x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Global minded

This event occurred on
June 29, 2019
10:00am - 6:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Sofia, Sofia-Grad

Welcome to the first and debut edition of TEDxUNWE.

DATE: 29.06.2019
PLACE: UNWE, Aula Maxima
HOUR: 10: 00-18: 00h.
PRICE: 10lv until 01.05.2019 and 20lv thereafter.

The event will focus on globalization, how it influences man as a unit, and how man influences the world. What processes are taking place in the inner world of a person, how these processes are influenced by external factors and how humanity grows with each subsequent year.

Lecturers at the event will be very diverse and interesting personalities from many different spheres that have amazing, inspirational and educational ideas for sharing.

University of National and World Economy
Aula Maksima, 1st floor
Sofia, Sofia-Grad, 1700
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Ashod Derandonyan

CEO of Listen Up
Ashod Derandonyan, Listen Up CEO. Listening creates an environment for full inclusion of deaf people through effective policies for the accessible environment and quality education. Our main objective is to demonstrate the need to inform Bulgarian society about the challenges facing the deaf and poor people in Bulgaria. Ashod is part of the hearing-impaired community, but it does not stop him from completing the American University and developing successfully in social entrepreneurship.

Blazhka Dimitrova

Founder of "Zero waste"
Blazhka Dimitrova defines herself as positive, believing in positive change and working for her daily. What inspires her most is communicating with people. Likes to cook and work with young people. He is proud to be able to turn his hobby into a business - the kitchen of Blagichka - the first zero-waste facility in Bulgaria where he recruits young people in a disadvantaged position. At the same time, he is working hard to disseminate the philosophy of life with zero waste, together with "Zhule Waste Bulgaria", conducting training in companies, organizations, and schools.ark.

Christian Zhelev

University teacher
Christian Zhelev is a proud holder of a Ph.D. in World Economy and International Business Management (MME). Lecturer in Marketing, International Marketing, and Corporate Governance. Participant in international projects in the field of marketing, management, and education. INKAMS, Digital Humanist, INNOTAl are part of the initiatives in which he endeavors to disseminate knowledge. As an experienced businessman, he defends the thesis of "the human face of business". His passion, however, is teaching. His favorite language school "Assen Zlatarov" Haskovo / FLS "Assen Zlatarov" Haskovo and UNWE influenced his choice of profession. He says there is nothing more valuable than seeing the audience "flickering" on what the speaker is talking about, and that is the meaning of teaching - to give knowledge on.

Georgi Hristulev

Sales Coach
Georgi Hristulev is a Sales Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Mediator. Director of the Web Direct Digital Agency, and at the same time combining the function of a partner in accounting company QBS and manager of Agency for Law and Finance Ltd. Believes that there are three things that work for him and they are: 1. practice, 2 practice, 3 practice. Dreams come true with action, not words. "Doing what I can, to happen what I want" is the motto that motivates him and accompanied in his professional career over the years

Jasen Jordanov

Expert in the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence
In 2011 Jasen Jordanov graduated from the Electronic Systems Teaching School in Sofia. In 2015 he defended a bachelor's degree at the Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Automation, specialty "Robotics", with a diploma thesis entitled "Humanoid Robot Managed with QR Codes". In 2017 he defended his master's degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, as well as at the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies in TU-Sofia, with a diploma thesis entitled "Management of a Hoodman with Thought". At present, he is a Ph.D. student of the "Artificial Intelligence Systems" doctorate, as well as an expert in the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems in Sofia Tech Park.

Lora Arnaudova

NLP Coach
Lora Arnaoudova, Certified NLP Coach, NLP from Dr. Richard Bandler Associate Professor, MA in Economics and MA in Business Administration. She started her career with management and marketing. In 2008, she moved to NLP and Coaching. In her job, she uses more tools from Gestalt, Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, and others. She is the founder of NLP Bulgaria - an institute specialized in coaching, training, and publishing. Leaders in NLP, Coaching, Managing Changes in Corporate Reorganization, etc.

