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Theme: Enrich to Empower

This event occurred on
December 3, 2019
New Delhi, Delhi

To enrich someone’s life is to enable them to live their dreams and fulfill their aspirations. TBS has always been at the forefront of promoting inclusivity and inspiring the larger community and has led by example. Our speakers raise pertinent questions from the field of environment, conservation, sustainability, arts and music to generate thought-provoking conversations. Through our event, we hope to inspire you to become agents of change to empower people around the world.

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The British School
The British School, Delhi
New Delhi, Delhi, 110021
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anand Krishna Goyal

A Year 12 student of The British School New Delhi, Anand wishes to share his love for reading with children who don't have access to books and libraries, and believes even small acts have the potential to transform the world.

Ananya Agarwalla

Year 13 student of The British School New Delhi who is a passionate dancer, performer and an autism activist.

Ananya Sri Maskara

Year 13 student of The British School New Delhi aiming to dismantle patriarchal norms and reconstruct the framework of society.

Anaya Gera and Asaavari Kaur

Asaavari Kaur and Anaya Gera are students of Year 9 at The British School New Delhi. They wish to break stereotypes surrounding teenagers to create a better and safer world for young people.

Anika Parashar

An alumna of The British School from the class of 1998, Anika Parashar is the Founder Trustee and Chairperson of ORGAN – Organ Giving and Receiving Awareness Network. Recipient of many awards, her passion is bridging the gap between organ recipients and donors to save lives.

Apaar Mehra

Year 13 student of The British School New Delhi who has tackled Tourette’s Syndrome through music. He advocates using art to realise one's potential.

Inesh Uttamchandani

Year 13 student of The British School New Delhi passionate about discovering creative ways of minimising food wastage and encouraging people to join this movement.

Keshav Moudgil

A student of Year 9 at The British School New Delhi, Keshav uses music coaching and mentorship to empower children who are less fortunate. He starts his talk with an enthralling piece on the drums composed by him.

Krishnav Sekhri

A Year 12 student of The British School New Delhi, Krishnav found a sustainable solution of providing people with the most basic necessity of life - safe and clean drinking water. He wants young people to recognise that age is never a limiting factor in working towards ambitious goals.

Poonam Bagai

A cancer survivor, patient advocate and philanthropist, Poonam Bagai gave up her career and has dedicated her life to making palliative care accessible for all and building capacities for pediatric oncology. Winner of many awards, she also provides emotional support to survivors and caregivers.

Rocky Vinay Bawa

Year 9 student of The British School interested in exploring creative solutions to undo the harmful effects of pollution on the environment.

Siddharth Kataria

Year 12 student of The British School New Delhi who wants to offer a simple, yet sustainable and accessible solution to smog, congestion and obesity.

Sumair Handa Bakshi

Year 12 student of The British School with a passion for conserving marine life.

Tarika Khattar

An alumna of The British School New Delhi from the class of 2009, Tarika Khattar is an entrepreneur with a passion for History and Technology. Tarika creates online products that help make history more accessible in a non-academic setting.

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