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Theme: Emancipate the Mind!

This event occurred on
September 30, 2020
6:30pm - 9:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Bad Vilbel, Hessen

Spend an evening with the ESRM youth as they look to open your mind to new thoughts and ideas. Take a jouney with them as they share their concerns, struggles, accomplishments and perspectives. Attend an event that has students discussing many "Ideas worth spreading."

European School RheinMain
Theodor-Heuss-Straße 65
Bad Vilbel, Hessen, 61118
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alvaro Bast Lopez

dedicated student
Reading the news too often? On social media for hours at a time? You may be addicted to your electronic devices. Young and upcoming Alvaro Hans Bast Lopez will be bracing his audience with some ideas about as to why this is a 21st century issue. Being only 10 years old, this European Schule RheinMain student grew up in both Italy and Germany and has come to realize that this issue affects the typical global citizen on a day-to-day basis. In his spare time outside of his studies, Alvaro enjoys a good game of tennis.

Anais Reinsch

dedicated student, future physician
With the raising awareness of mental health, it’s always important to research new methods of treatment. That is exactly what Anais, and her partner Maya, have done. This American-German student at the European Schule Rhein Main, has a lot in store for her future. Her portion of the TED Talk will focus on Animal Therapy and it’s benefits towards fighting depression. In her spare time, Anais participates in track and field, does ballet, plays piano, and participates in her school’s MUN team. On top of all of this, she spends her time volunteering to teach at a refugee center and has participated in an array of musical productions. If you love animals, and are keen on tackling the topic of depression, then you won’t want to miss her TED Talk.

Isabelle Schmitt

responsible and economic citizen
Artificial Intelligence, what is it and how does it impact our lives? These may be some of the questions that Isabelle Schmitt answers in her upcoming TedTalk. Isabelle, a 14 year old student at the European Schule RheinMain, intends to dedicate her life to the emancipation of young minds and the promotion of environmental justice. Growing up in both Germany and the United States of America, Isabelle has fostered a love for photography and the performing arts. She has been recognized for her many achievements in photography and scientific studies, including her receival of the black and white Toni Photography Award and her participation in her schools science symposium.

Jaskaran Singh

student at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Born and brought up in Delhi, India Jaskaran has adapted quickly to life in Germany. He has lived in Germany for the past 4 years and in this short time completed his exams, learnt German and has been awarded the “Frankfurt School Spirit Award” and a prestigious scholarship (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung). Due to his tireless hard work and inspirational dedication to work and the community he has also been awarded the “Outstanding Personality” award by the state of Hessen. He continues to promote positive values towards academic growth and a caring commitment towards all those he meets. He values people from different backgrounds and has a strong desire to understand their culture and mindset. These values he embodies in his life and has led him to the topic for his TED talk on the emancipation of the mind and dealing with change. Jaskaran has achieved so much and it’s only the beginning.

Maya Van De Sande

dedicated student, future lawyer
In combination with her co-presenter, Anais Reinsch, this European Schule Rhein Main student will be tackling new and exciting ways of fighting depression. Maya’s portion of the TED Talk will focus on Sports and its benefits towards mental health issues. Some of her many accomplishments have include starting a group for world clean-up day, and winning the S4 economics project competition. In her spare time, Maya leads her school’s MUN team as an administrator, plays volleyball, and volunteers at a refugee center. Her TED Talk is not one to be missed!

Mona Hilliges

environmental activist
Mona was born in Washington D.C., USA, but has lived most of her life in Frankfurt, Germany and New Delhi, India. As a keen volunteer and member of the Model United Nations team at the European School Rhein-Main, Mona’s passions include politics, singing, swimming and sports. She also volunteers with multiple organisations, including working with children and teens at her local church. Mona is a passionate climate activist with a strong interest in humanitarian issues. She hopes to inspire individuals and politicians to take action against climate change. Her goals include studying at a top university and working for an organisation where she can use her voice to make change and help others.

Rebekka Walser

Rebekka was born in Frankfurt, Germany, where she attends the European School Rhein-Main. As a member of the Junior Model United Nations team, Rebekka is a highly motivated and focused student. She participates in many extra-curricular activities at school and is keen to get involved in events where she can make her voice heard. Rebekka is an avid reader and passionate feminist with a strong interest in justice and world issues. In the future, she hopes to channel these interests into a career as a human rights lawyer or a judge.

Shriya Rastogi

young entrepreneur
Shriya was born in Germany and is very proud of her Indian heritage. She is concerned by the future of society and wishes to shape a fairer and more equitable world. Her interest in how policy can shape markets and economies fuels her desire to understand more about global issues. She reads widely and regularly makes content for her blog entitled: “Bull and Bear”. She also raises important issues at MUN conferences and is an active member of the school community. Her TED talk entitled: “The Future of Decision-Making Initiatives” seeks to answer some important questions. She wants to help those who might not have the same advantages and has ideas that could change the world.

Sophie Niamh Reinsch

hardworking student
Niamh is from Frankfurt, Germany. She enjoys taking part in many extra-curricular activities and events, including the Science Symposium and the Model United Nations. In previous years, Niamh has delighted audiences with her performances in the school musicals. She also volunteers at a refugee centre where she provides her services as an English tutor for refugee children. An advocate for diversity, Niamh hopes to raise awareness of the struggles but also the benefits of having migrant backgrounds.

Viktoria Wrona

hopeful realist
Born and raised in Germany, but with Polish and Russian roots, Viktoria believes in helping others and supporting them to achieve their goals. She works hard to support inclusivity in school and ensure there is awareness of difference and a celebration of diversity. Her topic for her TED talk is personal, as she wishes to draw attention to Type 1 Diabetes. She knows too well the struggles and issues that she and others experience on a daily basis. Her hopes for the future are to make the world a happier and more inclusive place, whilst not shying away from the difficult topic of discrimination. She will share the truth and ensure that we keep smiling.

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Bad Vilbel, Germany


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