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Theme: Educate

This event occurred on
May 23, 2019
breda, Noord-Brabant

Event will be held at the chapel of AKV St Joost.

Beukenlaan 1
breda, Noord-Brabant, 4834CR
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Esmee Buijze

student and founder/ owner Publisher YOUNG
Esmee Buijze is a twenty-one-year-old student. She is an entrepreneur with a huge determination. At eighteen-years-old she had her first book published, but she still saw flaws and decided that she could do it better, so she did. Her biggest hobby is writing and closely following that she adores reading.

Iris van der Meule

Digital Artist
Iris van der Meule is a digital artist based in the Netherlands. With a background in animation she started developing interactive virtual reality (VR) experiences. As VR is a new storytelling medium, Iris is eager to research how we can use this medium creatively. With her fascination for socially relevant topics Iris creates poetic VR experiences that evoke emotion and raise awareness for the topics she addresses. Iris is a true VR pioneer when it comes to using VR as an art form and sees the potential of the medium for creatives like her to bring storytelling and art to a new level.

Jorus Rompa

Pedagogue and Co-Owner Stronk
Jorus Rompa is a Dutch pedagogue from Dongen. He is combining his passion for humans with the playground of life. But he is not alone. Together with his dear friend and colleague Mark Jonkers (engineer, mechanic and artist) they set up an independent workspace where youngsters are allowed to work on real assignments for companies but also on there personal development. It doesn’t mind if you are a drop-out from school or a creative guy who wants to get to know more about differrent materials. Stronk’ makes beautiful things with beautiful people behind the bounderies of the killing bureaucracy of the Youthcare in Holland.

Lars van Kuppeveld

Graphic Designer
Lars van Kuppeveld is a Dutch graphic designer based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. His varied portfolio can be described as multi-disciplinary and he often tries to evoke emotions and discussions with his work. Often inspired by his passions such as science fiction films and football, his work is thoughtful and has more depth to it than first meets the eye.

Samantha Matheijsen

Maintenance Engineer
Performing as a Maintenance Engineer at an Industrial plant, ensuring safety and reliability of assets, all while thriving for optimal costs; Samantha Matheijsen abides by the World Class Manufacturing strategy. Establishing a preventative maintenance plan, analyzing technical breakdowns, and creating standard procedures, all aiming to benefit the plant’s output, prevent future breakdowns and monitor KPI’s. – It’s all within her daily responsibilities.

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Breda, Netherlands