Ogniyan Trayanov

CEO of TechnoLogica
Ognian Trayanov is the founder and owner of TechnoLogica. He is from Sofiya, graduated from Master's degree in engineering, block B and block C - engineer in Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the Technical University of Sofia. He has gained experience as a researcher at the Interprogram Institute in the Field of Artificial Intelligence. He has attended numerous technical and management training courses for IBM and Oracle Corporation. President of the Bulgarian UN Global Compact Network. Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). Ognyan Trayanov is the first winner of the "Contribution to the Development of Information and Communication Technologies" award in the competition "Mr. Economics 2012" and is the finalist of the "Manager of the Year 2014" competition. Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines in Bulgaria.

Petar Proykov

University Recruitment Manager at Teach For Bulgaria
Experienced Recruitment Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Negotiation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Planning, and Analytical Skills. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in International Economic Relations from the University of Economics - Varna

Radoslav and Mariya Social Teahouse

Social interns
Radoslav Atanasov and Maria Atanasova are mentors in the mentoring program of the Social Tea in Varna. In Tea, young people who grew up in institutions without parental care and mentor support began their first job. Rado is an active visionary, MBA graduated a progressively thinking man with a growth mindset. He's taken on social initiatives because he truly believes that change begins with us. He likes the challenges in every aspect and believes in the good of people by presumption. Maria is a future midwife, a socially committed young person who has a relationship with the issues of young people and not only. She believes that each of us has a lot to contribute to a better environment and dreams more people to realize this role in society

Rumen Draganov

Assos. Professor
Assoc. Dr. Eng. Rumen Draganov is a member of the Control Board of the National Tourism Board Association. His biography began in Sunny Beach in the distant 1969 as a piccolo. Over the years, he has managed to climb leadership positions in many different businesses around the world. Rumen Draganov has also held leading positions in the Ministry of Tourism (Chairman of the Tourism Committee at the Council of Ministers and Deputy Minister of Trade and Tourism) as well as many other leading positions in various clubs, agencies, and associations and publishing companies. Currently, he is a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Tourism Board (2006), associate professor in the Department "information environment for tourism, art and culture" - UNIBIT (2006) and lecturer in International Higher Business School (2004). He is Director of the Institute for Tourism Analysis and Assessments (2006) and President of the Council of the directors of Grand Hotel Pomorie (2007)

Svetoslav Dimitrov

Svetoslav Dimitrov is a very interesting, varied and specific personality - a free-lancer, copywriter, blogger, traveler, skillful chef, and adventurer. A versatile personality who will tell us our travels to distant Asia and convey the magic of being a "Citizen of the World". He has more than 10 years experience in the trip, more than 7 in being a freelancer and more than 5 in cooking all sorts of exotic dishes.

Tunio Zafer

CEO of pCloud
Tunio Zafer, CEO of pCloud, a company that develops and offers a cloud storage platform. Mr. Zaffer has extensive managerial and marketing experience for 15 years in the field of technology. He has participated in a number of successful business projects such as MTelekom, Host.bg, Grabo.bg, Mobile Innovations JSC and others. In almost all of his projects, Tunio has been involved from the very beginning, from the conceptual and conceptual stages. With diligent and constant work, he goes through the whole product development process. As a leader and manager of the company, Tunio sets plans for pCloud as much more ambitious and focuses on innovation in areas such as security and cost-effectiveness for end users.

Vladislav Vladimirov

Young entrepreneur
Vladislav is only 22 years old. He graduated from the IT school in his hometown Pravets and is currently enrolling in the National Technical University Sofia. In parallel, he developed his first business.

Zornitsa Yordanova

Ph.D. teacher in UNWE
Zornitsa Yordanova is a proud holder of Ph.D. PMP (Project Management, Innovation Management), a UNWE lecturer and author of "The business innovation book". Young, innovative, active and very ambitious with participation in dozens of international conferences and events.

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