, the first universally accessible fairy tale in Greece, with audio narration and video in sign language.

Giota Chouliara

Concept Communication Strategies CEO
Giota Chouliara was born in Sparta and is a graduate of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture at the Panteion University. At the age of 28 and having already worked in communication companies, she founded her own PR Agency, the «CONCEPT Communication Strategies». She participates as a mentor in Women On Top, focusing on women entrepreneurship, competitiveness in the professional environment, decision-making strategies and tackling gender discrimination. In addition, she is active in the field of catering as she works in the award-winning restaurant «MANIMANI» and recently in the Greek street food «DIRTY MANH».

Klaus Shehaj

Klaus, known as Lali in the hip-hop community, inspired by brakin’ and other types of dance, has accumulated 17 years of experience and participated in numerous artistic performances.

Konstantinos Charantiniotis

Wellness Mentor and Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, NLP Master Coach and an Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Konstantinos Charantiniotis is a wellness mentor and coach, ayurvedic practitioner, NLP master coach and an internationally recognized yoga and meditation teacher. For 25 years, he has dedicated his life to personal development and growth. Through classes, seminars, training programs and individual sessions, he has helped thousands of people "navigate" efficiently in all aspects of their daily lives. The purpose of his programs is cultivating skills with mind training to create a balanced life. By combining traditional and modern techniques, he has developed a holistic approach that he applies to well-being sessions. He recently started sharing his knowledge and experience on podcasts, articles, his YouTube channel and his official website.

Laily Ramazani

Cultural Mediator
Laily Ramazani was born and raised in Iran although she comes from Afghanistan. She holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked as a technical consultant in a water company. She has participated in many competitions on engineering, robotics and the arts. She came to Greece in August 2019 and a month later, she started volunteering as a teacher at the "International School of Peace", and joined a music choir (CANTAlaloun) in Mytilini. At the same time, she worked voluntarily as a cultural mediator in "Kitrinos Healthcare", at Moria Hotspot and other clinics, as well as in Lesol (Lesvos Solidarity) in the Hospitality Structure Pikpa Lesvos. For the issuance of her ID and travel documents, she was transferred to Athens where she lives to this day and works as a cultural mediator in a child protection program.

Marianthi Fragkopoulou

Professor at OSU / HERADO CEO
Prof Marianthi Fragkopoulou, PhD (Chief Executive Officer), is a Nuclear Physics, invited Professor at Oklahoma State University OSU, and HERADO CEO. With an experience of more than 18 years in medical physics and space research, she has received numerous grands and awards. She has extensive research activity, has participated in experiments in Greece and abroad, and has published articles in various international journals. Prof Fragkopoulou has collaborated with laboratories and large organizations worldwide, such as NASA, DLR and Lockheed Martin. She is a member of international scientific societies and an invited speaker in many international conferences in her field.

Philimonas Mourselas

Teacher of Physical Education
Philimonas Mourselas is a physical education teacher and founder of "Eu Kinisi Personal Training". For the last 20 years, he has been designing and developing personalized training programs for individuals in vulnerable groups.

THEAMA theatre ensemble

Group of disabled actors
THEAMA team was founded in Athens in 2010. THEAMA is a professional theatrical team of mainly disabled artists, aiming at inclusivity and diversity.

Vasilios Ioakeimidis

Vassilis Ioakeimidis is a Professor of Historical and Comparative Social Work at the University of West Attica. His academic interests focus on the comparative and historical analysis of social services. For 15 years, he had been working at universities in the UK. In 2017, he was elected Founding Professor, being the first director of the Center for Social Work and Social Justice at the University of Essex. He currently chairs the education committee of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the British Journal of Social Work in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Xenia Stathouli

Xenia Stathouli is a professional dancer with a career in contemporary dance, hip hop, ballet. She also dances capoeira and does ground acrobatics training.

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