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Theme: Intersections

This event occurred on
May 24, 2020
5:00pm - 8:00pm IDT
(UTC +3hrs)
Ramat Gan, HaMerkaz

Our event deals with the events that cross our lives, forcing us to change, learn, grow, make new choices, act and wonder. Whether it is showing up early for a public lecture, discovering that you suffer from a debilitating disease, rekindling a lost relationship over the internet from 30,000 km. away, dealing with sudden surprises within your family, our wonderful speakers are ready to inspire, stimulate, question and spread their ideas from Shenkar College in Israel to the world. TEDxShenkarCollege will be online this year, you are more than welcome to join us!

Auditorium, Mitchell Building, Shenkar College
Yeda Am 8
Ramat Gan, HaMerkaz, 5252672
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Dov Moran

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Venture Capitalist
Dov Moran is an Israeli entrepreneur, investor and best known as the inventor of the USB Flash Drive (with over 40 other patents). Dov founded M-Systems in 1989 and led it till its acquisition by SanDisk for $1.6B. From that time, he established several companies and invested in many others. His latest initiation is the formation of Grove Ventures, an early-stage deep-technology Venture Capital fund. Dov is recognized globally and received many prestigious awards from major organizations and institutions such as "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernst & Young, Edward Rheine Award for inventing the USB Flash Drive, the “IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems” award. In Sept 2016, with the vision of sharing his experience, Dov has published his first book called '100 Doors'. In his book he writes about innovation and entrepreneurship. The book was ranked as #1 in the best seller books in Israel (non - fiction).

Dr. Vered Pnueli

Head of Game Design and Development Graduate Program, Shenkar College
Vered Pnueli is a researcher, a writer and a lecturer on the subjects of media, design and digital games culture. Her academic interests in the digital media space are backed up with extensive industry experience in designing and developing media products for academic and business purposes. Vered is the founder and head of the ‘Game design and development program’ and of the ’Digital books and magazines program’ at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She served as head of Business Development and a founding director at the Management Committee at Shenkar center for innovation and development of games. Vered holds a PhD degree in Media Studies from Brunel University of West London, a Master’s degree in Design Management from UCA UK and a BFA from Tel Aviv University

Eran Davidson

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist
100 times Venture Capitalist, extreme sports addict, founder of the first Venture Debt fund in Germany, constantly looking for and achieving challenges, always with passion

Michael Keidar

Lecturer of Design at Shenkar College, Entrepreneur, Textile Designer
Textile Designer. Head of the Rozen Center for Sustainability - Shenkar, Textile Designer, OEKO-TEX country manager in Israel, lecturer at the Textile Design Department, sustainability in textile specialist, entrepreneur in the textile field for contract and hospitality. As Head of the Rozen Center for Sustainability, Keidar monitors the various areas that deal with sustainability at Shenkar that include Academic subjects, projects such as the Green Campus, and cooperation’s out of Shenkar. At the Textile Design Department, he teaches subjects on Entrepreneurship & Management and Standards & Ecology in the Textile Industry. Keidar is part of the inner departmental forum on Innovation & Ecology. Since his graduation at Shenkar he has been part of the interior textile sector in marketing, designing and developing both as a manager and an entrepreneur.

Oded Drory

Business Development, Marketing, International Advisor
50 years of experience in roles which utilized managerial, business development, sales and marketing capabilities, international experience and leadership skills - last 10 years specialized in advising international companies and resolving management crises last with Camilla Australia.

Orly Shani

International Conference Organizer
Orly is an international conference organizer, serving as the President and CEO of Oscar4b, an event management firm, working with clients such as the Israeli government, The European Union, the NYC municipality, banks and many provate companies. One day her busy daily schedule was shaken when she was diagnosed with APBD - an orphan disease, affecting only 157 in the entire world.

Prof. Alex Padwa

Professorat Shenkar College, Product and Car Designer
After graduating from the RCA in London, he worked for Citroen in Paris as a car designer for five years. Alex has been a visiting lecturer in the RCA London for seventeen years, and has been lecturing in various design academies in the world. He directed the Industrial Design dept. in Shenkar College for twelve years, before becoming a professor of industrial design. Teaches also in the MBA program in IDC Herzlia. Founder and manager of PADWA DESIGN studio.

Richard Lucas

Entrepreneur, Investor, Lecturer
Richard identifies as European, Polish, Krakowian, British, a citizen of the world, a TEDx-er, an immigrant, father, and as business and social entrepreneur. He has started more than 30 businesses in Poland, the UK and USA, many initiatives promoting entrepreneurship since he moved to Krakow in 1991 and teaches entrepreneurship in schools, universities and business schools. He was responsible for the on line "Wojtek the Soldier Bear" movement and the Statue in Kraków's Park Jordana for which the Polish Government awarded him a Pro Memoria medal. He has been involved in TED and TEDx events since 2009, is the Curator and Founder of TEDxKazimierz and is committed to changing lives for the better through working on spreading great ideas.

Steven Max Stern

Enterpreneur, Speaker, Musician
Steven Max Stern has worked in high tech and software development for more than twenty-five years across multiple industries. After his diagnoses he retired from the business world to deal with his disease and to live life all over again each and every day. Apart from managing his medical condition, Steven spends time trying to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and to follow their passions despite the difficulties we all face

Yoni Sagy

Engineering Student, Shenkar College
Yoni Sagy is an adventurer, after spending a year in beautiful Australia working for an Israeli start-up company he came back with a question, how you should define and introduce yourself? Yoni is a student of industrial engineering and management at Shenkar College.

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