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Theme: Disconnected--in a world with so many connections!

This event occurred on
September 27, 2019
Orlando, Florida
United States

It's amazing how technology and science has created major advancements in medicine, education, job training, knowledge of the earth and so much more. We are able to communicate with people across the world as if they were right in our living rooms sitting next to us.
We can perform medical procedures with robots without ever touching the patient. We can even be driven by a car without a driver.
But, for some reason we appear to be even more disconnected as human beings than ever before. True social interaction has been replaced by social media and screen time. We are disconnected from our family, disconnected from love, kindness, and true human connections. So I ask you--why are we more disconnected in a world that has created fosters phenomenal catalysts of connections? At TEDxBoggyCreek, we will hear the perspectives, ideas and knowledge of some brilliant minds and how they view this connected world.

GuideWell Innovation Cente
6555 Sanger Rd
Orlando, Florida, 32827
United States
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Craig Gundry

Security Consultant, PSP, cATO
Craig Gundry is the Vice President of Special Projects for Critical Intervention Services. As a consultant specialized in managing risks of targeted violence, he has assisted organizations around the world in developing protective strategies against acts of terrorism and mass homicide. After a life-long career studying the psychology of mass killers, he sees a valuable opportunity to learn from the pathology and behavior of targeted violence as a means toward understanding ourselves and universal characteristics of human psychology which obstruct the experience of love and inner freedom.

Dr. Kari Whaley

Professor and International Speaker
Dr. Kari Whaley is an international speaker and researcher. Her research on supervision has been published in the journal, Studies in Higher Education, and she is a regular contributor to articles and publications on leadership. She is a Course Director in Personal Development and Leadership at Full Sail University and former President/CEO of the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce. She has developed a strong background in community leadership through roles with the Osceola County Historical Society, the School District of Osceola County, Valencia College, and the Peace and Justice Institute where she demonstrated proven skills in strategically planning and providing programming to meet expectations of our growing and richly diverse residents and visitors. Kari holds a bachelor's degree from Florida State University and a master's degree from Columbia University in the City of New York and a doctorate from the University of Central Florida. She lives in Central Florida with her son

Dr. Maxine Ruddock

Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Director
Dr Maxine Ruddock is a clinical Psychologist who has been successfully coaching and counseling people for many years. She is also the clinical director at Comprehensive Psychological and Assessment Services where she manages the development of the mental health programs, provides consultation to upper level clinicians regarding especially challenging clinical cases and trains Masters and Doctorate level students. Dr Ruddock is passionate about helping people identify and live their created purpose and utilizes proven strategies for helping them to do so. She is especially passionate about working with women and specializes in women’s issues. disabilities.

Eric Beck

Founder, Total Integration, LLC
Total Integration, LLC is all about liberating and empowering entrepreneurs so they can enjoy doing business, “wow” their customers and better serve their families and communities. We love entrepreneurs and small businesses. In fact we believe small business is the key to national and global prosperity. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we think it’s a shame that small business owners don’t have better tools to build and run their businesses. For businesses to succeed, the only proper category for our team members should be owners. Ownership Thinking is the key to productivity, personal respect, ongoing growth, innovation, and long term profitability. We all know this to be true at a deep level, but due to the social systems and business structures we’ve inherited that perpetuate the division between “labor” and “management” success is all the harder to reach.

Randy Haveson

Author, Speaker, Behavioral Strategist
Randy Haveson is a warrior. He has been expelled from college twice, but today has a Master’s degree. He was a drug addict and alcoholic close to death, but today has over 35 years of sobriety. He has worked on four college campuses, owned his own business, was a therapist in private practice and today is an author, speaker, trainer, life coach, father, husband, and former drummer in a rock band. He speaks truth. His honest and down to earth approach (sprinkled with loads of humor) is proof that any obstacle can be cleared if you believe in yourself and ask for help along the way.

Rania Arwani

Managing Attorney of Arwani Law Firm, PLLC
Mother, wife, family law attorney, business owner, woman rights advocate and philanthropist are one of the few hats that Rania Arwani wears on a daily basis. Her goal is to create a stress-free environment and offer families facing complex legal issues the tools to help them reach a resolution in peace. On a bigger scale, her mission is to make a difference in the fight against domestic violence. She is driven by this mission in all aspects of her life and seeks to inspire others to do the same. Her goal is to educate women in abusive relationship to identify the signs of abuse, and motivate them to speak-up, not only for themselves but also for their children.

Shira Miller

Chief Communications Officer, Author
Shira Miller is passionate about helping people get unstuck and claim their full potential. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), she currently serves as the Chief Communications Officer of a $2 billion corporation. She regularly contributes articles on well-being to Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s online community that helps people unlock their greatest potential. She is also currently working on a book project called Claim It: 43 Ways to Get Unstuck and Unleash Your Inner Rockstar. Her personal transformations include maintaining a 50-pound weight loss for over 25 years; transitioning from financial upheaval to prosperity; overcoming health challenges and embracing wellness; finding lasting love post-divorce; and blending a corporate career with a purpose-driven life. Shira’s story and opinions have been recognized in Shape, Health, First for Women, Quick & Simple, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution, Emory Magazine and bestselling business book The Power of Nice.

Stanley Meytin

Chief Storyteller
I am a serial storyteller. I strive to outperform myself every day and bring something extraordinary to the world! I am a creator, a builder, and a producer. I get a kick out of seeing ideas come together, even when they are not my own. Everyone has ideas, but they're nothing without execution. That's where I come in. It's in my blood; I was born that way. My life is about discovering, communicating and executing. My gift is understanding the needs of people, companies, brands, and products. My virtue is developing concepts that excite, engage and connect customers with companies. Since the day I turned a profit in the schoolyard selling candy, I have been an inspired entrepreneur. Business is a way of life, but it does not rule my life. I want to build something that people get excited about, that inspires and motivates. I am driven by the customer experience and won't stop working until their experience is flawless. My wife thinks I'm crazy and says I'll never stop working.

Stefan Gilliam

Principal Consultant
Stefan Gilliam is principal consultant at Aeonian Ovia and President at Black Business Orlando. He’s spent the last 15+ years working to ensure businesses reach their highest level of success, but ultimately, he wants to help people change the world for the better. It’s this passion, that drives him in consulting, branding, and marketing. Through his company Aeonian Ovia, he helps provide organizations the blueprint to obtain the visibility, profitability, and support they need to make a difference for good

Yolonda Tyler

Play Specialist
Yolonda Tyler is a Florida transplant moved from Syracuse, New York to attend Bethune Cookman University located in Daytona Beach, Fl. There, Yolonda earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2000. After graduating from college, Yolonda began her career as a Health Educator working for Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando. She then continued her career in non-profit community work by becoming a Counselor at PACE Center for Girls in Orlando, FL. In 2009 Yolonda left the workforce as an employee to become an entrepreneur by opening Amaya Papaya Playlounge, a play space for children 0-5 years old. Through her business Yolonda has created a pre-school preparation program, play and support groups for parents and an enrichment program for toddlers. Now, as a business owner serving both children and their families in the Central Florida area for over 19 years, Yolonda loves getting to be her own boss and serving her community.

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