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This event occurred on
March 28, 2020
Prague, Praha 1
Czech Republic

TEDxUNYP is an event that brings together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder - and provoke conversations that matter.

2020 will bring an exciting new venue, 13 amazing live speakers with talks from AI and VR to psychology and dance with a very special musical guest as well. There will be a catered lunch, interactive events and great TEDxUNYP goodies!

Municipal Library, Prague 1
Mariánské nám. 98/1
Prague, Praha 1, 11000
Czech Republic
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University (What is this?)
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Anna Nguyenova

Operations Executive for Startups, Entrepreneur & Actress
Anna is an entrepreneur, actress, and a startup advisor. Her expertise is in early stage startup scaling and operations. She has built two startups - once as a founder of Comic Con in Vietnam where she grew her team to 80 employees and once as a VP of Operations of a LA based video company where she built a team from 7 to 100+ people. She is currently leading growth at a London based data startup. As an actress she has filmed over 100 episodes for Czech television. She studied Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood and holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She speaks on everything startup growth related and occasionally writes for US Forbes.

Artur Sychov

Founder & CEO, Somnium Space
Artur is Founder and CEO of Somnium Space. He has been navigating virtual worlds for more than two decades starting with Ultima Online in 1999, then Second Life and many more. Artur strongly believes in the ultimate future of Virtual Reality worlds with open and decentralized economy based on blockchain, amazing creation tools where imagination is the only limit. Artur has worked as an investment trader for many years before creating his first startup and becoming a serial entrepreneur. He is husband and a father of two wonderful children.

Edel Sanders, Ph.D.

Dean of Psychology, University of New York in Prague
Edel Sanders is a researcher, lecturer and the Dean of Psychology at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP). Additionally, she lectures in pedagogy and psychology at Charles University. After earning her bachelor's degree, from Columbia University, she documented the impact of musical learning on inner city children's self-esteem and academic development through research with Columbia's Arts Education Research Center while completing two master's degrees there. Post-Columbia, Edel went on to pursue her PhD in Education and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Cambridge. While there, she joined the Neuroscience Lab and the INSTRUCT educational psychology research group. She later supported field research with the Comparative Cognition lab at Cambridge University that investigated individual traits and social learning in the natural environment of wild jackdaws. Edel is also an award-winning composer and opera singer who enjoys sharing her art in beautiful Prague and beyond.

Elmira Lyapina, PhD

Legal Advisor
Elmira Lyapina, LL.M., Ph.D. acquired her doctorate in public international law from the Charles University in Prague and her LL.M. from the University of Greenwich at the University of New York in Prague. She is an independent adviser on legal matters for businesses. Within her job, she provides legal consultations for international companies and individuals in the field of business law, and also in the field of human rights. Her personal experience as an immigrant and representative of a national minority has provided context for several of her academic articles. Elmira is a guest lecturer at several universities, and does pro bono work on migrant rights. Elmira is a co-founder and chairperson of the KITAP NGO, which represents Tatar and Turkic cultures in the Czech Republic. KITAP provides a platform for cultural exchange and cooperation, in addition to social, cultural and business networking for Turkic communities.

Jaro Dance Group

Celebrating history through dance
MgA. Živana Vajsarová founded this unique art body in 1983, being both an artistic manager and choreographer. It was founded in connection with Folk School of Arts in Radotín, being a continuum and namesake to a previous dance group which was started and led by Vajsarová´s father in the 1950s. Her father Prof.František Bonuš was a prominent and distinguished Czech ethnographer, who travelled through various regions of Czechoslovakia, where he studied and wrote down olden music, traditions, dances and rituals passed from generation to generation only in those specific regions. Without his research some of those traditions would likely now be forgotten. Prof. Bonuš's work has been a great source for Živana Vajsarová and her dance group. Thanks to them, the dancers of JARO dance group are able to perform a great amount of traditional dances, that live on due to lifelong work of Professor Bonuš and MgA. Živana Vajsarová.

Jordon Rooney

CEO, Built Different
Jordon Rooney is the founder and CEO of NFBD and Built Different, a creative agency that focuses on brand transformations in the digital age. A digital innovator and personal branding expert from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jordon works to amplify the impact of brands from individuals to large companies. He started out speaking in schools, and then moved into creating videos to capitalize on the impact social media can have. Jordon ultimately grew his video platform to over 140K followers and more than 20 million views. This drove the launch of his nonprofit NFBD, which leverages the shift in modern media to prepare youth for the modern economy. Jordon has directed and produced commercials for billion-dollar companies and one of the largest law firms on the East Coast of the United States, winning two MARCOM Creative Awards. He has been featured in Pittsburgh's 20 in their 20's, and won a Google SVP Pitch Competition.

