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Theme: Walk the talk

This event occurred on
February 22, 2020
Berlin, Berlin

Just as the value of a tree is judged by the quality of its fruits, the value of a practice is judged by the quality of its results. Communicating a great idea can make a contribution to the public struggle for future solutions more than ever before. However, a great idea often gets lost in the crazy shuffle of the day-to-day: It’s really hard to practice what you preach when you do not believe the sermon is the first place.
The core concept of ‘walking the talk’ is the change you want to see in the community, society, country and world. In other words, first communicating these changes to your surroundings.

Harzer Str. 39
Berlin, Berlin, 12059
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University (What is this?)
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Ariane de Melo

Author, actress, theater director
Ariane de Melo is a Brazilian published Fantasy author, actress, theater director, serial entrepreneur, and mother. She has been working with high profile public speakers for the past years, helping them communicate genuinely and develop charisma by using a system created based upon one of her novels. Ariane claims that “Your Uniqueness Lies in Your Dead Dream. “ If the idea works off-stage, on a day-to-day basis and for anyone? She says, „yes. “

Astrid Mochtarram

Astrid Paramita Mochtarram is a geek, an engineer, an artist, a writer, and an entrepreneur. A little crazy and working on too many projects at times, she is most passionately working for her tech startup twindly, which focuses on beauty and sustainability. She is Indonesian and currently happy to call Berlin as home. She has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Informatics Engineering (majoring in Artificial Intelligence) at Bandung Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Digital Media at the University of Bremen. After the studies, Astrid went to pursue her passion to be a fiction author where she learned a lot about storytelling and building a personal brand for three years, before coming back to her engineering roots and started working on web development projects. Twindly was a brainchild of her passion for beauty and tech. It started as a recommendation platform to find your beauty twins and currently pivoting towards giving automated recommendations for sustainable beauty and loving your beauty stash.

Avanti Sharma

Pre-teen Technology Specialist
Avanti, won ICT Rising Star special award at IT Ladies night in December 2019, selected as Finalist in Technology Playmaker awards ‘Rising Star of the year’, London. Avanti started coding from the age of 7 and started teaching youngsters when she turned 9. Soon thereafter. Avanti started her journey to international conferences and competitions. Avanti participated in worldwide app development contest Technovation Challenge. In 2018, Avanti was selected as semifinalist for developing MyEco app on the environment. Avanti developed One-Click Safety App and wrote its business plan in 2017. Avanti is passionate about bringing in a new model of education with coding and STEM or addressing global issues differently taking into account the views of iGens.

Ben Bharat Berwing

Bharat escaped the hamster-wheel of modern society and the golden hand-cuffs of a corporate 6-figure job. 5 years ago he waived the conveniences and unnecessary necessities of the western world of names and things, to explore a richer lifestyle of self-realization with his wife and two boys. Fiji, Iran, India, USA: Traveling and living off the grid, in tiny homes and in symbiosis with nature opened his worldview for adventures in simple living: hand-milking cows, growing grains, digging wells, homeschooling and meditating about the goal of life while turning bullshit into Gold – literally! Bharat’s enthusiasm for Simple Living and High Thinking is incredibly infectious.

Christoph Schwerdtfeger

Head of AI, COO and Co-Founder at Signatrix GmbH
Christoph is the co-founder of Signatrix, a company that brings AI to retail stores. He has studied mathematics, philosophy, and economics before leaving the university to build the company. He is an expert amateur with a wide range of interests and passions.

Dr. Akuma Saningong

Keynote Speaker & Scientist
Dr. Akuma Saningong is a master of communication and an expert in releasing and maximizing your potential through the combination of science and personal development and inspiration. He applies the knowledge of quantum physics and the biology of epigenetics to help you unfold your full potential. „Invest in yourself, because if you don't, no one else will.“ - Akuma Saningong

Frederik Fahning

Co-founder&MD at Zenjob
Frederik Fahning was born in 1988 in Hamburg to a businessman. Even as a young kid, Frederik harboured the ambition to start his own company one day. After finishing his studies in Business Law, Frederik moved to Berlin to gain work experience. A few months later, he met Fritz and Cihan, and together they founded Zenjob. Frederik was just 27 at that time and now four years later, Zenjob has over 250 employees. Since the start, Frederik has always believed that everyone in the world has the power to change the future of work.

Marco Giannecchini

Founder and CEO of "Medical Affairs and MSL Services"
Marco Giannecchini is a medical doctor with a passion for neuroscience, born in Tuscany.Today he looks back to a career as an international neuroscience researcher, medical manager, lecturer, educator, corporate consultant, author, podcaster.He published recently the book „Design the best year of your life“. Marco is driven by the conviction that our brain has the potential for unlimited abilities. In his easy-to-understand, encouraging communication style, he has educated thousands of people all over the world, detailing how they can rewire daily their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting and favorable changes in their own private and professional life, alligned with a LIFE VISION.

Sebastian Häde

Co-Founder at Mapify
Sebastian was born and raised in Kassel, Germany . Together with his brother and friends they founded an online marketplace and after that a media agency which specialized in software development of apps and websites. In 2016 he moved to Berlin and did an internship at an online Logistics Startup called FreightHub. At the end of 2016 he started economic studies at Humboldt University. In early 2018 he closed his first financing round with Mapify. After that he quitted university and since then he has been working as VP Engineering full time at Mapify, managing entire infrastructures and staff.

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Berlin, Germany