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Theme: The Power of 10

This event occurred on
November 29, 2019
Zurich, Zürich (de)

TEDxZurich will be celebrating a 10th year of programming, bringing you Ideas Worth Sharing to “The Power of 10”. So join us on the 29th of November at SRF Studios, Zurich.

Any one of us can find inspiration for hope and humility in looking at our lives over the last 10 years. How can we use this to inform the next 10? How would our lives change, if we knew that we only had 10 months to live?

What story would you tell a loved one, if you had 10 minutes to share anything at all? Does that story change with a complete stranger?

Speakers this year will be challenged to deliver deep dives on various topics within 10 minutes or less, providing a dynamic day of talks showing The Power of 10, past, present, and future.

TV Studios of SRF / tpc
Fernsehstrasse 1-4
Zurich, Zürich (de), 8052
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Anka Grzywacz

Anka Grzywacz is a sexologist and Certified Sex Coach. Her passion is to help busy couples nurture love and desire in relationship. Back in her home country, Poland she hosted a nationwide radio show “The Good Sex” in Radio TOK FM. For over 15 years she was involved in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) activism. She co-founded a pioneer group of volunteer sex educators “Ponton”. She lives in Zurich with her husband, young son and two cats.

Benjamin Dillenburger

Benjamin is a practicing architect and assistant professor in architecture at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto. He previously worked as a senior lecturer in the CAAD group at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s architecture department in Zurich. Benjamin was finalist of the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program 2015. His projects include the Digital Grotesque installation at the FRAC Archilab 2013 exhibition. He recently exhibited work at the Design Exchange Museum Toronto and the Art Basel / Design Miami.

Bob Sumner

Prof. Robert Sumner is the Associate Director of Disney Research Studios and an Adjunct Professor at ETH Zurich. At Disney, Robert leads the lab’s research in computer animation. His research group strives to bypass technical barriers in animation production pipelines with new algorithms that expand the designer’s creative toolbox in terms of depiction, movement, deformation, stylization, control, and efficiency. At ETH, Robert is the founder and Scientific Director of the ETH Game Technology Center, which explores the unique way game technology can impact science and education. Robert also teaches a course called the Game Programming Laboratory in which students from ETH and the Zurich University of the Arts work in small teams to design and implement novel video games. Robert received a B.S. degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich before joining Disney.

David Rendall

David Rendall. Randall. Randell. Rendell. Reynolds. Whatever. No one knows how to pronounce his last name. David’s mission in life is to be hilarious and helpful. He’s a standup comedian with a doctorate in management; a class clown turned leadership professor, who went from disrupting classes to teaching classes and then disrupting companies and conferences from Portland to Paris to Pakistan. After being criticized and punished his whole life for being hyperactive, he now channels his frantic energy into competing in Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons. He wears more pink than the average middle-aged man. Well, actually, he wears more pink than an eight year old princess.

Isaac Glover

From the UK but having lived in Switzerland for seven years, Isaac is in his final year at the International School of Zug and Luzern and has always had a keen interest in pop-culture and media and been a comic-book fanatic for roughly 10 years. Isaac has worked as a team leader with global speakers in panel discussions and workshops in Youth Forum Switzerland, inspired by the Open Forum in Davos and plays an active role in raising awareness on the potential impact youth can have. He also acts as a ‘listener’ on a mental health support site called ‘7 Cups of Tea’ and is a founding member of his school’s LGBTQ+ Pride initiative.

Jojo Mayer

Jojo Mayer began playing drums as an autodidact, and had his first public performance at age 2 with his father’s band. In the late 90’s he started to explore the area between human performance and robotization in music. He pioneered the reverse engineering of programmed drumbeats on acoustic drums in realtime. The work with his band NERVE further translated the mostly premeditated syntax of electronic music into an impro format and influenced a whole generation of bands and musicians. Besides performing and producing, Jojo is also a speaker and educator. His tutorials on drumming and product design for musical instruments are award winning international bestsellers. Modern drummer Magazine lists him among the “50 greatest drummers of all time”.

Lionel Dellberg

Performer Lionel has been working as a professional magician for eight years. He is currently enchanting Switzerland and Europe with his latest project ‘Everyday life: tricked’. Until recently, Lionel toured the Swiss cantons with his 52/26 project, performing at the most spectacular locations in the country. Lionel is known by a wide audience due to his stunning and exact prediction of the presidential election at the FIFA congress and several appearances in TV shows. Among others the Swiss magician recently appeared on "Got Talent" in Spain, where almost five million TV viewers followed his performance. After his training as a mime actor at the Mime School Ilg in Zurich and the Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau in Paris, the artist professionalized his skills auto-didactically. In 2015 Lionel developed and challenged his knowledge in magic at the Stockholm University of the Arts.

Lisa Falco

Lisa is a data scientist and digital health expert, with a PhD in biomedical imaging and almost 20 years of experience in the development of technologies to better understand the human body. She uses data and technology to decipher the human body and its functions.

