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Theme: On Second Thought

This event occurred on
January 18, 2020
9:00am - 5:30pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Annapolis, Maryland
United States

One of the unique characteristics of the St. John’s College curriculum lies in its ability to transform the outlook of Johnnies. During the first mathematics tutorial, when we question what a point is, we challenge our preconceived notions about a point. With every text we translate, we find a new way of expressing our thoughts. With each experiment and symphony we study, we encounter an idea worth spreading.
Our goal as Johnnies isn’t to just witness the change of society as transcribed in the Great Books, but to change with every writer and story which with we engage. It’s these ideas and changes that are responsible for not only the students we become, but the people we leave the College as. We stand out in a crowd because of our ability to say “on second thought…”
Our alumni, tutor, and student speakers, through talks which follow the “On Second Thought” theme, will share with the audience second thoughts that have either impacted their life, or the world.

St. John's College
60 College Avenue
St.Johns College
Annapolis, Maryland, 21401
United States
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Anika Prather

Dr. Anika Prather is an alumn of St. John's College, Graduate Institute. She has been an educator for over 20 years and her special focus is engaging African American students in reading the classics while connecting them to the literature of the African American experience.

Chris Liu

Chris Liu is a sophomore at St. John's College. She has ambitions to be a standup comedian if becoming a majestic philosopher proves impossible. She enjoys solving logic and math puzzles. She also likes to relate uncommon topics to philosophy. For example, she often wonders what contemporary fashion brands Friedrich Nietzsche would be fond of. She presents herself as classy and elegant but also secretly enjoys watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Hector Morales

Hector Morales is a student at St. John's College and works as Student Life Photographer & Videographer.

Justin Horm

Justin Horm is the Senior Network Manager at St. John's College. A gnome that inhabits a world where tinkering unseen keeps a community connected to the World it seeks to explore, he wanders along the meandering streams of data searching to simplify meaning to the elegance of binary. He is an avid reader of history, a writer of futures that should never be, and scholar of Emily Dickinson.

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Annapolis, United States
  • Ece Tuglu
  • Shweta Agarwal