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Theme: Breaking Free

This event occurred on
September 25, 2019
Tainan City, Tainan

Our topic, Breaking Free, advocates that as students living under the stressful testing system, we should not let it restrict our personal development. Instead, we should try to rediscover our enthusiasm with an optimistic attitude and work hard towards our goals. Sounds tacky, right? Educational reform requires years and years of modification and adaptation. Only constant change will there be an education system that best suits us Taiwanese students. As the subjects ourselves, perhaps there’s something we can do to contribute to this process? In this rapidly changing environment that we live in nowadays, innovation and the ability to break free is a crucial skill that we all need to acquire.

National Tainan Girls' Senior High School
No.97 Dapu Rd. West Central District, Tainan City
Tainan City, Tainan, 700
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Youth (What is this?)
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I-Chin Lee

Once lost and trapped in a rigid and cage-like education system, I-Chin Lee knows exactly how it feels like when students flounder aimlessly in the ocean of knowledge, told only to endeavor to gain the upper hand instead of learning how to think independently. As a graduate from Columbia University, I-Chin Lee likes to compare her past-self to a sponge-a knowledge soaking sponge. In her TEDx talk, Lee hopes to inspire students to become “Squidwards” , who like her, reach their “tentacles” into the areas of knowledge they are truly interested in.

John Liu

As the founding manager of a professional English learning foundation, John Liu is an expert about how to manage an efficient and successful team. Since stepping out of his comfort zone in 2004, John has floundered in a sea of unfamiliarities while reviewing and sharpening his ability again and again until he found his own brand-Happy Lion. When talking about entrepreneurship, Liu says it is all about enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose. We look forward to seeing him at his TEDx talk!

Patty Lee

TV show host
From accountant to model; from being completely unfamiliar with the sea to turning out as the host of Golden Bell show, 30 meter underwater; Patty Lee is not only a TV show host, but also an actress, the lead singer of a band, an artist, an environmentalist ,etc. From Patty’s “slashed life” we can gain a new insight of a new perspective to both work and personal life. In her TEDx talk, Patty hopes to inspire students to step outside their comfort zone and break free of their fears and obstacles.

Wayne Lin

Organization founder
From 2015, Wayne Lin has been coaching various organizations such as high schools, universities, and companies about innovation and design thinking strategies. With cross-domain co-creation, Lin inspires both students and adults to think broader, cultivating a skill schools today cannot teach. Wayne Lin is now the founder of the organization, Social AED, which he hopes to encourage everyone to discover their true interests and talents. Meet him at our TEDx event!

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Tainan City, Taiwan


Tainan, Taiwan
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