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Theme: First Steps

This event occurred on
January 25, 2020
madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

The idea of this TEDx lies in the first steps that are presented in any stage or situation of a person's life and career. The aim of this event is to analyse and to teach the importance that the first steps have on our future.

The first experiences of a person mark his response to future situations in his life, from the rejection to new things to an excessive willingness to changes. His influence is such that is capable of provoking fear, shame, rejection … of a person facing new situations to creating the famous (zone of comfort - comfort zone), stopping this way, the personal growth. Although it is true that we cannot forget that those successful steps have a great power on the self-esteem and happiness of any person.

According to the above, First Steps last aim is to teach the audience to value and learn from each daily decision and to visualize the future with an open mind in the face of new experiences, change, adrenaline, adventures ... Understanding success or failure as a result of a set of steps and that our way of being, personality and response to the environment is a result of a whole phase of personal growth. We want our audience to take every step of their life aware that they are doing it, thinking and reflecting on how it affects their final goal, but more importantly, how it affects their way of being and seeing the reality that surrounds them.

This is how First Steps, highlight the vital importance of all our first moments, seeking to transmit and influence the learning process and motivation of the public, remarking their attitude towards the idea of creating, exploring, building and venturing ... when learning, from the speakers present, the value of each beginning of our life. We know how Steve Jobs built his future little by little, but not how they were the first 60 days thinking about and working on what was going to be his project.

In summary, it is necessary to know the relevance and the scope of influence that the first experiences of any person have on their future, as well as their response and reaction to new things; promoting the innovation and avoiding fear when leaving the comfort zone.

kinepolis Ciudad de la Imagen
madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, 28224
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Alba Tobella

Alba Tobella is a journalist who has traveled and lived in five countries in the last seven years. From the mountains of Italy, through the Mexican beaches and down the continent to Colombia and Uruguay. Alba comes to TEDx to convey the idea that no matter how much you move, it is impossible to start from scratch, and why it is better to know what you have in your backpack than to try change it every time you feel that you Life is missing something.

Carlos Silveira

Director of the Theater Research Center "La Manada"
Actor, theater director, playwright and interpretation teacher; Graduated from the Royal Superior School of Dramatic Art and Master in Emotional Intelligence from the Santa Ana University Center, attached to the University of Extremadura. Carlos is currently Director of the Theater Research Center "La Manada". He has spent more than ten years teaching in new actors and actresses and investigating the theatrical event and its pedagogy. Carlos will immerse us in the world of theater and tell us about the impact that it can have on the life of a person.

Esperanza Vera

President of NGO "Bokatas"
Espe is a very passionate girl with a strong social vocation. She works in a consultancy for the Third Sector trying to maximize the social impact of companies and NGOs. For several years, he has been a volunteer at the Bokatas Association, accompanying and helping homeless people in street situations.

Ignacio Dean

Environmental Activist
"What cost me the most was to take the first step." Adventurer and writer, he was the first person to walk around the world and join the five contingent swimmers. With more than 33,000 kilometers on his feet and a backpack full of experiences, he arrives at TEDx to reveal how it all started "do you want to discover it?

Jose Antonio Ondiviela

Government Industry Solutions Director
Jose Antonio Ondiviela works designing Smart cities for Microsoft Spain. Jose Antonio comes to TEDx to help us demystify the stigmata that circulate through our minds about techonologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. If you want to reflect on where there the world and is and where it is going, you can not miss it!

Juan Zafra

Director of TELOS magazine
"You have to wake up to know that we cannot depend on the education system" Former advisor in the Ministry of Communication in the Presidency of Spain, Director of TELOS magazine and University Professor. With an impressive CV Juan comes to TEDxURJC to tell us how was the beginning of his journey and how he tries to look for the daily utopia.

Juan Antonio Mondragon

Consultor in Sustainability & Biomimicry
"We must change to improve our world. Ensure that there is a home for future generations." Activist, researcher and consultant in Sustainability and Biomicry, Founder and President of the Agency for Environmental Development Action PLaneta has found his life mission in the search for preservation, balance and balance with the environment.

Julián Fernandez

Young Engineer
"Since childhood I looked at the sky dreaming of being an astronaut" Julián Fernández is a 16 year old boy who has created an association non-profit and has created a small satellite to be launched into space from a base in New Zealand. Julian will talk about the democratization of space and how not only the elites are the only ones with access to the most innovative scientific advances.

Leandro Fernandez Macho

Director and Founder of Neurozone
"And if stress were your ally?" Leandro is a Professor of managerial skills and Director and Founder of Neurozona, a pioneer space in Spain, stress reduction and comprehensive brain training. In this edition of TedxURJC he tells us how we can reultilize stress in our favor and how we can begin to take the first step to have more positive results in our day to day.

Organizing team

  • Carla Martín Franchy
  • Fabio Almada