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Theme: LILAC

This event occurred on
February 16, 2020
Sapporo, Hokkaidô


1-7, Minami-1jyo Nishi-22chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0061, Japan
Sapporo, Hokkaidô, 060-0061
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ai Kiyohara

Kiyohara Ai visited Sapporo City Observatory when she was in junior high school, and was fascinated by astronomy as she talked with visitors there. Then, in 2018, she participated in a camp for high-school astronomy lovers called “Moshi Ten” and presented the research on “making the assumption of the ageof a galaxy by converting how its spiral arm curls up into numerals” , which wonthe first prize in the presentation of the camp. Not only the research activities, she engages in activities to make more people feel familiar and love astronomy such as teaching elementary school students in a summer school.

Daiki Asanuma

Asanuma Daiki is an associate professor at the Department of Economics of Asahikawa University. Besides teaching at the university, he runs "TokiwaLab" - one kind of community space. While students don't have the opportunity to meet adults other than their teachers at school and their parents, adults also don't havethe opportunity to see students. The community space is a place ofan experiment ( “a lab” so to speak); to change this situation which becamevery common. In the "lab",Mr. Asanuma holds seminars, the workers of Asahikawa City come to help studentsstudy their materials, or they just chatwith each other. Many people enjoy and regardthe place as their “third place.”

Hiromu Hasegawa

Hasegawa Hiromu is the CEO of Atelier Temma, an interior design company. Thecompany is one of the most famous interior design company in Hokkaido sinceit created the hit of stylishly designed restaurants in Sapporo. It has designed more than 1,000 buildings, and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. He also runs a café called “Tsubaki Salon” which features Hokkaido, in and around Hokkaido, and opened a pancake shop selling completely organic pancake in Taipei last year. In addition, he makes design teams and visits elementary schools to teach children about shop design as a career education.

Riku Ebina

Ebina Riku started to have coffee parties with his friends in high school when he was a freshman after he began to make coffee for a friend of his. Then he rented some space of a café in Sapporo and started his own café called "Yurayuradou" with his friends in high school and college. He then became a member of a café called "NeoJunkissa-riku to Sumire" and he has been offering coffee to a variety of people in a community space where a lot of students come. He also has expanded the activity to other cities in Hokkaido such as Asahikawa and Urahoro.

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