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Theme: Beyond Boundaries

This event occurred on
November 9, 2019
Yokohama, Kanagawa

TEDxYNU is an event created to inspire people to do what they are passionate about and share them with others. Although we are based in Yokohama, we have speakers and audiences from all over Japan! From all of the TEDxYNU members, we thank you in advance for taking interest in this year's talk. We cannot wait to see you at our event! This year's theme is "Beyond Boundaries"; we encourage people to get out of their conform zone and live up to their full potential!

YOXO BOX Yokohama
Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0015
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Inoue Masahito


Ishida Tomonari

Entrepreneur, Undergraduate Student

Kohki Yamaguchi

Kohki Yamaguchi is a photographer and filmmaker based in Tokyo, Japan. Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2017 with a double major BA in Visual Arts and Critical Thinking Kohki is currently working freelance for various companies and people from around the world.

Leo Martial

PhD Student in Civil Engineering
Léo Martial was born in France in 1987. He graduated from the Ecole spéciale d’architecture in Paris in 2010 with a major in architecture. His interest about transportation, especially railway and bicycle, was born during his first contact with Japan when he was an exchange student at Tokai University in 2008. He freelanced as an architect in 2012 and mainly worked for the French railway company SNCF where he designed and renovated several train stations around Paris for four years. Laureate of the Japanese government scholarship in 2017, he is now pursuing his research about transportation further with a PhD thesis at Yokohama National University about the synergy of train and bicycle through comparative analysis between Japan and Europe.

Nobuki Arai

Pro Gambler
Speakers’ info Speakers’ info 100% 10 15年間カジノで勝ち続けながら世界82カ国を旅する。専門洋書を800冊を読破した努力で『神の領域』と呼ばれる勝率9割に達する実績。現在、テレビ出演・出版などマルチに活躍中。保育園〜東大・企業を始め、様々なテーマで毎週講演依頼があり、計350回を超える。TEDxに日本最多4回の登壇経験あり。 Screen reader support enabled. 15年間カジノで勝ち続けながら世界82カ国を旅する。専門洋書を800冊を読破した努力で『神の領域』と呼ばれる勝率9割に達する実績。現在、テレビ出演・出版などマルチに活躍中。保育園〜東大・企業を始め、様々なテーマで毎週講演依頼があり、計350回を超える。TEDxに日本最多4回の登壇経験あり。

Yatsunami Ryoichi

Human Resource
株式会社エージェントCHRO(チーフ・ヒューマン・リソース・オフィサー)兼同子会社AGTECHPRO(所在地:インド)ディレクター。人事へ転向した理由は、「個人やコミュニティ、組織が勢いを増す理由」に興味を持ったからであった。 彼は、採用・組織開発・人材開発を通じて得た、自らのキャリアと感情の変化について語る。彼はこの問題を解決するために、日本での就職意欲のあるインド人エンジニアを支援し、語学や文化理解のサポートをすることで、両者の架け橋になる取り組みを行っている。 八並は現在でも、若手起業家やエンジニアとのコミュニティに積極的に参加している。彼らと接することは、新たな発見の連続だ。これもまた、文化の架け橋を作っていくうえでは彼にとって重要な取り組みである。

Organizing team


Kanagawa, Japan