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Theme: Creativity & Vitality

This event occurred on
October 5, 2019
7:00am - 7:00am EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka Oblast'

We are pleased to invite you to the first edition of the licensed TED conference in Chernihiv – “TEDxChernihiv”. Its main subject is “Creativity & Vitality”.

We selected such one, cause creativity is boundless. It manifests in all spheres of human life. Sometimes it looks like everything has been invented already, but then imagination finds new interpretations and, in turn, those generate new ones. And that lasts forever.

The processes of creativity and innovations became a united entity. Desire to produce something unusual causes new solutions search. They provide more facility for inventions and development. Thus, that creative life process has turned into the process of evolution:
- In the art: we’ve got new view onto forms and materials, we combine them, we experiment a lot with traditional mindset and concept of harmony and beauty. Buildings walls turned into canvases for paintings. Goods and household items gained new functions and now serve as prototypes for sculptures, and in turn these are parts of urban space.
In chemistry: we’ve found a wide range of materials for applied arts and a variety of solutions for our vital functions; now we don’t feel comfortable without them.
- In physiology: don’t you find genetic engineering to be manifestation of creativity? What would “creative” experiments with genes end up with? Once we’ve studied them, now we’ve got the possibility to cure onco- and inherited diseases using genetic engineering. Manipulations with genes in agro-industry area improve productivity. Clones became a reality.
- In education: nowadays the most effective methods of mastering training materials are based on creative perception. Why such approach seems to be more effective for our brain?
- In IT: presently artificial intellect is used not only in big data analysis, but also for creating art objects and architecture. And its decisions are rather challenging.

Looking around, we see creativity everywhere. Being human species we are lucky to be good at finding effective solutions for vital challenges and use them for improving ourselves and environment. We produce alternatives ourselves . We can experiment. We find exotic ideas and resources to realise them. Humanity creates every day; to continue development as the species and to be the “crown of evolution” we should improve creative skills.

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Private School MudrAnhelyky
Kniazia Chornoho str, 4
Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka Oblast', 14000
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Andriy Kovalyov

Co-founder of “Solutions Lab”, “Electrocars”, “DeckRobot”, the teacher at Kyiv School of Economics and a consultant on business transformation
Was born in Chernihiv. He also did practical work at Large Hadron Collider. Now is a businessman, the co-founder of “Solutions Lab”, “Electrocars”, “DeckRobot”, the teacher at Kyiv School of Economics and a consultant on business transformation. Subject: “Carry A Board For Painting”: Visua Short content: For your idea success, it is important to interact efficiently with potential investor, client, partner, stakeholder. The number of interactions is important as well. Not often one hears emotional discussion of ideas and projects in the streets. When asked “How are you?” next time, try to describe your idea by mere, but exciting words. Enhance probability of success by seeking constantly for opportunity to be heard.

Erwin Miden

He is a tour guide and a professional historian, who can provide complicated information in a simple, easy and interesting style. The fragment of Erwin’s excursion, filmed recently, got more than 2 230 000 views!
German by birth but Ukrainian in spirit. When Erwin was 5 he lead his first excursionin Chernihiv! At 17 Erwin received a tour guide diploma. Thanks to his special manner of commucation he is one of the most demanded guides in Chernihiv region. Subject: Why Is It Important To Joke During Excursion? Short content: We’ll talk about how to give an excursion for it to be remembered longer. Any information is learnt more easily via simple but strong emotional state expressions, and these are laugh and tears. But while triggering sadness is undesirable, giving opportunity to laugh makes people involved. So why does tour guide need to use more jokes when communicating? What are the consequences of that for an excursion participants? You’ll get the answers during Erwin’s speech.

Hanna Tsukanova

Feltmaker who creates realistic pictures of animals not knowing how to paint
Feltmaker and a painter without knowing how to paint. She makes very realistic 3D-portraits of animals using sheep wool needle felting technique. Hanna turned hobby into successful creative business; she presents her works at international exhibitions and contests, tells about them in newspapers and TV, teaches children and adults needle felting. Subject: The Dream, Pronounced On A Stool. Short content: This story tells how to return to kid’s fantasy and find the real me, how to dare to give up prestigious and profitable occupation in favour of true life’s work, and how to become a painter without being able to paint.

