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Theme: Neoventure

This event occurred on
June 26, 2021
Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Our current way of life, based on an economy that consumes too much carbon and warms up the Planet, is not sustainable. The bell has rung and the COUNTDOWN has begun: we have barely 10 years left at the global level to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 7% every year to reach -50% in 2030 and a "net zero" situation by 2050. We can't say we didn't know. Future generations will hold us to account: what have you done?

Of course, the health crisis of 2020/2021 will have passed through here. But in the end, it will have only revealed what we already had in mind: our Planet is "one" through its globalized human activity, its pandemics and its climate change. The present and the future of the people of the Blue Planet are linked.

So what can we do? How can we approach on an individual and collective scale this world that needs to evolve? Solutions exist and we would like to address a certain number of them during this edition of TEDxCannes. We see the future as a source of opportunities, so we want to project ourselves positively through NEOVENTURE: new adventures and new ventures driven by pioneering doers.

Palais des Festivals
6 Bd de la Croisette
Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, 06400
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Alex Jaffray

Composer, Producer and Music Columnist
Founder of the Start-Rec sound agency, Alex Jaffray is a true Swiss army knife capable of putting on his hat as a composer, producer or music columnist at any time. He has notably composed the soundtracks of feature films by big names in cinema (Claude Lelouch to name but one), flagship TV programmes (Scènes de ménages, Stade 2, On n'est pas couché...), advertisements and large-scale events, as well as the sound identities of prestigious brands such as Citroën, Cartier, Disney etc. This enthusiast also hosts the musical chronicle of Télématin on France 2 and has created the 1st One Man Musical Show "Le Son d'Alex".

Axel Carion

Bike explorer
(FR) Axel Carion est un explorateur français qui arpente à vélo les tracés les plus vertigineux du globe. Il a notamment traversé deux fois l’Amérique du Sud dont une fois en établissant le record du monde en moins de 50 jours pour rallier Carthagène à Ushuaia. Il a également voyagé à vélo sur le chemin royal des Incas au Pérou, la route des rois en Jordanie et dans d’autres lieux emblématiques. Il partage sa passion pour l’exploration à vélo avec les épreuves sportives BikingMan, ses récits dans les médias et lors de conférences. (EN) Axel Carion is a French explorer who has been cycling the most dizzying routes on the globe. He has twice crossed South America, once setting the world record in less than 50 days to reach Ushuaia from Cartagena. He has also traveled by bike on the royal road of the Incas in Peru, the kings highway in Jordan and in other emblematic places. He shares his passion for exploration by bike with the BikingMan, with his stories in the media and at conferences.

BlueLeaf Conservation NaturDive

Seagrass Advocates
Talk conjoint de BlueLeaf Conservation, une start-up à impact qui propose des solutions de lutte contre le changement climatique basées sur la capacité des océans à capturer du CO2, et de l'association NaturDive qui met en œuvre, développe et encourage toute action visant à étudier, préserver et protéger l’environnement marin. /// Joint talk by BlueLeaf Conservation, an impact start-up that offers solutions to combat climate change based on the oceans' ability to capture CO2, and the NaturDive NGO, which implements, develops and promotes any action to study, preserve and protect the marine environment.

Christophe Vasseur

Biotech Entrepreneur
Christophe is the Co-founder and President of inalve, a biotech company based in France that develops highly sustainable and functional ingredients from marine microalgae for animal feed and care. Prior to founding inalve, Christophe was an oceanographer. For 10 years he studied the impact of climate change on marine microalgae from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. Then, over the course of the last 15 years he developed Biotechnology R&D programs that aimed at producing microalgae-based active molecules in the green chemistry sector. He holds its PhD in Biological Oceanography from Canada.

David Gurlé

Founder and CEO of Symphony, a cloud-based collaboration platform that securely connects markets, organizations and individuals, David Gurlé was previously CEO and Vice President of Skype's Business Unit and Global Head of Collaboration Services at Reuters. Author, inventor and visionary, David keeps a watchful eye on the place of people in the digital world of tomorrow that we are inventing today.