Louis Perron

Dr. Louis Perron is a political scientist and consultant based in Switzerland. During the past years, he has won more than two dozen competitive election campaigns in various countries. His clients include everything from mayors up to senators, members of cabinet and presidents. He is the author of the book “How to Overcome the Power of Incumbency in Election Campaigns”. Earlier in his career, Louis earned a M.A. in political management at the George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Marco Büchel

Born 1971 in Liechtenstein, blessed with lots of energy, Marco joined every sport club his village had to offer. Finally, he fell in love with alpine skiing. After graduating from a sports college, he decided to become a professional athlete. Marco took part in 6 Olympic Games, 10 World Championships, and participated in 300 World Cup races. He won the silver medal at the World Championships in Vail in 1999, and went on to win 4 World Cup races. He has claimed the title of “athlete of the year” in Liechtenstein, and has been awarded the “Goldenes Lorbeerblatt” by the government of Liechtenstein. He lives in Triesenberg together with his wife Doris, and works as an expert in alpine skiing for the German TV-station ZDF.

Margarita Chli

Margarita is Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich leading the Vision for Robotics Lab. She is also the Vice Director of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems of ETH and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh (UK). Some highlights of her career include the participation in the first vision-based autonomous flight of a small helicopter, a mention in Robohub’s 2016 list of 25 women in Robotics you need to know about and the award of the biannual Zonta Prize in 2017 on the basis of her high impact contributions on the development of robotic vision.

Marta Ra

Dr. Marta Ra has an extensive history in finance gained at a variety of financial institutions across Europe. In an effort to foster a more inclusive and sustainable industry, she co-founded “Women in Sustainable Finance”, a non-profit organization aiming to inspire women to enter the financial world and cultivate sustainable business practices that go hand in hand with gender equality. Most recently, she joined the ‘Paracelsus Recovery Team’, one of the world´s most discrete mental health and addiction treatment centers, as its new CEO, where she brings an understanding of sustainable and strategic development.

Naomi Lareine

Naomi Lareine is a young and incredibly ambitious singer from Zurich. With her honest lyrics, soulful melodies, RnB beats, and partly modern influences, she weaves narratives of her life experience into her music, allowing the audience to feel her emotions and identify with these stories. Her debut EP “Unchained” was launched on October 9th, 2019 and includes the hit singles “Issa Vibe” and “Get It”.

Peter Lång

Peter Lång is a composer and artist. His work is focused on opera and musical drama. For the last decade he has been exploring the crossroad between art, science, and technology. Together with a team of artists, programmers, and scientists he has created the musical drama, “The Now”, which is the basis of his talk.

Philippa Dengler

Philippa Dengler was born in England and moved to Zürich in 2000 where she lives today with her husband and two daughters. For the first 20 years of her career, she worked in change management roles for international companies. She has always been passionate about giving her best and enabling others to do the same. Since completing her MSc in Business and Economic Psychology she owns a boutique consultancy and works with companies to create an inclusive workplace culture in which men and women of all ages can contribute their natural best to their company’s success while proactively managing their personal growth and employability.

Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu is a vibrant soul, who taught herself to keep a balance between two cultures. With a potpourri of cultural influences emerging from her Sri-Lankan roots, Swiss mentality and her musical imprints of traditional and Afro-American soul music, it is not easy to find your own identity. Music showed her the way to liberation and rebellion against traditional values which allows her to take control of her life purpose and creation. She is currently working on her first debut project alongside her brother and producer “Japhna Gold”. Her debut EP will be released in early 2020, including hit singles “Lighthouse” and “Leaf High”.

Rebekka Grun

Rebekka is a PhD in economics working at the World Bank. Her day job specializes on the intersection of love and economics, notably social protection for families and individuals. She spends most of her time mobilizing and managing millions of dollars for refugees and other people in need. As an advocate for working mothers and child development, she has invented and is leading the World Bank’s groundbreaking Mobile Childcare work. Further, as an advisor to the former Bank president, she managed the institution’s relationships with European and Middle Eastern heads of state and the presidential portfolio on social protection.

Sanjeev Bhanot

Yoga is ‘work in’ and not ‘work out’. This line defines Sanjeev Bhanot’s approach and his work. Sanjeev takes yoga as a ‘Life Management System’ that covers all possible areas and dimensions of human life experience. He founded Yogalife in 1999. Today, Yogalife has more than 1600 teachers all across the globe teaching Yoga ‘more than the asana approach’. He is known for: the ‘Solar plane around the world’ project; the Yoga Festival in Belgium, which is one of its own platform for authentic yoga; as the founder of Antastha Yoga; and for influencing the Indian Yoga education through Indian TV from a traditional to a practical approach.

Sarah Perreard

A marketer at heart, passionate about behavioural psychology, Sarah started her career 12 years ago in the B2B industry, touching everything from product strategy to business development, before focusing on circular economy in plastics, where she’s been active for the past five years. In this field, Sarah contributed in developing environmental and social impact initiatives around the world through cross-sector collaboration, where each stakeholder in the value chain – from NGOs to governments, industry to academics and environmental experts – has a key role to play. Today, Sarah is an independent consultant working on circular economy and sustainability.

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