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This event occurred on
July 21, 2019
9:00am - 3:00pm +0630
(UTC +6.5hrs)
Yangon, Yangon

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University of Medicine 1, Yangon
No.245, Myoma Kyaung Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Yangon, Yangon, 11131
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University (What is this?)
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Dr. Caroline Hla Hla Aye

National Consultant at WHO Myanmar
Hla Hla Aye is a medical doctor, works currently as a consultant for World Health Organization specializing in Human Resources for Health and Reproductive Mater-nal Child, New born and Adolescent Health program specialist. An active advocate for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, she led the case study on family planning in Myanmar in 2010, a study which was instrumental in influencing the Ministry of Health to have a budget line for Reproductive health and contracep-tives . She was instrumental in influencing people and the Ministry of Health My-anmar to embrace Family Planning program, investing in contraceptives whereby women will have choices of contraceptives, and couples can decide freely when to have children, how many and spacing between each pregnancy. The best thing for her is to see young people understand comprehensive sexuality education, adopts safe sexual and reproductive health practices and growing to their highest poten-tial into adulthood.

Dr. Hla Yee Yee

Physiologist | Physician Educator | Writer “Zeyarthu”
Dr. Hla Yee Yee has been teaching Physiology since June 1969 and has a passion for medical education, innovations in learning/ teaching and assessment. Her love of English and English literature dates back to her schooldays. Publications in the Guardian Daily & Guardian Magazine began in 1962, with songs written for the Burma Broadcasting Service in 1965, her most famous song being “Land We Love” by the singer Win Oo. She has also published articles and poems in the “Medical Tribune”, a publication for doctors in the ASEAN and the Far East. She left for Malaysia in 1995 to teach initially at the Universiti Sains Malaysia and subsequently at the International Malaysia University , Kuala Lumpur where she was involved in curricula development , delivery and quality assurance of Health Professions Education . After returning to Myanmar in 2015, she has been working closely with the authorities in curriculum reform of Myanmar Medical Education.

Dr. Kaung Phyo Wai

Dr. Kaung Phyo Wai is a young doctor who has enormous interest and passion in arts and medicine. He is currently working in cardiac care unit of Victoria Hospital, Yangon. He is an avid reader and has great interest in politics, science, archeology and South East Asian Studies. He is a well-Known public speaker since in his University student life winning Debate tournaments. Since 9 years old, his musical expedition started with a piano and became a well-trained pianist staging on concerts. He was former executive committee member of University of Medicine (1) and took part in many activities as leading role. Having a huge concern for ongoing frictions between medical personnel and general population regarding with misunderstandings in diagnosing the diseases and implementing treatments, he’s finding solutions and sharing ideas for better patient educations to tackle the exploding cases of unsatisfactory among treatment-receiving population.

Dr. Khin Aye

Professor of Myanmar Literature
Sayargyi Professor U Khin Aye (Maung Khin Min Danuphyu) is a well-known author and an academic. He had served many years as a Professor of Myanmar Literature and has contributed greatly to the field. He had won many awards for his articles and has published more than 100 books since 1957. His research papers has been read in Myanmar research symposiums as well as at international conferences as well. In recent days, after his retirement, he is still active in Myanmar language doctoral training, Ministry of Religion and Culture, and in external organizations concerned with language and literacy.

Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun

Founder & executive director, Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun founded Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences as the first step of his journey to establish a not-for-profit liberal arts and sciences university in Myanmar. Educated at Bard College at Simon’s Rock (USA), Oxford University (UK) and Yale University (USA), Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun believes that education at all levels is a universal right, rather than a privilege. He is committed to create and share high quality education opportunities available and accessible to Myanmar youth. This commitment forms the basis of his journey towards rebuilding Myanmar through a transformative education.

Dr. Kyi Kyi Thinn

Microbiologist | Teacher
An Emeritus Professor at the University of Medicine 1, Yangon, Professor Kyi Kyi Thinn served for 35 years in the teaching faculty of the University of Medicine including 16 years as Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology. From 1987 till 1990, she was at the Tuberculosis and Infectious Diseases Unit, Hammersmith Hospital, London, doing research on Tuberculosis and Cytokines and in 1990 she was awarded the PhD degree by the University of London. After retirement in 2013 at the age of 62 years, she continued working as Head of International Relations Department at the University of Medicine 1, Yangon for 3 years and in 2016, was appointed Secretary of the Myanmar Medical Council (MMC). She is also the Joint Secretary of the Myanmar Academy of Medical Science and a member of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG). She believes in the timeless values of professionalism, morals and ethics and harmony among mankind regardless of race, religion or creed.