Ivan Bohdanov

The chorus conductor, the co-author of musical-theatrical genre “choral theatre”
Bright improvisation performance! Subject: Authenticity: The Introduction To Creativity. Short content: What obstacles and habits prevent people from unleashing their potential and exploding with ideas that will solve “eternal problems”? Authenticity may be precondition and introduction to creative decisions. It starts from daring to differ from others. Ivan’s performance is a training on authenticity development.

Julia Knyupa

Scriber, the author of “Studio of Visual Summaries” project. Adult education facilitator, trainer, presenting coaching stuff of “Insha Osvita” organization. She is also a graduated editor & publisher.
Since 2016 she helps companies and events organisers to visually “pack up” senses to get through to audience’s hearts and minds. Being the co-author of “Can You Draw It for Me?” manual on visualization, Julia propagates visual literacy via teaching sketchnoting. She accompanied more than 50 events, illustrated business books and taught several hundreds of trainings participants. Since 2012 Julia has been working as a non-formal adult education facilitator and trainer, presenting coaching stuff of “Insha Osvita” organization. Having no art education, Julia believes that creative thinking is just in human nature and popularises the idea of “creative confidence”. Subject: “Drawing and “Conspiracy”: How To Find Creative Confidence? Short content: Illustrated notes as the instrument of visual thinking can become alternative to usual summaries and inefficient information mastering. If images can win million contracts and people’s commitment, why our brain likes them so much?

Maryna Konovalchuk

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor at sub-faculty of pre-school and primary education National Univesrity . Her thesis referred the theory of creative education. She is also the author of literary creativity structure. Has been elaborating and introducing master’s courses on children’s creativity and talents development. Author of more than 80 scientific publications (Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland) on children’s and adults’ creativity development.
Studying at dull Soviet primary school, she was dreaming that some day education would indeed become interesting and creative. Therefore, Marina has been patronizing creative education in Ukraine for 18 years, helping students and teachers to be happy. Subject: Metacreativity or It’s Not What It Seems Short content: Metacreativity is a concept we designed to describe over-creative approach to thinking and fresh extraordinary look at some usual stuff and life in general. Here creativity extends beyond purely professional and innovative tasks in favour of human progress. Creativity is not equal to happiness.We’ll give specific examples of creative influence and demonstrate 5 amazing facts from our everyday life to understand that sometimes nothing is what it seems at first. We’ll also examine specific techniques of unexpected solutions for seemingly so called complicated situations:

Milana Kartseva

Milana is the author of trainings and courses on self-development, setting and reaching targets, efficient strategies of thinking, improving self-evaluation.
Milana has been working as a trainer for more than 10 years. She studied the certified course on business coaching, the course on strategic coaching, the courses at “I.Myhalitsyna’s Academy Of Strategic Coaching”, numerous programs on cognitive areas, consciousness development methods, human typology on DISC methodology, socionics types. Subject: The Creative Energy In Consciousness Evolution. Short content: Why do we like challenges? What driving force is behind this motivation? What makes us to go out into unknown? Let’s look at creativity as the manifestation of evolution in global terms and in individual life.

Mura Ura (Olena Zagrebina)

Painter, teacher, the founder of “Lively Cupboard” art platform, curator of cultural actions and exhibition projects, theatrical performances production artist.
The two of Olena's performances named “Hamlet-machine” and “The Angel Who Lost A Star” were staged at Chernihiv Puppet Theatre and received rewards for the best performances at different festivals in Ukraine. Olena has been carrying out cultural and educational activities for more than 15 years, trying to combine, not divide, her life and art. Subject: To Live! To Create! To Wonder! Short content: Creativity is a life principle. There is no NON-creative people. There are those who do not realize this or “blocked” inside by parents, society etc. But when a person understands oneself and lives own unique life, that exactly becomes the manifestation of “creating the World” around! We’ll examine three basic components influencing individual as a creator: preservation of childish worldview, liberation from stereotypes, altruistic goals.

