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Theme: Incredible India !

This event occurred on
November 17, 2019
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

TEDxNIELITAurangabad is the primal TEDx event organized by the National Institute of Electronics and IT. This creme de la creme event is the first of its kind flagship discourse, that is being hosted by this premier Institute. The theme of this event "Incredible India" would be silhouetted against the TEDx background.
"Incredible India" is the nickname rightly given to the Indian Republic since this 7th largest terrestrial boundary of 28 states and 9 Union territories encompasses within itself, myriads of culture, languages, dialects, food habits, lifestyle, clothing, philosophical thinking, also harboring different soil types owing to the amount of rainfall an area receives, the farmers and the soldiers of this territory toil incessantly in order to secure this country's goodwill. We are also one of those few space-faring nations to have photographed the photogenic moon and mars in detail and the near future hoping to photograph venus in detail. Citizens of this land participate in every endeavor to cater to the territory's glory be it launching of a spacecraft or voting in the world's largest democratic republic, also known as "The Great Indian Elections". Eminent Personalities who have walked on this part of the planet, rose the status of this country beyond the celestial sphere, be it the invention of "Zero", or performing the world's first eye operation or winning the first Nobel prize under the Asian category or deciphering the secrets of Harrapa and Mohenjo-Daro civilizations and that too by the Xeno people, scaling the height of Mount Everest, or harnessing"The 5 rivers" by the Bhakra Nangal mega project in Punjab, reliving the subjects from floods by building proper dams and barrages, controlling the " LOC" manually testing ballistic and anti-ballistic missiles for defence, or scientific reaches done by ISRO, DRDO, and The TIFR among many others.
So, the TEDx team here at this Aurangabad based institution aims to highlights all the nooks and crannies of everything that the destiny has embossed on this tapestry known as "INDIA".

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 431004
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Akash Dodeja and Simran Dhanwani

Actor, Comedian ,YouTuber ,Vlogger famous actor from Ashish Chanchalani Vines as Jadoo
Akash Dodeja , the name that reverberates in the minds of the YouTuber, viewers watching the videos of "Ashish Chanchalani Vines".He is a famous pseudonym of "Jadoo" featuring in those videos , still counting millions of views under the enterprise of "Ashish Chanchalani Vines" Simran Dhanwani is an actress , dancer , comedian has had worked in many of the "Ashish Chanchalani Vines". She seems to be the lone female personality to apole the flag of talent in every one of the videos produced under "Ashish Chanchalani Vines"

Arpit Bhalla

Founder of TheQuartProject, LGBTQ Activist, Writer, Poet
Arpit Bhalla is one of those few personalities on earth who are born just to break the shackles imposed by the taboo of being designated as either male or female and attracted only to the opposite gender. These people who hail the LGBTQ community just broadens the human perspective of thinking and understanding in mathematics what we know as probability that two specimens of the same gender of the same species might like each other. Arpit Bhalla rose to the occasion and looked that he lead a successful campaign against the TABOO which impeded the naturalism of his nature and literally against society which had been callows about his own feelings.

Chhavi Kholi

Indian National Fencer/ Athlete
An Indian National Fencer from Chandighad, India. She has won many National and International Awards and also have been to many countries to represent India.

Harsh Vardhan Shahi

Entreprenuer, Food Blogger
Harshvardhan Shahi Founder Aurangabad Food Explorer Page:Social Media Community of 33000+ People. Awards Received 1. ‘Excellence in Youth Leadership’ Award by YIN Sakal Group 2. Best Food Page of the City Award by Lokmat Times 3. Excellence of Digital Marketing of Food Category by MyFm 94.3 4. Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2019 for Social Media Marketing of Food Category by MyFM 94.3. He is a Digital Marketing pioneer with regards to all things food in the city. He is the founder of Aurangabad Food Explorer group that was established two and a half years ago. The page has more than 33,000 followers which makes it the largest social media food page of the city. Aurangabad Food Explorer has been giving considerable popularity and market to the food industry in the city. Harshvardhan is the only person to provide marketing and business growth to any business activity related to food. He is a food blogger, a skilled and specialized food photographer, consultant in food marketing.

Ranjeet Srivastava

Developer of Worlds First Hindi speaking Humanoid Robot:"Rashmi"
Ranchi man Ranjit Srivastava,38, has developed an Indian version of ‘Sophia,’ a social humanoid robot developed by a Hong Kong based company, named Rashmi which can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Marathi along with English. The developer claimed it as the world’s first Hindi speaking realistic humanoid robot and India’s first lip-synching robot. Rashmi uses linguistic interpretation (LI), artificial intelligence (AI), visual data and facial recognition systems. A master of business administration (MBA), Srivastava, who has expertise in software development of more than 15 years, has developed the speaking robot in two years at a meager cost of Rs 50,000.

RJ Nimi

RJ Nimi is a profound Radio jack, from Aurangabad. She has been mirchi's RJ from a very young age. She is well known for her contribution in clean India campaign running across Aurangabad

Sandeip Vishnoi

CEO of Divya Marathi Daily/ Founder of India's Left Hand Club.
Sandeip Vishnoi is currently the CEO of Divya Marathi daily. He is the man behind the left-hand foundation which works for the work welfare the lefthanders all across India.

Triveni Acharya

Anti-human-trafficking crusader, Mother to thousand
Triveni Acharya is an Indian journalist and activist from Mumbai, best known for her work with the anti-sex-trafficking group the Rescue Foundation. The group was founded by her husband, Balkrishna Acharya, but Triveni Acharya assumed its presidency following his death in 2005. The organization is devoted to the "rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of victims for human trafficking from different parts of India, Nepal & Bangladesh and sold for forced prostitution", and has been conducting "brothel raids" since 1993. The organization frees roughly 300 girls a year and also provides counseling, job training, and HIV testing. Because these raids often result in serious financial loss or imprisonment for sex traffickers, Acharya has received several death threats as a result of her work. The Rescue Foundation has received several national and international awards for its work under Acharya's presidency. In 2008, the group received a Stree Shakti Award for Women Entrepreneurs.

Organizing team

Sai Charan

Aurangabad , India


Aurangabad , India