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This event occurred on
December 13, 2019
Huddersfield, York
United Kingdom

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Northfield Hall
40 Norfolk Avenue
Huddersfield, York, HD2 1GS
United Kingdom
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Alicja Son

Over a decade Alicja Son road-tested many European geothermal spa destinations and through the review of current research, she points out the growing evidence that bathing in geothermal waters benefits our wellbeing. Alicja helps others to build their individual spa plans -she is the author of "The Power of Minerals - Healing Spas of Europe"(2020), where she shares her knowledge with readers, so they will be able to maximise the use of these spas and enjoy their lives with the aid of natural minerals. Connect with Alicja on LinkedIn or


What happens with the business when C-level Executives and senior managers are constantly in meetings? How can managers get themselves out of back to back meetings and average 120 emails a day and start doing what they are hired to do – to lead the company to a successful future. Digital Transformations Expert and NED Bilyana Georgieva talks about "One Minute Update" at #TEDxAinleyTopWomen. A simple method she used several years ago to shrink 7 hours of weekly meetings and dozens of emails into 4 minutes audio / video content. Today she runs businesses using this method and zero-internal-email policy and yet, everything runs smoothly and on time.

Carole Fossey

Carole Fossey, Speaker, Social Media Guru and Business Coach, has appeared on many BBC Radio programmes, Sky News and publications such as the Daily Mirror. She has published 2 books and co-written 2 more. Connect with Carole on Facebook @carole.fossey or @LeadingWomenInBusiness on Twitter @CaroleFossey or on Linkedin @howtointerview

Caroline Emile

Egyptian-born Caroline Emile is on a mission to inspire and empower individuals on every continent to unleash the best - or butterfly - version of themselves regardless of circumstances, with a view to creating a happier and more conscious world. She professionally trained as a coach at the Co-Active Training Institute in London after working for almost a decade in marketing communications across various industries in the UK and Middle East. Caroline can be reached at

Deenita Pattni

NLP Trainer, Award Winning / No 1 Best Selling Author and Speaker and Founder of The LinkedIn Lab. Today she helps business owners and individuals POSITION and PROMOTE themselves as the AUTHORITY in their field of expertise so they become the preferred choice by their clientele

Dena Roering

Dena Roering Founder of the Safe Haven Foundation, Adoptive Parent, Survivor, Therapeutic Practitioner, Educator and Playful Grownup Dena is committed to leading a play-filled life and helping others to find joy even while overcoming adversity in their lives. Formerly a special needs teacher, Dena is now an entrepreneur and the creator of the Safe Haven Foundation, helping parents to feel good about family through play and personal development.

Helen Bartram

Helen Bartram is a Family Wellbeing Leader Expert Helen is passionate about helping other Mum's know they are not alone in experiencing Mum Guilt. She is the Author of "Me Time" a practical guide to putting yourself first, so you have the energy to be you as well as a mum. Helen also runs workshops and on line courses through "The Blossom Academy" To learn more about what Helen offers to parents and their children visit to find out more, Instagram @blossomacademyredcar, or Facebook @blossomacademyuk

Jo Corbishley

Senior Leader and Identity Coach, Jo Corbishley experienced infertility at 40. "I lost my identity, my self-belief and even nearly; my self because I didn’t truly understand that I needed to accept and to love myself for who I was in order to overcome the grief associated with my infertility". Today she runs Leadership workshops that help people to find out who they are and what they love about themselves but are too afraid to show so they can develop meaningful livelihoods that enable them to live the life they want to lead. You can connect with Jo Corbishley on LinkedIn @JoCorbishley, Instagram @JoCorbishley88 or Facebook @JoCorbishley

Kath Wynne-Jones

Health & Social Care
Kath is the Chief Officer of Bury Local Care Organisation, a partnership of health and social care organisations within A Borough of Greater Manchester . She leads the development and implementation of strategy, systems and processes, to ensure the effective delivery of care, through the LCO arrangements. Kath is passionate about living your life with purpose and authenticity, and is in equal measures concerned about the sustainability of public services, with the financial and workforce challenges currently facing the health and social care sector. As an experienced Executive Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Author, Kath is passionate about resilience, to enable people, families , organisations and communities to thrive in today’s society.

Leila Singh

As a Personal Brand Consultant, Leila is the creator of the ‘Unique Personal Brand Blueprint™’, a winning formula for creating and establishing your Personal Brand. Leila’s’ corporate career of 25 years combines a wealth of experience gained as a qualified accountant, corporate finance consultant, 10 years in sales, with 16 years spent in the Technology sector, coupled with accreditations as a Coach, Mentor and a Master Practitioner of NLP. Leila has delivered inspiring and thought-provoking talks, workshops and trainings at events and organisations including names such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC, IBM, 3M, Dow Jones, Santander, the BBC, Birkbeck University of London, Oxford Brookes University, Women of Silicon Roundabout, Women in Sales Summit and multiple CIMA events. Name: Leila Singh Title: Personal Brand Consultant & Leadership Coach Company name: Success Redefined Limited Tel: +44 7956 199874 Email: Website: Linked In:

Lesley Downs

Lesley Downs MBACP is a fully qualified and experienced Relationship Coach, Personal Development Coach and Therapist. She works with couples, individuals and within organisations to improve relationships and communication. With a lifetime’s experience of working in the public and private sector; in adult education, the NHS and latterly in her own private practice. Lesley has an absolute belief in the positive impact of counselling and coaching to enable people to have the lives and relationships that they dream of, is a pretty powerful formula. Connect with Lesley on social media

Lisa King

What affect does wearing masks to fit in have on different areas of your life? What are some of the masks you wear? How can you recognise when you have chosen to wear them and how can you make changes to push your life forward? Speaker, Author and Mentor Lisa King talks about “Unmasking The True You”, sharing how after her breakdown following her partners suicide, she knew that she had to make some huge changes to her life. By taking steps to unmask characters she played to cope with challenges throughout her life Lisa gives some ideas and tools you can use to create the life you want, making Self Care your priority. At any time you always have a choice, you can choose to wear a mask to fit in, or you can choose to be you, no mask, no hiding, unapologetically, perfectly imperfect YOU.

