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Theme: Revive

This event occurred on
February 29, 2020
10:00am - 6:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
Coventry, Coventry
United Kingdom

At TedxCoventry, we want to contribute to the revival of the city by bringing together new approaches and forward-thinking ideas to a community that has thrived on its innovativeness, activist and dynamic spirit.

Our vision is to create a TEDxCoventry as a brand which represents Coventry, its diversity, its shortcomings, its heritage, its achievements, and much more… We need to change perspectives!

The event, themed Revive, will be showcased at The Belgrade Theatre, showcasing once rebooted what this City meant to its dwellers and for those who adopted it as their home. Talks throughout the day will touch on a variety of subjects including technology, innovation, youth foundations, and much more…

Belgrade Theatre
Corporation Street
Coventry, Coventry, CV1 1GS
United Kingdom
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Bob Scott

Business Consultant and Coach
Bob's interest is working with people and organisations to ensure that the individual and companies potential is realised. Many people and companies look for the extraordinary yet if we do the simple things well, that is extraordinary and the commitment and discipline around this creates great people and organisations. What is it about men that often stops them from talking about their fears, worries, anxiety? Bob has been on a journey understanding what stops men from talking about anxiety. Helping men understand what anxiety is, why it is a major concern and what they can do about it. Learning how to handle it can REVIVE the human spirit that is lost when anxiety strikes. Bob Scott Coaching was formed to provide Consulting & Coaching services to individuals and organisations.

Brian Waterfield

Digital Manufacturing Manager - Jaguar Land Rover
Brian has been a pioneer for XR within industry for over 12 years; changing the landscape of adoption through research and process change. Driving development, innovation and immersive visualisation to build in trust and reliability. Creating an environment that supports automotive products through their development cycle; Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing Service and Sale. Instrumental in connecting, inspiring, and guiding Digital entrepreneurialism, encouraging like-minded people, start-ups and larger firm, towards their digital transformation and XR adoption The digital train is accelerating towards our futures. Do we have a seat on this journey? As cities can we say we have a plan? Technology can enhance lives and inspire creativity. We need to start steering that train. We need to make the digital world fit our needs not letting it run away with our identity.

Dr Rosa Kwok

Research Fellow - UCL Institute of Education
Rosa's mission is to bring evidence-based strategies to the classroom. As a business-minded education professional with over 10 years of rigorous laboratory research training and a strong publication record in peer-reviewed psychology journals, Rosa brings a unique combination of education expertise, client-facing experience, and project management insight to convey evidence-based strategies to policy makers and practitioners. Rosa is a subject matter expert in issues of literacy development in the monolingual and multilingual population. Her current research is focused on the strength profile in children with dyslexia and bilingual pupils. Her extensive background in teaching and passion for educational psychology allows her to excel at conveying complex scientific concepts to audiences of various backgrounds and has led to multiple awards for public speaking, business competition, scientific outreach, and scholarly achievements.

Lorna Collins

Arts Health ECRN Representative and Peer Support Worker NHS Foundation Trust
Lorna is an artist, writer, journalist, researcher, and a peer support worker. After a severe traumatic brain injury, leading to a number of psychiatric illnesses, art revived Lorna’s life. She discusses how we can all be creative and initiate our own everyday revivals. Her current work proceeds under the title: ‘The Butterfly Effect: Art, Creativity and Eating Disorders’. She is interested in researching the effects that the arts and creativity have on the treatment and recovery rates of people who have eating disorders. She has used her own lived experience of recovering from an eating disorder, using the arts, to feed this research. She was a scholar during her PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge University. Her consequent monograph, 'Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics', develops the theory and practice of art therapy, utilising art practice as a pro-active way of thinking that helps us to make sense of our existence.

Louise Campton

Managing Director - Primary Goal Limited
Helping schools to spend their levy payments on a Teachers Apprentice who shall reduce IT downtime, maximise existing equipment and resources to improve Ofsted grades through the effective use of technology placed at the heart of the curriculum “You are not employable” is what Louise was told when she was young. She has managed to turn that statement completely on its head. She will be talking about the barriers to employment. How employers and employees alike can work towards greater vocational opportunities. How can we Revive the employment culture?

Matt Donald

Assistant Principal - Nexus Institute of Creative Arts
Matt explores the current educational system, its strengths, its challenges & its effect on the individual. He draws from his own personal reflection, experience, research & its application to discuss how we need to revive the attitude towards attainment. A person’s grades are only one part of their journey, not the end result.

Omar Sharif

Company Director - Omar Inspires
People in every level of society are struggling, and many are doing so in silence. Being aware, stepping up and speaking out is the first step. Many people ask themselves questions like, how can I move on from this? Why do I not seem to progress in life? Why do I feel the way I feel? People think that it is too late to change things. Omar's mission is helping others to succeed by planting the seed of self belief into their hearts and enabling them to realise their true potential.

Stacey Mason

Director - Creative Optimistic Visions
There are lots of discussions about safety, but what do we mean when we say we ‘feel safe?’. Stacey talks about how, through the protective behaviours process, she came to understand what feeling safe is, and how this helped her on her journey from child sexual exploitation survivor to successful business woman. Creative Optimistic Visions (COV) is an award-winning Community Interest Company that provides alternative education, training, universal youth provision, consultancy and mentoring services through the lens of the Protective Behaviours Process (PBs). Protective Behaviours is a practical down to earth approach relating to feeling safe, equipping people with a skill set to keep themselves feeling safe throughout their life journey. Stacey firmly believes that ‘we all have the right to feel safe’ and ‘we can talk with someone about anything even if it is awful or small’. A practical arm to safeguarding.

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Coventry, United Kingdom
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