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Theme: One Planet

This event occurred on
August 3, 2019
3:00pm - 7:00pm AEST
(UTC +10hrs)
Sydney, New South Wales

As society becomes more fractured politically and socially it is important to retain a global identity. "The sum of the local is the global." Ideas that start locally can blossom globally and foster international relationships, leading to greater unity. TEDxYouth@ReddamHouse seeks to empower ideas worth spreading around the globe.

Adelaide Hall
14 Adelaide Street
Sydney, New South Wales, 2022
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Akuol Garang

Refugee and Human Rights Advocate
Akuol Garang is a Melbourne-based refugee and human rights advocate. As a Registered Migration Agent, Akuol provides advice and assistance in the preparation and lodgement of Australian visa applications. While studying towards her Masters in Human Rights Law, Akuol also volunteers for a number of organisations, including the Asylum Seeker Resource Center where she advocates for the Sudanese-Australian community, multiculturalism and people seeking asylum in Australia.

Leo Zhang

I’m a student, an aspiring entrepreneur, amateur magician, avid basketballer and an individual with many idealistic perspectives of the world. But less of me, I want to know what you want to do. What do you aspire to become or achieve? What's your passion and life’s calling? I believe entrepreneurship will solve all the problems in the world. My mission is to inspire the future innovators and changemakers to create a brighter future for this one planet we share.

Penny Capp

Hi, my name is Penny Capp and I’m 16 years old. I attend Kambala School and I am now in Year 11. Since I could remember, I’ve always loved dressing up whether it was Disney princess costumes or clothes from my mother’s closet. I’ve also been working part-time in the Fashion Industry for almost two years now and have been recently become interested in Ethical Fashion. I believe fashion is a way for designers to express their creativity through clothing and accessories but we also need to care for our planet, our community and our people.

Tasnia Ahmad

Founder of Youth of Sydney
I'm the founder of Youth of Sydney, a driven activist and a lover of democracy. I believe in youth voice & activism of today. In revolutionising our modern tools, and skills in the paving of a better world - socially, environmentally and spiritually; I'm pursuant of tangible egalitarianism.As a young individual, I believe that the youth of this nation is at the forefront of leading, devising and recording change in the social injustices of our time. And thus to best empower them, I want to change the way young people are viewed within society- with the aspiration of creating a story-telling culture to truly connect in an age of technology, and highlight the nuances of young people in the present. As someone once characterised by voicelessness, I want to change this global discourse and truly empower young people to speak up.

Will Gilbert

Quantum Computing Researcher
Quantum computing was once just an academic research project… Today it’s a global race to make the world’s most powerful computer. Tech giants like Google, IBM, and Intel are competing with dozens of new start-ups who are showing that it takes more than money to come up with the ideas that will change the world. Will Gilbert is a researcher with Silicon Quantum Computing Pty. Ltd., a world leading start-up based out of the University of New South Wales with $87M investment from government and industry. Will spends his time at work designing new quantum devices and experiments at the cutting edge. Away from work he is a long distance runner, enjoys video games, performs on the trumpet and hosts jazz gigs in Sydney’s underground music scene.

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Sydney, Australia


  • Guinevere Giddings
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  • Lesley Wang
  • Manon Fuller
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  • Tritian Young-Glasson