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Theme: Dimensions of Diversity

This event occurred on
February 26, 2020
Chester, Cheshire West and Chester
United Kingdom

Join TEDxUoChester to explore the broad dimensions of diversity. Explore human diversity, scientific diversity, biodiversity, diverse arts and much more. This TEDx will be varied, broad, insightful and thought-provoking. Featuring live speakers, performers and selected pre-recorded TED videos, the event at Creative Campus Kingsway in February 2020 is exclusively for the students of the University of Chester.

Kingsway Campus, University of Chester
Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, CH23LB
United Kingdom
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University (What is this?)
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Barbara Bray MBE

Food and Health Educator
I would like to challenge the belief that diet and health is purely a personal responsibility. I will talk about the diverse population in the UK and why the food industry should be part of the solution to improving our diet. I will illustrate this with stories from my Nuffield Farming Research tour that took me to different countries observing food production and eating habits.

Chester Community Law Project

Legal Myth Busters
Chloe Convery, Megan Crowley, Julie Grifo and Stephanie Eid. When we imagine the law we think about courtrooms, trials and mugshots. However, the law affects the everyday life of every person on the street. Our talk is about shining a spotlight on areas of the law where knowing your rights can get you far, at whatever stage of life you are at or whatever situation you are in. Many people view legal rights as inaccessible, complicated and just plain boring! This is something we are here to change. In promotion of active interest in rights and remedies we hope to take the edge off those sticky situations and inspire people to get clued up, as knowing your rights and when to use them can never be underestimated.

Eileen Pollard

At a moment, when applications to study English at college and university are falling dramatically: this talk suggests an alternative way to teach English – using compassion.

Gillian Seale

Gillian Seale will be speaking about her community focussed business, writing and illustrating personalised children’s stories to preserve memories for families battling with terminal illness, in the form of a unique fictional literature legacy. She will also be revealing some creative insight into her debut children’s novel ”Postpixie Missing in Action”, inspired by a close friend with muscular dystrophy. She’s currently working on her second book ”Mummy’s Amazing Rainbow Mind”, which may be the first ever children’s book on the topic of a rare childbirth related illness.

Helen Webster

Diversity Storyteller
Living life across a hidden spectrum.

Henry Sidsaph

We can often view the environmental challenges surrounding us as insurmountable and beyond our sphere of individual influence. However, by framing ourselves as the key actor in our everyday social networks, our actions can help to create a myriad of far-reaching positive relationships with a diverse number of people. If we want to achieve anything meaningful during our tenure of this planet, we must project to our networks by starting with ourselves.

Imran Savas


James Cobb

Sales and Marketing Director
It’s no secret that we are ageing as a population. People are living longer but are they living better? Around the world, many over 65’s are starting to embrace retirement through new experiences, adventure and most importantly community as they surround themselves by people that not only alleviate or even eliminate loneliness but also reinvigorate their lives. In a country where ageing and retirement is seen as a negative, is it possible that through a positive mental attitude, wellbeing and community, retirement could and should be some of the best years of your life?

Marlo Clarke

Problem Solver
At the most basic level of human experience and progress is our ability to intentionally gather information on a topic of our choosing. Marlo Clarke from Barbados succinctly discusses the purpose and passions of human decisions, a simple model of problem-solving, and most importantly, how do we process feedback and the emotions we encounter during the journey.

Phillip J De Perez

Human Performance Psychologist
In this talk, I want to explore the concepts of challenge and explain how if we can understand challenges we are better placed to harness their power by setting and achieving our goals enhancing our lives and pushing ourselves to heights we never thought possible.

Rachel Symmons

Mental Health Advocate
This talk will describe the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and resultant mental illness before explaining the effect on the brain. By using poetry to describe I hope to provide a unique insight into how mental illness feels and understanding of the simple things organisations can do to avoid inadvertently triggering a trauma response.

Ralph Ferneyhough

Gamer. Developer. Educator
The rapid rise of mobile gaming is one of the success stories of the last decade, and despite rarely getting the user to pay up front for their games, develops are making billions every year. So how do they do this? Discover first-hand the diverse tricks of the industry designed to create revenue from customers who happily seem to pay for something they already have for free.

Samia Talbi

Maybe for the first time in a long time of humankind’s history, the benefit and use of math is seriously questioned in public debates, schools and society. In a world of increasing automation and generalizing digitalization, why should today’s children get good at calculating? Why should we struggle learning mathematical concepts that we most probably never use in our daily life, sometimes, not ever at work? Truth it has never been as crucial to get as good as it is now.

Shadow Poet

Performance Poet
Change is coming is a poetic monologue delivered by The Shadow Poet in the character of The Preacher Man. The performance is a deeply thought-provoking exposition of secrets and lies. There is no escaping the ugly truth of the human condition and The Preacher Man takes us all on that journey, willing or not.

Victoria Carr

Educational Leader
We, as ordinary people, can all make a difference to someone, we all have the power to change lives. This could be through something as simple as a conversation we may have, a message we may send, a tweet, or a post on social media. There is a social imperative for those in leadership positions to actively create opportunities for these transformational interactions, but equally, each of us has the capacity to weave magic into the lives of others. I am living proof that success can be built on the foundations of something as rudimentary as a single conversation.

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Chester, United Kingdom


Chester, United Kingdom
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