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Theme: Find Your Voice

September 10, 2020
12:00pm - 5:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
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On September 10, 2020 TEDxWassenaar will organise it’s first TEDx event.
“Find your voice” is the main theme and the event will take place in the Kunstmuseum The Hague.

TEDxWassenaar sets the stage for ideas worth spreading and their speakers across fields to spark insightful conversations about topics that live in society. Since the Wassenaar/The Hague region has a large number of expats and nationalities, TEDxWassenaar strives to bring together a diverse and international group of members from our community.

We are offering a platform to 8 speakers to shed their light on a variety of topics and to reflect on finding one’s voice in a world that seems to be getting ever more complex and ambiguous. A world where we can find ourselves vulnerable, insecure and apprehensive in view of the future. A world where we need clarity and consistency being expressive of our needs.

Stadhouderslaan 21
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, 2517 HV
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Erikjan Lantink

Business Coach. Retail Executive. Writer.
“Better starts with who!” Whether we want a better life, a better business, a better team, a better boss, better starts with understanding ourselves and what drives us. • Erikjan worked 17 years at Ahold Delhaize in retail operations, HR, and general management roles. • He lived and worked in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, United States and Bulgaria. • Currently Erikjan is self-employed again and enjoys working with leaders and teams, inspiring them to be the best they can be at work, but more importantly, in life. “Better starts with who” is the foundation of an approach that connects self-awareness, culture, leadership, team, and change. His TEDx talk will address how Erikjan started with himself and had to find his own voice first.

Jacqui Brassey

L&D Director, Global LLT Member McKinsey & Company I Author l Academic Researcher Affective Neuroscience @Work I Supervisory Board Save the Children
Jacqui Brassey is an intern. ‘pracademic’ and loves to build bridges between practice and science. She is a Global Director of L&D and Global Learning Leadership Team member at McKinsey & Company. Furthermore she is Adj. Prof. at IE Univ. in Madrid and visiting research fellow at the VU Univ. in A'dam. She is a proud member of the Supervisory Board of Save the Children in the NL. In 2011 she received her PhD in Intern. Business and Economics, specializing in Leadership and Diversity research at the Univ. of Groningen. She holds a Cum Laude Masters degree in Org. sciences from the Univ. of Tilburg and a Bachelor of Commerce in Int. Business and Languages from the Avans Univ. of Appl. Sciences in den Bosch. She is a real ‘lifelong learner’ and looks forward to graduating in 2020 for her MSc. in Aff. Neuroscience from the Univ. of Maastricht. She is a (co)-author of over 15 book-/chapters, articles and papers. In 2019 she published her latest book on ‘Advancing Authentic Confidence’

Jean-Pierre Kahlmann

CEO and Co-Owner at Yes Human Factors Ltd
Jean-Pierre is a retired Military and Airline Pilot, and now Co-owner and CEO of Yes Human Factors Ltd. As an Operational Officer from a Royal Netherlands Airforce F-16 squadron he was sent to the first Bosnia-Herzegowina war in the early 90’s. During this time he was responsible for the tactical operations for 18 F-16’s. His last job in the Royal Netherlands Airforce was deputy Head of Flight Operations. In 1994 he switched from military to civil aviation. He was involved in training and examining as a Type Rating Instructor and Examiner. Jean-Pierre is co-founder of YES Human Factors Ltd. A training and Consultancy organisation specialized on Human Factor in “High Reliability” Organisations. Jean-Pierre believes in the importance of a safe work environment. To create and maintain such an environment just culture and training on teamintelligence are an essential aspect. Work environments where people dare to speak up will lead to optimum decisionmaking, also in crisis situations.

Jitske Kramer

Corporate Anthropologist.
Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist who travels the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random passers-by. In 2012 Jitske put Deep Democracy in the Netherlands on the map and offers, together with a team of instructors, many workshops in this field. She is always looking for ways to build strong tribes and strengthen mutual relationships. She brings this knowledge to the world of organizing, colaborating and leadership through strong lectures and masterclasses. To improve the power of success and results of individuals and groups (and just to make the world a better place). She trains people so we no longer have the need for meetings. She has the ambition to push organisations to be attractive to everything and everyone. She will take you with her in stories that create space for new ways of observing and acting. Along the way what is familiar becomes strange. What is strange becomes familiar.

Koos Wabeke

Associate at Stichting Transactieland. Looking for the next adventure
Koos is best described as someone who brings people together to change the world for the better. Always curious and never afraid to take the initiative, through these core values he inspires the people around him. He is a natural leader and thanks to this ability he has also become kaihautu; a leader within the Maori culture, this responsibility comes with the task of spreading that culture throughout Europe and where ever he goes. Koos wants people to learn and develop. He wants to inspire them to bring out the best in themselves A dreamer with an enormous drive to do the right thing for people and the environment. What others say about Koos: Koos is a natural born leader who has genuine affinity with the Polynesian cultures and has an approachable and sociable attitude which makes people feel comfortable around him. He impressed me with his leading the Haka for the Te Waka Maori team and is also socially aware and active.

Luk Dewulf

Independent Management Consulting Professional
Luk Dewulf studied Educational Sciences and he is a pioneer in strengths- and talent- based thinking in The Netherlands and Belgium. His book “Go with your talent” came out in 2009, recently the 22nd edition was published. His ideas are widely spread, both in education and in business. Besides that, he is the author of the book “Help, my batteries are getting low”, a book about burn-out that won the award of ‘Best Learning & Development book of 2012” in Belgium. He is an enthusiastic speaker that inspires and touches his audience. Together with his colleague Els Pronk, he founded a growing international movement of Children’s Talent Whisperers that help children to discover their talents.

Margôt van Brakel

Founder of the Conexus Academy / Expert in the human side of transformation / Speaker & writer about Homo Conexus
Margôt van Brakel is an expert in the human side of transformation. She has over 20 years of experience enabling transformation and engaging employees in change journeys, mainly in corporate environments. In her work she constantly makes use of new possibilities and insights. Margôt is fascinated by the unique potential of people in relation to the increased uptake of artificial intelligence in our life and work. Her personal mission is to unlock this human potential. In 2019 she published the book ‘De mens van morgen’. It reflects on the key question of our time: “How do we preserve humanity in this era of accelerated change and innovation?” In her Tedtalk she will share her idea about the shift from Homo Sapiens (wise man) to Homo Conexus (connected man, but not in a digital way!).

Niels van Buren

Social Entrepreneur @Swink. Mount Everest Summiteer.
Being the first man in the world with MS (multiple sclerosis) to successfully reach the top of Mount Everest, Niels van Buren has a special story to tell. Niels is a motivational speaker since 2016. Topics that he covers in his talks are: - Achieving extreme goals (BHAG's) - Embracing setbacks - Teamwork - How to turn something negative into something positive - That you can achieve much more then you think! Niels is also one of the owners of the fast growing social enterprise in the Netherlands called Swink. The company provides online marketing services. What makes them unique is that they solely employ people with autism that have a distance to the labor market. They excel in their work due to their extraordinary talents. Finally, Niels is co-founder of the Mission Summit foundation that has successfully created a lot of media attention and raised funds for MS Research since 2011.

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