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This event occurred on
July 13, 2019
10:00am - 6:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Changanacherry, Kerala

TEDxKCMT is a program which is a local, self-organised event that brings people together to share a TED-like experience with a combination of live speakers and TED talks video, to spark inquisitiveness and inspiration within each mind. We aspire to provide platforms to noteworthy persons to share their experiences of conquering each CHECKS in their life's.
Our CHECKMATE refers to the "SO-CALLED" ultimate end in each one of our life's.
The purpose of choosing this theme is to help people who are in the end game and are looking for a way out. The game doesn't necessarily have to end when the opponent calls a 'check', instead, take it as a second chance at life to the King and strike back to 'CONQUER'.

Kristu Jyoti Group Auditorium
Kurisummoodu, Chethipuzha, Chethipuzha Kadavu, Changanassery, Kerala 686104
Changanacherry, Kerala, 686104
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Akhil Reghu

Robot Collector, Traveller
Akhil Reghu a resource person delivering technological contents to schools, colleges and various other institutions within the country. His passion for teaching and travelling along with his hobby of collecting robots/other technological items makes him an inevitable factor. His concepts like "Travel with Robot " and "Joy of Flying" has reached out to a wide pool of audience by now. He is about to launch his dream project "ROBO CAR", a car filled with robots, drones, and other items driving straight to the heart of students in rural areas of the country as a mission to re-educate. His main motive behind these ventures is to travel far and wide with his concept; he began with a 3D printed Buddha and is now in a stage of modification of robots.

Dr. Jimmy Mathew

Co-founder,Info-clinic; Plastic Reconstructive Micro-surgeon; Professor
Dr. Jimmy is a well known Plastic and Reconstructive Micro-surgeon and a professor at Amrita Institute of Medical Science. He is one of the founder member of INFO-CLINIC. INFO-CLINIC is a popular social media platform operated by a group of writer-doctors dedicated to provide evidence based health information to the public in a palatable form. Their initiative is to CHECKMATE the misconceptions, unscientific information and superstitions belief's on vaccines,health and other fake remedies prevailing in our society. They are so dedicated to the work that they do ,that even to prove the vaccines are not harmful, they first inject it on themselves and show it to the public. Due to this they have been able to help the society to understand about various medical related information's much easier.

Jaiden John Bose

Student; Artificial Intelligence Developer & Researcher
Jaiden John Bose also popularly known as the 'whiz boy' is a young man though not far in his years has proved that age isn't a barrier for not doing something you are passionate about. His advanced knowledge of Artificial intelligence and software development has brought change in the society. Currently, he is working in a research project Ai-enabled cancer detection, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This software would help the early detection of cancer in rural areas where treatment is not easily accessible. He is also working with Kerala Police Cyber dome for implementing various Machine Learning projects.

Jithin Shah

Jithin Shah’s soul is one of inspiration. He is much passionate about open-source and free software development. He is a hacker who has been coding right from his schooling days. He has been an active contributer to the regional community Mozilla, Kerala. Shah is the founder of INOVUS LABS and is the mentor to the many dreamers of Kerala.

Krishnalal G

Restaurateur; Professor
Krishna Lal, a professor as well as a restaurateur who created a change in the food industry by not adding any kind of preservatives and establishes a good relationship with his customers. He has proved that one can do business without any malpractices and still gain profit by understanding the customer’s preferences and through that, earning satisfaction. The price compliments the quality and quantity that diners would expect.

Neethu Naduvethattu

Playback Singer; Social worker; Business Analyst
Neethu is an Indian Film Singer, who is working predominantly in the Malayalam movie industry. She is a dreamer who is constantly on the run to find something new and greatly involves in social works especially with less privileged children "THE DREAMPAD" was a small thought that became a dream and then a reality for her. Through this, they note down the dreams of these kids no matter how big or small and post them on the social media platform, "THE DREAMPAD". Those who can and want to make these dreams come true can get in touch with them, under one condition that they have to actually spend at least an hour with the child so to make them feel that it’s a token of love and not just another donation.

Rijul Arora

Change maker; student
Rijul Arora is a vibrant young man who is an intern in the World Bank and as a part of Pwc worked for a grant of 20million dollars for helping with the sustainable development and through this reduce the amount of carbon dioxide by 35% by 2030. He is a person who also has found a better way of using social media in this current generation and hopes to help people with this. He sees his life journey defined through the concept called Ikigai which means "Reason for Being” and help people to better themselves and bring a positive change in the society.

Shailesh Modak

Modern agriculturist
Shailesh Modak is the founder of India's First Vertical Hydroponic container farm, soilless, urban farming in Pune. Their strength and expertise lie in delivering full turnkey solutions to the Agriculture enterprise, Industries and individuals. Their training module helps to understand modern technology and its application in growing plants, with emphasis on hydroponic production with live demo and consultancy services provide on and off-field consultancy to commercials, corporate and individuals. 365DFarms quality hydroponic products aim to grow healthy, fresh and clean food throughout the year and IOT automation services help soil and soil-less growers to manage and control fresh food on the go

Organizing team

Johna Aswin

Changanacherry, India

Anna Lalan

kerala, India
  • Abhishek Varkey Abraham
  • Abin kurian
  • Ajai Thomas Cheriyan
  • Angel Benny
  • Anitta John
  • Jacob C Mathew
  • Jaike Jacob Binoy
  • Jibin Varghese
  • Jinu Mary Jose
  • Kathleen George
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  • Nevin S Behanan
  • Rachel Mathew John
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