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Theme: Let's talk Diversity

This event occurred on
December 8, 2019
Guangzhou, Guangdong

As as it means differently in different contexts, the all-purpose Cantonese idiom 「讲呢D」 could be a unique saying to epitomize Diversity.

It could be used to ease the unease in a challenge,
bring back hope in despair, moderate the overflowing joy, or echo life with peace.

That’s why when we want to talk about Diversity, we choose ‘讲呢D’. Carrying diverse meanings, this Cantonese idiom is probably the best coverall portrait of the value and character of Guangzhou.

Picking this theme marks a Phase 2(inspired by the Marvel Universe) that TEDxZhujiangNewTown ushers in. In the wake of a serious discussion on economy in Phase 1, we decide to step forward into a new stage - to unfold Guangzhou’s diversity in intriguing ways, probing into its nature and worth, including both its economy and business transition.

More importantly, we begin to think of how to make aborigines, newcomers and migrants all embrace Guangzhou with love out of job opportunities, prosperity, or noticeable charm that it houses, as we witness the city has ranked the 1st in economic growth (among the tier-one city group) over the past three quarters of 2019.

Rosewood Guangzhou
No. 6 Zhujiang Road East. Tianhe District
Guangzhou, Guangdong, 10010
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