x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Renew, Readjust, Regenerate

This event occurred on
December 8, 2019
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates

This TEDx event seeks to stimulate a conversation on an idea worth sharing. It proposes solutions towards solving global crises whilst reinforcing mankind’s moonshot trail. This theme revolves around the ideology of adaptation, how for something to survive, it must constantly be changed for the better with the essence being, disruptive technology.

Cambridge International School Dubai
Al Garoud
Dubai, Dubayy, 0000
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Aadithyan Rajesh

A 13-year-old school student from Dubai, UAE. In the tech community, He is a developer and an entrepreneur, experienced mainly in mobile development on both Android and iOS. Apart from that, He builds back end systems, APIs, websites and much more. He also does a bit of graphic designing, video editing and animation. But what he loves the most is working on Deep Learning and Machine Learning. He was 6 when he started diving into building software. Until then, he had a strong passion for technology but never got to tinker with it much. He wanted to start creating blogging websites at that time. From there, it was a pretty sweet journey of self-learning CSS, JavaScript, Android, Java, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and so on. He loves to develop his skills and he’s always thirsty for gaining knowledge and experience. His ambition is to explore more horizons in the area of Technology and spread it to all the young Geeks.

Aryaan Asad

A natural wordsmith who has a passion to teach, debate, attain knowledge and share it. Particularly interested in the world of human interaction and creative communication, he presents a more perceptive view towards a mundane and increasingly ‘normal’ world.

Aryan Shah

An overzealous teenager with a penchant for public speaking, cooking(or burning things) and debating. One, who tackles life through self-deprecating humor and wit and constantly strives to push the envelope in being the best version of himself. He's beauty, he's grace, he's got humility written all over his face- Aryan Shah

Atharv Naik

Atharv is an entrepreneur and intrapreneur creating humanitarian and future-focused strategies to foster innovation in STEM industries. He is an innovator and tech-futurist, aiming to pioneer the pragmatic translation of technological progress and research into impactful solutions. Advisor and mentor to various tech and non-tech organizations, conferences, and competitions.

Ayesha Kishor

Editor and writer, a 17-year-old enthusiast with no boundaries, and endless possibilities. One who loves to thrive and excel in everything she sets her mind on. Known as the "optimist" whose intriguing mind leads to a path of endless exploration as she spontaneously defies the odds of reality. A classic farfetched thinker who converts her dreams into profound reality!

Izabelle Marianne

A shy and introverted dreamer, she isn't one you would think to find on a stage. But she is reinventing herself, and her journey is nothing short of crazy and exciting. On her path to pushing her boundaries and challenging expectations, she seeks to share her insight into the highs and lows of a spectacular adventure named life.

Karim Osama Ahmed Mohamed

A curious and inquisitive teenager that is intrigued by the complex fundamental blocks that shape our reality, driven by a burning passion towards Astrology, Physics, Biology and the depth of history. With a craving for new challenges and an ambition to have a voice to be heard and an impact to be felt, I am always anticipating that "Eureka!" moment that, hopefully, can make the world a slightly better place.

Louis Uy Cubillas

A creative; a juan of all trades who is "pretty good" with many, who strives to express himself in a myriad of ways. From music to visual media and the literary arts, exploring the limitless development of new-age technology whilst restoring the ways of the past. In other words, a man who just likes to try things out and fail and then, try again harder.

Maher Gidwani

Maher Gidwani is a poet. He has a passion for communication, however, he has found it easier to deliver a message poetically. He has accolades for debate, public speaking, and poetry but has found himself to be an introvert. This contradiction is something that reflects the nature of his poetic prowess.

Melody Sequeira

Being a performer all my life, I have shared a deep interest in expressing my opinion through creative ways. An aspiring psychologist, who believes in self- positivity and spreading happiness for the betterment of the world.

Phil Waweru

So I couldn't decide what career I wanted to do between business, technology, cars, and stocks/forex and finance so I decided, why not do them all? Don't be limited

Rhea Tamera

A professional procrastinator with a love for rolling with the punches and wicked humor. An enthusiast of literature, media, and clownery, all in no particular order, traveling through life with a book in hand and a joke at the tip of my tongue.

Uzair Zaheer

Activist, sports enthusiast, comedic personality, a 6/10 public speaker/debater; Uzair's interests range far and beyond. His love and passion for public speaking have led him to use his voice to try and save the planet.

Zohaib Zaheer

Lover of MUN, chocolate and all things tech, he strives to bridge the gap between the present and the future. Always trying to bring tomorrow today, Zohaib finds himself within AI and its symbiosis with mankind.

Organizing team

Isabel Anand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Greeshma Giridas
  • Karnika Senthilkumar