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Theme: To Boldly

This event occurred on
March 20, 2021
Singapore, Central Singapore

In 2020, we’ve experienced an unprecedented shift in our way of life into what seems to be our new normal. Despite these challenges, we believe that our community has the grit and courage to live boldly.

Tune in to our live event on 20th March 2021 (Sat) and listen to our speakers share how they boldly dream, build, believe, go, and live. Together, we're unpacking the notion of living boldly - to break barriers, embrace change, live your dream, and build a city of tomorrow.

We’ve been dreaming big to push the limits of our usual community event. So, this year where you cannot come to us, we’re bringing TEDxSingapore to you! Get exclusive access to a live stream of our first digital event and have a unique experience just as special as the real thing. With performances, group activities, games, exchanges with our uplifting speakers, and much more, you can have a full TEDxperience without even having to step out your door.

Ticket sales are now live on Klook ( in limited quantity, and here’s what you can expect:

Host your very own TEDx watch party from the comfort of your own home
Draw inspiration and ideas worth spreading from the speakers
Partake in exclusive ”Ask Me Anything” sessions with the speakers
Receive a special TEDx Host party bag, limited to the buyers of the first 200 tickets only!
Participate in community activities at satellite installations
Enjoy captivating live performances put on by our talented artists

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Alan Kueh

Architect of Possibilities
As the Head of AK+, Alan Kueh helms a responsive, innovative architectural and design praxis that sets to shape the culture of today and tomorrow. Alan has worked on a number of inspiring projects, one such project being the Together Shelter, a temporary shelter deployment of some 3000 beds on some underutilised multi storey car park in the city.

Dan Friess

Conservation Optimist
We've heard of animals being endangered; But what happens when a vital piece of our ecosystem goes extinct? Dan Friess is a coastal geographer with a burning desire to protect the mangrove forests so they may continue serving as bastion for delicate sea life. Dan is a strong advocate of crossing the academic-implementation divide, and works with a range of government, NGO, commercial and community groups to implement on the ground mangrove conservation initiatives.

Douglas OLoughlin

Transformation Faciliator
Dr. Douglas O’Loughlin is passionate about supporting impactful and joyful organisations and communities. Over the past few years, he has seen how understanding polarities can change our lives and our world and has facilitated many workshops to support leaders to more clearly see and manage polarities. He is certified in a wide range of instruments and assessments, is co-founder of a few OD Networks, and has written numerous articles and blogs in the field.

Ing Le Seng

Young Entrepreneur, Tinkerer
A scarring incident where an old lady injured herself trying to pick up her fallen walking stick stuck with Ing Le for a long time. She realised in that moment how ironic it was, that the tool meant to prevent the elderly from falling had caused that old woman to end up on the floor. And so, together with her brother, Ing Le began to create their own version of a walking stick. Dubbed the QaneMate, the walking stick prototyped with household items was the siblings' take on revolutionising an age old product, to allow it to be seen in a new light.

Liyanah Dhamirah

Social Advocate, Entreprenuer
Having gone through a period of homelessness, Liyana has emerged stronger through her struggles and even wrote the award-winning book, “Homeless: The Untold Story of a Mother’s Struggle in Crazy Rich Singapore”. She is also a contributing writer for the anthology, “Singapore Birthday Book: 20/20 Seeing Clearly” and the recipient of the “Woman of Resilience” award from AWARE.

Robert Liew

Artistic Director, Concert Enthusiast
One of Singapore's most illustrious performing arts presenters and the artistic director of the Singapore Arts Festival, Dr Robert Liew opened up the Singapore stage to some of the world’s most acclaimed artists including the New York Philharmonic, Placido Domingo, Paris Opera Ballet and the American Ballet Theater. With a passion for creative audience engagement, his eclectic shows range from Broadway tours to comedy festivals, symphony orchestras to offbeat theatre.

Santha Bhaskar

Pioneer of Indian Classical Dance, Director, Atomic Choreographer
Well versed in the art of Bharatanatyam dance, Santha Bhaskar is one of the artists who introduced the art to the rest of the world. The choreographer of musical numbers 28, she has incorporated elements of foreign dance, literature and even physics into her work. It is her strong belief that “Natyashastra” and other teachings by Bharatha Muni are still of great importance and relevance in this day and age, as their fundamental nature has something to help teach, inspire and refocus the mindset of modern day choreographers with it's limitless potential.

Thai Ker Liu

Chief Urban Planner
As the former master planner of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, Dr Liu Thai Ker is a visionary, and is widely recognised as 'The Architect of Modern Singapore'. He is also the founding chairman of MORROW and the advisory board of Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), and is undoubtedly a massive contributer to the Singapore we know today.

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  • Estelle Pierrot
  • Harsha Turlapati
  • Jillyn Koh
  • Jim See
  • Kar Men Lim
  • Ying Ting Goh