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Theme: Think globally act locally

This event occurred on
June 18, 2022
Podgorica, Podgorica

TEDxPodgorica is for Thinkers, Doers, Makers, Innovators, Explorers, and Visionaries. It’s the home of Teachers who are eager to bring ideas worth spreading and Learners who are ready to spread those ideas further but also to ACT towards the accomplishment of it.

We are focused on bringing on the stage speakers of varied backgrounds and experiences for inspirational and enlightening talks. Therefore TEDxPodgorica represents a meeting point for Students, Social activists, Musicians and Artists, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, and anyone who is interested in creating a better future for our society.

The topic of TEDxPodgorica 2022 will be "Think globally act locally" as we want to bring awareness to different topics which we believe are important for talking about in our society. With this 2022 event, we want to inspire people to question the status quo. To act. And to change things locally.

We want to highlight the issues of our society but also to empower people to be doers and take initiatives. As Gandi said: "If you want to change the world, start with yourself."

KIC "Budo Tomović"
Vaka Đurovića 12
Podgorica, Podgorica, 81000
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David Vukovic

Medical student and activist
David is 19 years old and was born in Cetinje. He graduated from Cetinje High School and continued his education at the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade. During his high school education, he acted in plays produced by the Royal Theater Zetski dom, participated in national and international debate tournaments, and studied the Chinese language and culture through a study visit to this country. He was a member and participant of many organizations and events dealing with youth politics, science, and art. However, he found love in medicine and in 2020 published a scientific research paper entitled "KAP (knowledge, attitudes, and practice) on depressive phenomenology in fourth-grade high school students in the north and south of Montenegro.

Igor Majer

Organizer of sports events
Igor Majer was born on July 14, 1981 in Kotor. Husband of Maya, father of Lara, Leo, and Nora. Entrepreneur. Since 2014, he has been doing triathlons recreationally. The first Montenegrin to complete an Ironman (3.8km swimming, 180km cycling, 42km running), and the only one to complete an extreme Ironman and a double Ironman. He is the organizer of award-winning international sports competitions that gather thousands of athletes from around the world in Montenegro - Ocean Lava Montenegro, Blacklake Xtreme Triathlon Montenegro, X-Waters Montenegro, Podgorica Millennium Run, Boka Bay Trail, Montenegro Business Run, Highlander Durmitor, Luštica Bay Aquathlon, UPHILL and Last One Standing.

Maja Memic

Tinkerbell in a Batman suit. Brand and business consultant with more than a decade of work experience in marketing. The person you call when you're crying because "that marketing" isn't that easy to do. Multiple award-winning blogger. The daughter of the most wonderful parents. A twin. A fighter.

Marko Maras

Entrepreneur / agro influencer
Marko Maraš is an entrepreneur, the creator of the first Montenegrin digital village, and an "agro influencer". Lifelong student, the child at heart, volunteer, lover of travel, countryside, and agriculture, innovator, and esotericist. He believes in a better world and does everything in his power to contribute to that goal. Studied in Switzerland, Serbia, Hungary, and Montenegro. He spent part of his life after his studies as a volunteer in South American countries. After returning to Montenegro, he lived in the countryside, where he saw the problems of the villagers and found a way to solve them. He is currently working on the improvement and modernization of agriculture in Montenegro. Motto: As you sow, so shall you reap.

Miodrag - Miki Vujovic

Economist / environment and social activist
Miki is coming from the KOD Organization - which is a movement that gathers free individuals who fight for social rights. They are inspired by the idea of freedom. As they like to say: "There is no leader, our only leader is an example."

Petar Raicevic

Body art / multimedia artist
This multimedia artist is 20 years old. At the age of 3, he first drew a wolf that looked quite realistic, and that's when he realized his artistic streak. Petar started painting from paper to canvas, from canvas to the wall... From the wall to the body. Body art is a type of art in which Petar creates miracles with a brush and body paints. In February 2020, he created the first Face/Body art performance show in the region. In addition to body art, he is engaged in singing, acting, and dancing. As such, he is the first artist in our region who approaches show business in this way. He has been a volunteer and civic activist since childhood, participating in numerous humanitarian actions, cleaning actions, etc.

Stefan Djukic

Civic activist / columnist / blogger
Stefan Đukić worked as a trainee teacher at the 'Niko Rolovic" high school on the subjects of philosophy, ethics, and civic education. He was the author and host of the radio show "Voice Against the Negative", which dealt with a wide range of social topics, and among its guests were university professors, scientists, artists, diplomats, and others. He is the author of the documentary "What the Left Wants?" filmed in Berlin in 2016, which deals with the issues of the radical left in Europe. As a columnist, he published essays and analyses in local daily newspapers and portals. He has been running his blog since 2007, which contains texts from philosophy, culture, politics, and other social fields. He published the travel book "Between the Sexes" in 2020 and wrote the foreword for the Serbian edition of Baltazar Gracijan's book "Fountain of Wisdom" in 2018. He is dedicated to civic activism with a special focus on the topics of direct democracy, ecology, and pacifism.

Tatjana Vojtehovski

Journalist / NLP trainer / Business woman
Longtime journalist, who spent a large part of her career in management positions in the media business, with extensive experience in PR, public speaking, and presentations. Founder of the Power of Communication Institute in Belgrade. Today, as an NLP trainer, he teaches people a method that leads them to success and achieves their goals. Tatjana joined the ranks of great journalistic names in the Balkans and public figures who will mark the time in which we live, because of her work, courage, and advocacy for truth and justice. During her career, she dealt with many social topics. Through the show 'Zivot prica', she caused many, stormy reactions from the public because she shed light on many forbidden, taboo topics, unusual destinies, and stories that hardly anyone wants to talk about.

Tjasa Joksimovic

Serial entrepreneur / YouTuber
Tjasa Joksimovic is a serial entrepreneur in the field of video production and internet sales. For the past 8 years, she has worked as a consultant for YouTube channels and video content on social networks. As a mentor and educator, he has his own course for the growth and development of YouTube channels. She is a frequent speaker at marketing events. In Slovenia, she is known as a YouTuber, and in Montenegro as the initiator of environmental changes and the idea of the first ReUse center in Montenegro.

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