Nataly Cherevko

Founder of “Private Language School” center on studying foreign languages, the author and presenter of “2 minute English” TV broadcast and “English to go” radio broadcast.
Nataly has been teaching English for more than 10 years. Subject: “Do You Speak English?”: A Creative Look On Search Of The Most Efficient Way From “A Little” To “Yes, I Do”. Short content: Why do we learn English all our life, but never speak it? What prevents us from learning it once and for all? Is it possible? How to find your own the most efficient way of learning language? Is there any universal secret of fast and efficient learning? What is original in how Ukrainians learn English?

Stanislav Ivashchenko

UX/UI designer, public activist, ultramarathoner, creator of onlinemuseum of wooden archeticture, the author and manager of “Chernihiv Wooden Lace” project.
Subject: The Fight for Wooden Houses: From Dreams to Action. Short content: City of Chernihiv is famous for ancient history represented in events, legends, centuries-old temples and monastic caves. But there is another sight to pay attention of both Chernihiv citizens and its guests – wooden houses, that can be found in the city center and semi-rural outskirts as well. However, despite beauty, they disappear as neither owners nor local authorities understand their value. Stanislav will explain how his long-time love for these houses developed into the project on their popularization among citizens of Chernihiv and all Ukraine, that lies in creating online museum of wooden architecture as well as its physical restoration. The speaker will also talk about how to see beauty around and to advocate its right to existence, using one’s knowledge, skills, contacts and power of the Internet.

Svetlana Fir

The President of “Orff Schulwerk Association of Ukraine”
The President of “Orff Schulwerk Association of Ukraine”ю 10 years ago Svetlana founded a children’s studio of rhythm. She investigates how rhythm influences human health and emotional state. Performance: “Rhythm Laboratory” team performance. Short content: We’ll explore your own rhythm and a common rhythm within group process. Let’s define sense of rhythm for human life, its influence on psychological state and health. Can we say “First it was a drum”? How to use the “body percussion” technique for expressing nature of rhythm in a person?

Vitalii Fasolia

Researcher and populariser of creative thinking, initiator and coordinator of union of experts on creative thinking promotion in Ukraine. Founder of "Creative Country" Festival
Vitalii has been studying thoroughly native and world experience in this field for 4 years and now looks for innovative means to use it via forming creative thinking culture in Ukraine. Vitalii considers creativity to be Ukrainians’ distinctive feature and important part of their mentality, formed historically. On the one hand it was caused by strong aspiration for freedom, but on the other one – by external constraints and oppressions. Subject: “Creative Country”: Making the Future Today. Short content: How can Ukrainians form the culture of creative thinking, happy life and unleashing of creative potential amid constantly changing world? We offer fresh look at Ukrainians’ mentality peculiarities, national idea and dream. We’ll also describe prospects of society evolution via revising significance of creative thinking.

Yaroslav Zadorozhnyi

Architect, interior designer, founder of INTADESIGN studio
"How our stereotypes prevent us from creating modern architecture and design" "I’ll talk a little bit on the topic: why we can’t want what we never saw, and everything new is what we haven’t seen) Why do we build houses with pitched roofs when the whole world boldly builds flat roofs. "

Yegor Yegorkin

Teacher at “International Mind Education Institute” (Republic of Korea) and founder of Ukrainian Family Foundation.
Yegor's avocation is to turn despair into happiness by means of mind-lectures and public activity. Yegor dedicated 9 years to professional sport and that taught him to move on through pain and hardship. He got 6 fractures and that crushed his dreams. But the situations, that seemed to be the worst in Yegor’s life, made him a very happy man. Subject: Let’s Train Happiness – The “Muscles Of Soul”. Short content: What is the most important for us to do when a new day starts? At first, we often reach for a mirror and tidy ourselves up until our appearance satisfies us. But are we doing the same with “inner world”? After all, our mood, communication with people and life quality depend exactly on it. A musical instrument must be tuned before playing, and the same is true for soul. So how to train happiness every day? And how does it depend on “muscles of soul”? Together we’ll reach new understanding of your life.

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