Mathias Durand

Director of Learning & Development, Socialbakers
Mathias is a public speaker for Procrastination.com and the Director of Learning and Development for Socialbakers. After many years in coaching international sales, Mathias believes that human interactions are the key skills to learn in order to improve we live and work all together. He has delivered many conferences all around the world, helped to promote Peter Ludwig's best-selling book "The End of Procrastination," and trained companies and entrepreneurs on soft skills. Focusing his skills on effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the psychology of persuasion, Mathias has developed a three-step methodology to help people apply empathy as a powerful communication tool for better relationship, leadership and sales. His core values are generosity, humility, and tolerance.

Mike Bugembe

Founder and Author
Mike Bugembe is a best-selling author, international speaker and A.I. evangelist, on a mission to address all aspects of A.I.'s diversity gap. He has worked with organizations across a range of industries as a consultant, trainer and executive adviser. Mike has a passion for all things A.I., but what excites him most is how A.I. can be used to solve the many social problems that we face today. Mike is best-known for the work he has done on using A.I. to improve generosity and charitable giving, developing algorithms that have raised millions for charitable causes. Mike's work has quickly gained him recognition as one of the UK's top digital leaders; he has won several awards and been named as one of the most influential people in data-driven business.

Mikolas Josef

Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Mikolas Josef has been musically inclined since he started playing guitar at the age of 6, starting his career in modeling, working for fashion brands such as Diesel and Prada. Mikolas started taking his passion for music more seriously, and worked as a street performer traveling around Europe to gain experience and build his signature sound. In 2015, he released his first singles "Hands Bloody" and "Free," which made it into the Czech top 20. After the success of his first two singles, Mikolas moved to Vienna to work with renowned music producer Nikodem Milewski, where they produced the hit song "Lie to Me." In 2018, Mikolas accepted an offer to enter "Lie to Me" in the Czech National Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. "Lie to Me" won the national contest, and later took 6th place in the overall Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. He remains the most successful Czech contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest to date and one of the most internationally known Czech artists.

Petr Andrýsek

Founder and Chief Shark, Socialsharks
Petr Andrýsek is the founder and Chief Shark of Socialsharks, the leading social media agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Socialsharks is active in eight countries, with a team of 50+ sharks and offices in Prague, Tbilisi and Berlin. In his decade of social media experience, Petr has worked with more than 500 clients and over 1000 brands. Petr's passion is building companies and businesses. In 2017, he switched his focus to esports, and invested in several esports startups. Petr intends to leverage his marketing expertise and passion for gaming to grow the industry, promoting awesome projects like MADMONQ as the next generation of brands that will make industries such as esports sustainable. Petr is an experienced corporate trainer and public speaker, training over 200 top managers and giving over 30 talks and speeches every year.

Radomil Štumpa

Since his childhood in the Soviet Union, Radomil has devoted his life to acquiring new and unique experiences. He has visited over 120 countries, and pursued careers ranging from top-class sportsman and successful break dance crew member, through army prosecutor, judge and attorney, to director of one of the largest US financial companies. After an 18-month paternity leave break to spend time with his three sons, Radomil was unexpectedly fired, forcing him to rethink his life priorities. He decided to focus on creating his own business and on recreational activities. In 2019, Radomil returned to the corporate world by taking on a Brand Activation job with Česká spořitelna, the largest bank in the Czech Republic. Radomil has written two books, Vilismus and New Boss, and is the founder of the unique UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN championship, which covers over 100 sports and identifies the best all-round male, female and youth athletes in the world.

Sanjiv Suri

Founding President & CEO, Zatisi Group
Sanjiv Suri worked in the hotel industry for 12 years, but never felt entirely comfortable in a large corporate structure. He never planned a career as a restaurateur, but when he first came to Prague in the early 1990s, he realized that the culinary world was still uncharted territory. Growing up in India, Sanjiv became aware of how much poverty exists in the world. Although his parents earned a modest income, they gave 10% of their earnings to the poor regularly. Sanjiv follows their philanthropic example, and uses his own success to aid some of the less fortunate, by donating up to 50% of his company's profits to various charities every year. The aid organizations to which he contributes include Good Angel (which supports the families of disabled people in the Czech Republic), Akshaya Patra (which provides warm, nutritious food to schools and children across India) and Village Enterprise (which provides funds and training to start small businesses in Africa).

Senta Cermaková

Director of Innovation at Deloitte Czech Republic
Senta Cermakova is a Director of Innovation at Deloitte Czech Republic. Her main role involves the development of the firm's strategic projects in the area of new technologies and innovation, and she is also involved in the acceleration and support of start-ups to facilitate their development and growth, both on the domestic market and abroad. Senta teaches Critical Thinking in Business Futurology as part of the CEMS International Master program at the University of Economics in Prague, and engages in social innovations in education and mentoring. She leads several mentoring and internship programs: SheXO, which empowers women in C-suite positions; KidsXO, which educates talented kids in the technologies of the future; 3XO, which brings together seniors with a business background; and a leading internship program at Deloitte Czech Republic. At Deloitte, she won the Central Europe Regional Impact Award twice, once for the startup program and once for transforming the company.

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Prague, Czech Republic
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