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This event occurred on
March 26, 2019
5:00pm - 9:00pm +03
(UTC +3hrs)
Istanbul, İstanbul

There are various challenges facing our youth nowadays in their societies. However, there is always hope that empowers us to survive. Speakers revolved their topics either scientific, social, psychological, or cultural to inspire the audience with knew knowledge and hope.

T. C Bahcelievler Municipality Cultural center Cemil Meriç
Çobançeşme Mahallesi, Sanayi Cd. No:48, 34530 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, İstanbul, 34530
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ammar Sherief

Grade 11 Student
We’ve reached a stage in technology where we can literally take a rock, flatten it out, add lighting and voila, and end up with a fully functional human assistant. We greatly underrate these machines but claim that we have a good reason to do so. The problem is that no one really knows what goes on behind the scenes and how their brains function.

Farah Abdulnasser

This is Farah Abdulnasser, a human who happened to lose a parent at the age of 12 and never learned what empathy is like until she did. Listen to her speech titled "It can be you" in which she tells her story garnished with tips on what,how, and why empathy is important.

Heba Azmy

Grade 9 student
Experts underestimate themselves while ordinary people over estimate themselves. This phenomena is called illusory superiority and is the key for our youngest speakers' speech, Heba Azmy, who take on the world of psychology after getting frustrated by classmates.

Jana Batiya

Senior Student
Admitting that you are wrong is to sallow the pill of pride. Doing such a thing takes courage with people's ego getting in the way, it seems difficult but not impossible. This is Jana Batiya, a senior student.

Lama Al Rifai

Grade 9 Student
Have you ever had those reoccurring moments where you feel depressed, and you think back to what drove you there in the first place. I say reoccurring, because it becomes a bad habit that sometimes can be hard to recover from. Such a habit can drag you down the ladder of negativity. You may not be the same for a while. This is Lama Al Rifai sharing with us the journey to recovery

Malak ElSheikh

Senior Student
Malak El Sheikh believes that if you put your minds towards something you could easily achieve it and that the only obstacle that sounds in front of you is your own self. Stop worrying about the past, don't think about the future, and live the present, for that, she decided to participate in TEDxsafirschool.

Menna Murad

Senior Student
“Our world imprisons us in a cage of shame and embarrassment, just for suffering from an illness, but personally, an illness is a long journey on a route in solitude of struggles & success, fueled by blurred vision , and vanishing dreams” This is Menna Mourad, a senior student, who had passed through a similar experience.

Mustafa Mohamed

Senior Student
My name is Mustafa Mohamed and I am currently in my senior year of high school. My “bio” would literally translate into my “life” and I know this because I am obsessed with “biology” or the study of life. I believe that the things we least expect to amaze us can sometimes INSPRIRE us. Why can science seem overwhelming sometimes though? Perhaps we just need to change what happens inside the science classroom!

Sarah Shamsipasha

Senior Student
As a person who had experienced and witnessed the harsh realities of war, immigration, and life putting you down. Problems have come my way in every direction, they have not only changed my views on the world but the way in which I deal with those issues. One thing I had realized is that with dedication and hard work, nothing can be powerful enough to destroy your success. The secret of problem solving, is no more a secret.

Shahrad Azeri

Grade 11 student
Coming from multicultural origin,Shahrad has found a way to be passionate about languages. With language, it is not only the words we speak, but the ideas we express. What I realized is that languages, the words, the phrases, the culture, the diversity in expression, have not only shaped my thoughts but built my understanding. İf language can shape my thoughts, it can shape the world.

Sumaia Al-Talafha

Grade 11 Student
If Jennifer Lawrence and Obama had a baby, that wouldn’t be me, how dare you assume that?! One thing I have learnt is to never judge too fast, because you never know what type of reality exists in people’s lives. Also, judgment is never okay, how typical of us to be so quick to generalize. Wow, I wrote something decently inspirational. This is Sumaia Al Talafha who moved between different countries and realized that stereotyping should be addressed.

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Istanbul, Turkey