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Theme: Breaking the fear

This event occurred on
November 4, 2020
Madrid, Madrid

Our community is a very open minded, friendly and multicultural environment. We like to share knowledge and to enjoy life taking care of each other. We are full of energy and motivation to add value to our society. However, we have identified an important impediment, that is very recurrent among our students. This issue does not allow us to take full advantage of the potential that we have as members of the society.

For people in our community, failure is a bad thing. Our society, education system, companies, families and friends, among others, stigmatize failure. Any signal that does not indicate immediate success is considered a step back in someone ́s personal life. As a result, we are not mentally prepared to fail.

Every time that one of our students does not make something that have dreamed because of the fear to fail, then, as a community, we are losing the possibility to create something bigger than us. We all lose the chance to create more social and economic value for everybody.

We know that the process to creativity and to get a great outcome is always preceded by failure. History is full of examples of this in any human being activity from business to sports, science or any other knowledge area. Most things worth accomplishing involve a persistent stream of small advances that lead to something transformational over time.

Because of this real fear to fail in our community, we would like to make a reflection with TEDx participants and speakers about what means failure for us and how to overcome that fear in our community to break down barriers and create value for the future.
We hope that this reflection would ignite new actions with a positive impact in our society.

EAE Business School
Joaquín Costa, 41
Madrid, Madrid, 28002
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Ana Molina Ruiz

Dermatóloga en Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz
Dermatóloga en Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz y Profesora de Dermatología Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Divulgación: Colabora en las mañanas de Radio Nacional de España y diversos medios de comunicación. Directora Máster Medicina Estética AMIR-UDIMA y profesora varios Master Dermatología Internacionales.

Camila Chacón

Marketing expert and Enprepreneur
María Camila Chacón, is an expert in ideation and creation of communication strategies. She is passionate about endomarketing and external communication of organizations and convinced that good corporate image management is the first step to place your company in the top of mind of the clients and employees of a corporation. Camila has more than 8 years of experience managing marketing and strategic communications in multinational companies such as Sanofi, Baxter, Scotiabank, Walraven and currently works for Client Development at AXA General Insurance. Camila Chacón is ranked as one of the 100 best talent in Spain, according to the ranking of Universia, 2018 -Madrid. LMVH INSIDE global finalist - Louis Vuitton representing Spain, 2018 - Paris and winner of the AXA Insurance 2018 Boot Camp, Madrid

Cristina Vestéiro Cabanas

Inspectora Jefe del CNP y Jefa de Unidad de Caballería
Cristina es Inspectora Jefe del CNP y Jefa de Unidad de Caballería, perteneciente a la Brigada Provincial de Seguridad Ciudadana de Madrid. Diplomada en Trabajo Social y estudios en Derecho. Ha desarrollado su carrera profesional en distintos destinos como Jefe de Grupo de Atracos y de Atencion al Ciudadano en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Personal de Escolta en la Casa de S.M el Rey. Jefa de Grupo de Caballería. Jefa de Grupo del Servicio de Atención a la Mujer. Jefa de Grupo de motos. Jefa de Sala del 091 y actualmente Jefa de Unidad de Caballería.

Gour Saraff

Managing Director - Europe India Chamber of Commerce SPAIN Chapter
Gour Saraff has over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience establishing businesses in different countries and considers himself a global entrepreneur. After leaving his corporate position he went to Russia and Ukraine where he founded a modern meat production facility using domestically sourced raw materials. The pioneering effort provided the spark for jump starting the packaged meat production industry in Ukraine. After learning some hard and life-threatening lessons of entrepreneurship in the developing world he moved on to create businesses in other countries. The Ted talk is about any person from anywhere becoming a global entrepreneur that may then go on to serve as a catalyst for growth in the developing world. Mr. Saraff is a professor of international business and has an MBA from NYU Stern School of business. He speaks several languages largely as a result of his business experiences in different countries.

Jesús Alonso Gallo

Inversor, formador y mentor de la EAE Lab
After 25 years of experience within Videogame Software Industry and other IP based markets and 8 years at www.restaurantes.com, my new life is focusing on helping others to achieve their dreams.

José Luis Abajo

Jose Luis Abajo “Pirri” quiere compartir todo lo que la esgrima le ha aportado, que es mucho, pues es medallista olímpico: primera medalla de la historia de la esgrima española en los JJOO Pekín 2008. Desde que a los 11 años entró por primera vez en una Sala de Armas y quedó cautivado al escuchar el sonido de los hierros hasta que ganó el bronce olímpico de esgrima, transcurrieron más de 20 años durante los cuales ha sido Campeón de España en todas las categorías: individual y equipos. Ha ganado dos medallas en el Campeonato Mundial de Esgrima (2006 y 2009) y otras dos medallas en el Campeonato Europeo de Esgrima (2000 y 2014) y participado en innumerables finales. Además colabora activamente con el Comité Olímpico Español, el Consejo Superior de Deportes y la Comunidad de Madrid.

José Luis Santamaria

CEO - Newbeing
Executive Director for almost 20 years of Multinational Companies such as: Tecnocom, Siemmens, Steria and Microsoft. Entrepreneur, business and personal coach, consultant and executive mentor is recognized as an “eternal apprentice”. He is CEO of NewBeing Partner of InnovationWars Partner of Arbinger Institute in Spain Founder of initiatives such as: ValorizaT, “AVALON” (“Magic with message”) and NBPlacement FOUNDER of social initiatives such as: “Choose yourself” (Foundation for EQUALITY and Programmatic Proposal against gender violence) and Fundación “DreamIT” Director of “More than Values” in “MORE THAN A RADIO” Director in CIONET Professor in and Mentor in EAE Business School, ISEMCO and ESIT (Higher School of Telecommunications Engineers) Proposes and develops the most different and complete alternatives of Integral Coaching, so that people “learn what they have to learn to get what they want to achieve”

María Teresa Busto

Vice Presidenta de Airbus y Directora de la Factoría de Airbus Illescas
With more than 35 years of experience in the national and international industry and having developed activities in other companies, since January 1, 2013, María Teresa Busto is director of the Factory of Airbus Illescas. She is responsible for the operations of the Factory where approximately 1000 people work, and is currently the world leader in the manufacture of advanced aeronautical components of composite materials and where 50% of Leadership positions are held by women. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of Airbus Operations in Spain. María Teresa is Industrial Engineer and MBA by Instituto de Empresa. She is also President of the Women Network of Airbus in Spain and President of “Ellas Vuelan Alto” (EVA), a national association whose objectives among others is to give visibility to women in this sector and work towards Gender equality. She is a member of the advisory board of the EAE Business School. She is married, has two children and likes sports and travel.

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Madrid, Spain