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Theme: TEDx Screenings and discussion: Conscious and unconscious bias

This event occurred on
November 14, 2019
London, Hackney
United Kingdom

How does bias distort our thinking, our listening, our beliefs and even scientific research? How can we shake these unconscious biases that shape society?
Writer Yassmin Abdel-Magied challenges us to look beyond initial perceptions and asks ‘What does my headscarf mean to you?’, meteorologist J Marshall explains ‘3 kinds of bias that shape your worldview’ Swedish author Andreas Akström unveils ‘The moral bias behind search results’ and MIT grad student Joy Boalamwini explains how she is ‘Fighting bias in algorithms.’

TEDx Hackney Libraries is a wonderful opportunity for local residents to get together to listen to experts talk about subjects that matter to us all. These events aren’t just about listening; the open discussion at each session encourages conversation about how these topics affect our everyday lives, inspire us to see things from a different perspective and could even spark change!
TEDx Hackney Council Libraries are inclusive events, ensuring that everyone has a voice, as we believe that personal stories and experiences are invaluable. We can learn from experts, but most of all we can learn from each other.

Dalston CLR James Library
Dalston Square
London, Hackney, E8 3BQ
United Kingdom
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Library (What is this?)
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