Lisa Zevi

Lisa Zevi is an operational business coach, speaker and bestselling author of 'The REAL Entrepreneur: How to simplify, grow and enjoy your business', a practical guide to the fundamentals of business, whether you're just starting out or are several years in. Lisa has over 20 years experience working with companies of all sizes. She works with ambitious individuals and teams who want to take things to the next level. Helping entrepreneurs free up their time, take control and get the best from their people. I help people get clear. Find out more about Lisa at

Marion Bevington

A professional joy finder… Enjoying life as a Public Speaking Coach and Mentor, Health Coach, Yoga teacher and FUN therapist! Clearing your blocks to success and fun, that maybe stage fright, fear of failure or even fear of success… I share some seriously powerful tools and techniques to allow you to find your why, achieve more and be free, fulfilled and fabulous! Marion specialises in coaching and mentoring business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in how to manifest profitable business growth, public speaking and communication skills and video know how, Her work includes training therapists, entrepreneurs, business owners how to evolve personally, to improve, transform and expand their businesses at the same time. Her private client base benefit from personalised treatment planning using a tailored approach to remove the blocks to serious success and transformation. After almost 25 years in a career problem solving in the I.T. arena, she found the problems caused by stress in the workplace where some of the most difficult to solve and meant life stopped being fun! So she began to explore ways to relieve and manage those stresses and strains brought about by the pressure of life today. She's gone from programming computers to de-programming people! Connect with her on LinkedIn @MarionBevington, YouTube @MarionBevington, Instagram @DrMarionBevington, or Facebook @DrMarionBevington

Martin Sharp

Business Consultant, Award Winning Speaker, Mentor and Best Selling Author Martin Sharp uses the power of AND to help others create growing, profitable and sustainable businesses. Connect with him on,, Instagram @martinsharpuk, or `

Ruth Driscoll

Ruth Driscoll is creating a global liberation leading those living with manipulative, abusive, controlling relationships into empowerment and freedom. Ruth was Headteacher of a challenging inner-city primary school before the bullying of an abusive partner caused a complete change to her circumstances. She now uses her personal and professional experiences to provide a unique perspective on how it feels to live with an abusive partner and, crucially, how sufferers can release themselves effectively and safely. Ruth is an award-winning public speaker and a No.1 International Best-Selling Author. She is an Ambassador for Women of Contribution. Instagram: The_Life_Liberator

Sam Stray Wood

Music artist, Dj, songwriter, vocal producer
Sam Stray Wood Music artist, Dj, songwriter, vocal producer. Music has been all she knows, from backing dancer to signed artist, she has toured the world performing, including war zones, festivals, clubs worldwide, corporate events. Her drive is seeing smiles, freedoms & enlightenment on peoples faces, wether from the stage perspective or in a one on one conversation, it’s all about good energy. She has always believed we are all creative beings & it is showing in our digital era through content, start ups, re-inventing ourselves & the need for a work/balance lifestyle through passion is taking over & she wants to inspire & provoke fun through her passion, music.

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller - Divorce Strategist has collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in promoting more peaceful divorce and she appeared on national television after staging the UK's first ever Divorce Fair. Search #startoversuzy to read more about Divorce Strategist™️ Suzy Miller. Connect with her on LinkedIn @startoversuzy, YouTube @bestwaytodivorce, Instagram @startoversuzy, or Facebook @alternativedivorceguide.

Sylvia Milton

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist
Sylvia Milton is a very experienced Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist. She established her Practice in 1988 and worked with top professional consultants at the Sex and Relationship Clinic at Guy’s Hospital for some 17 years. She was also LBC’s on-air counsellor for eight years, presented her own nightly phone- in. She offers counselling face-to- face, by phone, or Skype for adults and young people. The sessions are with individuals, couples or groups Sylvia has had a wealth of experience including: Occupational Health Training: Assessing, designing and delivering Training Programmes on Psychological Wellbeing in the workplace. Supervision: Supervising Occupational Health Advisors (OHAs) in the workplace. Sylvia is now on a mission to develop "Milton Mentors" where lay people will be trained as skilful helpers to help those people suffering with emotional and psychological distress. Contact by mail or phone 07801 441240

Wendy Sneddon

Dr Wendy Sneddon RVN, MSc, FInstLM, AssocCIPD Passionate about animals and a world free from violence towards any creature. Wendy’s big idea is to build a culture of kindness around the world where it’s absence becomes a red flag that somethings not right and we need to say something. With ambitions to creating homes for families fleeing domestic violence where they can take their pets, and to help employers to understand domestic violence and how to support their employees who are fleeing violent relationships. An award-winning author, TEDx speaker, trainer, Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Wendy is a UK-based experienced Business and Leadership coach with 20-plus years of helping start-up businesses, strategic planning, and team management/training. Founder of the Lodestone Lounge, an online community supporting entrepreneurs with business and HR services; creator of HR For You, a cloud based filing system for you’re all your employee data and records. Award winning uthor of the book “Get out of your way” – the step by step guide in how to attract recruit and retain a winning team. Property developer – buying, developing, selling or short/long term lets.

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Huddersfield, United Kingdom