Jean-François Noubel

Open Source Earthling and Humanonaut
Jean-François Noubel fait de la R&D en intelligence collective, une nouvelle discipline de recherche qui explore comment les systèmes vivants fonctionnent et comment notre espèce évolue. Il travaille sur les cryptotechnologies permettant l'émergence de l'intelligence sociale distribuée et la société post-argent. Il voyage dans le monde pour donner des conférences et conseiller des dirigeants sur les sauts évolutionnaires. Appliquant ses recherches à lui-même, Jean-François vit une vie expérimentale et se définit comme un terrien open source qui pratique l'économie du don. Il vit en Provence, suit un style de vie végan, enseigne les arts martiaux et s’adonne à différents sports extrêmes.

Juliette Siozac

Companion of the Child's Happiness
Juliette Siozac is driven by the desire for children to express their emotions, develop their self-confidence and learn to find their own path to happiness. She has left the communication sector, invested the necessary time to live new experiences rich in meaning and created "Mon Moment Magique" 5 years ago while training more than 500 ambassadors in around 20 countries. Author of a card game and a book, Juliette also leads conferences in conventions, festivals and corporate seminars.

Laurence Fanuel

Scientist and Multimedia Perfumer Artist
Ph.D in biotechnology Laurence first worked in an American multinational company as researcher then as perfumer dedicated to innovation for homecare products. She then became creator in perfume houses of various cultures (Japan, France, India, Netherlands). Nowadays she works with artists, museums, scene directors and private clients to develop new opportunities for smells. She truly believes that art and science must be mixed in order to understand human being and move forward into the unknown: this is what she teaches to her international students.

Lily Jung

Voice Explorer
Graduated in ”Contemporary Music”, trained in Jazz improvisation and Opera singing, Lily taught singing from 2007 to 2009 in China before travelling to many Asian countries (Burma, India, Thailand, Mongolia,...). Back in France, with new musical and spiritual inspirations, she created the Yakch’é duet with Cyrille Lecoq in 2011, and also travels solo, to offer her repertoire of mantras and personal compositions. Lily Jung carries the voices of the world, the songs of One World. She inscribes her vibration, her inner "sound", in humanity through an incarnated, spontaneous and sincere voice.

Marc de La Ménardière

Globe Trotter, Film Director and a bit of a Farmer
Former business developer for Danone in New York, Marc began in 2009 an inspiring journey around the world with the roadmovie « A Quest for Meaning » (12 awards). On his return, he learns about organic farming, works with humanitarian NGO (Voix Libres), Non profit (Colibris) and French medias (France 2). Convinced that it is urgent to create places of emergence and another art of living, he co-founded the Kambrousse, an eco-place for actors of change in search of inspiration, alignment and regeneration.

Melpomeni Dimopoulou

Post-doctoral researcher
A graduate engineer from the University of Patras in Greece, Melpomeni Dimopoulou combines her passion for computer science and biology. As a post-doctoral researcher at the I3S laboratory (Université Côte d'Azur and CNRS) in Sophia-Antipolis, France, her research areas focus on the storage of digital data on DNA. In 2019, she won the final of the "My Thesis in 180 Seconds" competition of the Université Côte d'Azur Chapter as well as one of the best student paper prizes at the EUSIPCO (European Signal Processing Conference). In 2021, she received two innovation prizes awarded by Bpifrance (Public French Investment Bank) and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). She also won the Award L'Oréal-UNESCO Young Talents France for Women in Science.

Sabrina Andiappane

New Space Initiatives Manager
Sabrina Andiappane is working on the future missions that will change space as we know it. These new missions, although appear to be coming straight out of a science-fiction novel, are real and require the development of key technologies to come to life: one of these key technology being space robotics. Sabrina is responsible of new space initiatives at Thales Alenia Space. She started her career in 2013, received the trophy of the Women in Industry as a promising newcomer in 2017 and the Stars of Europe award in 2019.

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