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Theme: Future Sight! Ideas for a better future

This event occurred on
February 20, 2020
Melbourne, Victoria

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Library at the Dock
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade
Melbourne, Victoria, 3008
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Anthony Metivier

Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

Dale Sidebottom

Dale Sidebottom has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the presenting world. With his love of play, fun fitness, energy and passion for getting people moving, Dale has created of Jugar Life, Energetic Education as well as the top rating podcast Energetic Radio. Dale has created a unique blend of fun, teamwork, wellness and movement into his keynotes, seminars and conferences which he has presented in 20 countries around the world.

Diana Nguyen

Diana is a writer, producer, director, theatre maker, guest speaker, drama facilitator, MC and performer. She is a Linkedin video content creator with 32k followers. Diana is also known as #DancingDiana, hosts #JustDoingKaraoke with over 100 interviews on Linkedin.

Dr. Warrick Bishop

Dr. Warrick Bishop graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine in 1988, and completed advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. He was the first cardiologist in Tasmania with specialist recognition in CT Cardiac Coronary Angiography. He is an accredited examiner for the Royal Australian College of Physicians and the Medical School of the University of Tasmania, teaching medical students & jnr doctors.

Fiona Skene

Fiona is a 4 times National Taekwondo Champion and an International medalist that has been training people to find their power for over 35 years. She is an empowerment coach that has been working with people who are Victims of Crime, disabilities, mental illness, prisoners, perpetrators, victims, school students, teachers, the elderly, drug addicts, people with suicidal tendencies and pretty much anyone from 4 to 94 to find their power and deal with the adversities of life.

Harry Sanders

Harry Sanders is a 22-year old based in Melbourne, Australia who after being homeless just 5 years ago, now runs the largest dedicated SEO company in Australia (over 2.7m annually in billings). He has been featured on Forbes, BBC World News, and recently a lot of international talks around the world on the journey of the business so far.

Janelle Da Silva

Janelle Da Silva is a performing artist, producer, art therapist, educator, doula and philanthropist. Her work features on international and national television and radio networks, festivals, films, stages and podcasts. Mother of five and marathoner, she raises money and awareness for the Cathy Freeman Foundation. Janelle is a fiercely independent, decolonising, intersectional advocate for social change through the arts.

John Di Natale

John Di Natale is a keynote speaker, author, and mentor who has been educating and empowering people for more than 20 years across thirteen countries. John loves working with people on things that really matter - understanding the effects of mindset and expectations, amplifying impact so people can do more good in the world, creating wealth and living your legacy. John is Director at Equi Wealth and the current Vic/Tas President of Professional Speakers Australia.

Kaley Chu

Kaley Chu is an author, speaker, people connector and Business Development Manager at Equi Wealth. In 2018, Kaley turned lunch into a life changing experience. Not just one lunch, but 100 of them. With strangers, over a year! She is the author of the brand new book, ‘100 Lunches with Strangers’. Since publishing the book, Kaley has been featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and been interviewed by radio stations across the country. She is now sharing her journey around the world.

Kashif Bouns

Kashif is the General Manager of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation. He has risen above many challenges and aims to deliver a sustainable and relevant community service to help propel the west into a bright future. This passion was not why he left Pakistan, but it is what cemented his future in Australia.

Lael Stone

Lael is a birth, parenting and sexuality educator who has worked with thousands of families over 15 years witnessing what lack of connection and attachment can do to relationships and sense of worth. She works one on one with families, runs workshops on birth, parenting and talking to kids about sex and also run pleasure-based sex ed in secondary schools for teens. Lael is currently putting all her knowledge and learning into practice as she builds an innovative new primary school in Geelong.

Sharan Velauthan

Sharan is a Mental Health Advocate pushing out awareness campaigns and providing free and trusted therapy and counselling through certified practitioners in Sri Lanka. He has Co-founded a global clean up project - Cosplay Clean Up Global, starting the #bekind movement in Sri Lanka with plans for greater expansion.

Shourov Bhattacharya

Shourov is a poly-professional with success as a software entrepreneur, musician and social entrepreneur. He works everyday with people from all walks of life - academics, musicians/dancers, VCs, engineers, government, NGOs, students, scientists etc. At the root of all his work is a passion for creativity - expressing his own and unleashing the creativity of others.

Sonia Serin

Sonia Serin has had the opportunity of performing with an impressive list of musicians. From her early days of playing at the Fret Festival [Brisbane]. Sonia has supported Pete Murray, Diana Anaid, Hyske, Gorgonzolla; and shared the stages with artists Nikolaine and Nathanael Martin, Matt Nelson, John Langham, Steve Morrison, Robert Michael Kay (London) and The Mason Rack band. She has previously performed at Woodford Folk Festival,Camden Calling (UK) Kirra music Festival and the Gold Coast folk festivals. In addition to this Sonia has previously headlined many venues throughout her time living in the, UK/London : The Ronnie Scott Bar, The Spice of Life, Camden Callings: The Enterprise, The Courtyard and The Stage Door. Described as a ‘stella guitarist, emotive piano player and a bit of a technical whiz behind the drum kit,’ (Proud Camden, London). Sonia’s style of playing is a swift collation of sophisticated fusion, eccentric, upbeat and soul. Her 1st E.P. Everyone in Small Doses, was released in Melbourne in May 2015. The E.P. was described as a memoir of her time living in London from 2011. A time where she remembers ‘running fast’ in pursuit of chasing aspirations, dreams and a constant feeling of having to ‘make up for lost time’. Her lyrics from ‘The everyone in small doses’ track off the EP describes a very strong love yet, turbulent relationship with the UK. Both emotionally and spiritually. The beauty of finding warmth, solace and true lifelong connections with friends in a city which was at times brutally cold and overwhelming. Sonia released her first Album: ‘UNRESOLVED’ in November 2019… She describes this Album as one derived from many tears, post relationships ending. The juggle of dealing with accumulated grief-loss and the transformation of this process into the art of healing and finding one self again on new fresh ground with fresh perspectives. The first track of the album: ‘Pink moon’ is the analogy reflecting the significance of self love and a ‘new era’/cycle or reference point in her life. Coming out of very challenging times in recent years the music will have very honest, raw and moving piano sketches collaborating with haunting deep cello tones and soulful soprano voices. Another song on the Album is ‘Syria’. This featured instrumental is a reflection of the polarising times we live in. The stories behind the piano notes symbolise the ancestral lineages, untold grief surfacing, archetypal patterns waiting for release and healing. Final track ‘Unresolved’; is a memoir of honouring relationships ending prematurely and as she quotes in one of her songs ‘Sometimes no closure is the only closure we ever get’ and finding peace within this process.

Toltu Tufa

As the founder of Afaan Publications, Toltu Tufa does more than create books. With over fifteen years of community and educational experience, Toltu is obsessed with finding new ways to create connected and vibrant communities. As an award winning educator, mother, wife, publisher, thought leader and now a Provisional Psychologist, Toltu is a powerful speaker who has worked across a wide range of industries from sales and education to health and the justice system.

Virginia Warren

Virginia Warren aka ‘The Zen Lawyer’ is a partner in a law firm on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Thanks to the leopard print shoes of destiny, she also found herself accidently wearing the label of yoga instructor. In a quest to rebrand the legal profession as lovable, she authored the book "Let's Kill Kiss All The Lawyers! … said, no-one ever".

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