Dr. Zaw Wai Soe

Surgeon | Rector, University of Medicine 1, Yangon
Dr. Zaw Wai Soe graduated with M.B.,B.S from University of Medicine 2, Yangon in 1986. He continued his training in Myanmar and UK. After coming back from UK since 2000, he worked in Orthropaedic Department of Yangon General Hospital and Yangon Orthopedic Hospital. He currently serves as the Rector of University of Medicine 1,Yangon. He is perhaps one of the most renowned orthopedic surgeons in Myanmar and one of the key founders of Spine Surgery and Emergency Medicine in Myanmar. He is leading Rector’s Committee of Myanmar Universities. He is highly passionate about the future of Education in Myanmar and is leading on policy reform projects of Higher education.

Kaung Htet Zan

Medical Student | Photographer
Kaung Htet Zan is a house officer who is currently taking his internship training at University of Medicine (1) Yangon. He started self-learning photography during his medical student life as a stress release hobby. As time goes on photography becomes part of his life. He enjoy taking photos of human, nature , sports and candid moments. He believe that one day every photos will tell some kind of history to people about how the past was and how they lived.

Khoon Kyi Cin

Medical Student
Khoon Kyi Cin is an eighteen years old 1st M.B.B.S student of University of Medicine(1),Yangon. She loves to spend her free time on writing, especially essays and fictions, and has won a number of prizes in school composition competitions. Since there are a lot of discriminations in everyday life, it always makes her ponder the question, “why do we need to be the same and act the same as others to avoid being an outcast?” In our society, homogeneity is always prized over diversity but she believes the thing that needs to be changed is our perception and that we should acknowledge the existence and choices of every individual.

Kyaw Thu Htet

Founder, Myanmar Innovative Life Sciences
With education backgrounds of Information Technology and Biotechnology in Singapore, Kyaw Thu Htet returned to Myanmar and founded MILS as a sustainable animal health company to manufacture probiotics to reduce the use of antibiotic in livestock industry. Today, he is leading MILS with a bigger vision of making the agri-food chain safer and more sustainable with innovative products and services. At TEDxUM1, he will talk about shaping Myanmar to become a food production powerhouse to feed the growing population in the region.

Min Thu Aung

Head of Business Sustainability & Special Projects, Telenor Myanmar
Min Thu Aung leads the Business Sustainability and Special Projects team at Telenor in Myanmar. Since 2016, he has been leading a programme that has educated over 300,000 youth in Myanmar in being responsible digital citizens on social media, with a focus on tackling the pervasive issue of hate speech. Prior to this, Min led a microfinance institution in Myanmar focusing on financial inclusion, and was a management consultant in the UK before his return to Myanmar in 2013. As a son of two expatriate Myanmar doctors, he was educated in the culturally diverse environments of Malaysia and the UK, where he personally witnessed how diversity can drive sustainable socioeconomic growth and social harmony. He believes that empowering future generations of Myanmar’s youth to appreciate diversity as responsible digital citizens and refrain from hate speech on Myanmar’s social media platforms will aid Myanmar in its ongoing reintegration into the global community after decades of isolation.

Myat Thu Kyaw

Medical Student
Myat Thu Kyaw is a first year medical student, studying at Thahtone Campus, UM1. He found passion and joy in watching movies, since he was a young age. At 14, he starts viewing them as “conversation medium”, between the audience and the artist. In this talk, he will discuss about the “new wave” in current Myanmar film industry, what could be expected in the near future and why we should embrace the change.

Nyan Kyal Say

Animation artist, Co-founder and production director of Pencell Animation Studio
Animation artist, Co-founder and production director of Pencell Animation Studio Nyan Kyal Say is the co-founder and production director of Pencell Animation Studio. He started learning and practicing animation since he was 10 years old. In 2015, he was introduced to the public with his debut award-winning short animated film “I Wanna Go to School”. In 2016, he made another short-animated film, “My Life I Don’t Want”, which won 39 awards and over 140 official selections from international film festivals, that is the national record. The film was screened together with Oscar winning and nominated films around the world. Currently, while he is producing more animated shorts together with Pencell Animation Studio, he is also trying to produce animated features and series.

Pascal Khoo Thwe

Pascal Khoo Thwe is a Myanmar author from the minority Padaung people, known for his autobiographic writings about growing up in Burma under military rule. His book, From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey, was awarded the Kiriyama Prize. he was born in Pekon, Shan State, Myanmar. He is the eldest of six sons and five daughters. His father died in 1996 in Thailand. By a chance encounter with Dr. John Casey, a Cambridge don, Khoo Thwe was rescued from the jungles of Burma where he and other student refugees were fighting Burmese soldiers for independence. In 1991, Khoo Thwe enrolled in Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge where he received his BA in English literature in 1995. Khoo Thwe's autobiographical book "From the Land of Green Ghosts" was published by Harper-Collins in 2002. He currently resides in London.

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