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Theme: Permanent Beta

This event occurred on
February 29, 2020
Sydney, New South Wales

"Change is the only constant." Permanent Beta encapsulates a constant cycle of learning, evolving and improving throughout time. A beta-version is always an incomplete entity which is continually changing to improve. Permanent beta is a continuous journey of changes that transcends the three timelines where we learn from the past, we evolve in the present and improve for the future. Permanent Beta emphasises how failure is not an option and how it is all about building a strong armory of knowledge and experience. Permanent is a journey of continuous changes and it is perfectly aligned with the direction towards which the world is gearing. Hence life itself is permanent beta.

S P Jain School of Global Management
5 Firgtree Drive
Sydney Olympic Park
Sydney, New South Wales, 2127
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University (What is this?)
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Elliot Connor

CEO at Human Nature Project
Elliot Connor is the poster boy for what you can achieve when you follow your passion. At the young age of 17, he has started his own organization; Human Nature Project, an international environmental NGO that helps connect around 1200 volunteers across 102 countries to bring about a change to our in our gradually sinking world. He is an ambassador to the Coalition Wild and the Lawerence Anthony Earth Organization, member of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Youth Leadership Council and a recent recipient of Samsung’s 2020 Eco-Hero Awards. Elliot Connor talks about everything evolution can teach us in our quest to save the planet

Jack Kouzi

Director of Strategy at VFS Group
Jack is the Director of Strategy at one of the fastest-growing wealth management firms in the Asia Pacific Region – the VFS Group. Amongst his peers, Jack is considered as a guru in Asian investing and economic analysis across the Asian region specifically Chinese markets. Jack is a well-known public speaker on matters of wealth management and wealth creation and has spoken in numerous events across the world. An amiable person, he’s all Jacked up in terms of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. With a Bachelor of Economics from UNSW and over 12 years’ experience in managing wealth on behalf of HNIs and Private Clients, Jack’s holistic approach to the world of trading and investing is a work in progress!

Pawena Kaniah

BBA marketing student
Pawena Kaniah is a BBA marketing student who always believes in breaking boundaries. A marketing major and a major believer in choices, Pawena is kind of a jack of all trades. With her beautiful paintings that she preferably leaves unfinished, she believes people are a work in progress. Apart from accolades in multiple competitions and academic excellence, Pawena loves to travel. Her love for travel made her see life in a new light and made her expand her cognitive and emotional abilities.

Rob Hango-Zada

Joint CEO at Shippit
Rob Hango-Zada has a passion to simplify the lives of people around the world. After having worked on over 30 of the world's leading FMCG brands, across 8 markets and partnering with the senior management in 5 of Asia's biggest retailers, he went on to found Shippit.com, the web's most convenient shipping platform. He believes that continuous intelligent innovation in designing products & services can truly enrich people's lives and perhaps even spark a revolution.

Samir Sinha

Founder of Robonomics AI
Artificial intelligence is the future. It has disrupted the original course of businesses in ways we can’t even imagine. And moving forward what other innovations are we looking at when it comes to AI, the field is so vast and filled with opportunities none of us can even imagine!

Taryn Spray

Digital Settlement Associate at NAB
Taryn is a multitalented working professional with an eye for detail and a knack for the finer things in life. A master of many fields and a charismatic storyteller, she likes to build upon learnings from her past and turn them into positive examples for the future. This is illustrated by her ability to reflect on various instances through childhood and adolescence, and her use of powerful analogies to emphasise her takeaways. Taryn is an advocate of strong mental and physical health, which is further reflected in her pursuit of naturopathy and martial arts. Her cheerful nature uplifts the people around her, and she hopes to continue doing so through her words. Her speech will explore themes of social isolation and self-actualisation, all while staying true to the theme of the central theme of the event.

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