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This event occurred on
May 18, 2019
2:00pm - 10:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
23August, Constanța

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

TEDx Mangalia
Soseaua Mangaliei
23August, Constanța, 907005
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Aygun Abibula

Informational and Computer Technology
With an experience of over 30 years on electronics , automation and computer scinence he will talk about Cyber Security and the Danger or Beneffits of online connection. He is the coordinator of local Application Technical Workshops - free for every children and not only! The workshops are from Robotics, Plane Modeling, Navy Modeling, Auto Modeling, Paper Crafts, Photography, Astronomy Club and much more. The major impact of the Informational Technology for new generations and how they interact with it. In a Good Manner or Bad Manner. What we Choose for them? Dark Side ord White Side ?

Bertesteanu Daniel

The biologist and astronomer Beresteanu Daniel is Memeber of Romanian AstoClub Bucharest where he made a few observations with amateur intrumentation. Two of them are very interesting since was made with amateur instrumentation. Seeing the galaxies near from the visible universe. He made two observations very well documented . Am image 10.7 billion yers old and another one, an image from 13,5 billion years old. He also cordinated more activities on international range. One of them was participation with a group of nine students in the asteroid survey project conducted under the aegis of International Astronomy Search Collaboration where he analyzed the photo frames from the Pan-STARRS telescopes in I Hawai, my students discovered 11 asteroids. Also much more projects on biology site and astronomy side also.

Buruiana Vasile

Engineer PhD on Automation of Systems
Sometimes industrial companies, academic or research institution modernizevtheir factories or laboratories, and the old equipment takes the road with novreturn straight to the recycling companies where they are crushed and melted. By creating refurbishing centers, these equipment are able to help future talented engineers with not so bright financial situation, starting from school. A few examples of turning impossible situations with recovered junk equipment and components are presented.

Chitu Lavinia

Author of many projects regarding deaf people. Projects with Goverment for RoAlert for Deaf people and projects to help deaf people understand music!
Lavinia Chitu is an authorized translator on sign langiage for deaf people on Romanian Language, International and Turkish. She was awarded by Minister of Internal Affairs for instruction of ISU team regarding sign language. The award for best female performance at the Youth Cinefest festival with the material video "The Tulips Symphony in LMG" Translation and interpretation in sign language of the first project in Romania in terms of Information on autism diagnosis "You are not alone in the world" with the psychotherapist and the psycho-pedagogue Monica Berceanu, and much more.

Dicu Florin - Alexandru

Student at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Bucharest (Romania) General -mathematics, physics, programming, engineering. Member of AcademiX GNU/ Linux Operating System team. AcademiX GNU/Linux is an Linux distribusion based on Debian Stretch and Buster. The latest image is made on Debian Buster. Alexandru and the Team behind the AcademiX Linux are the main engine of the distribution. What is AcademiX GNU/Linux? Academix GNU Linux is an free Operating System made mainly for Education and second for General purpose.

Iacob Magdalena

Principle of School George Cosbuc
As a principle of an school has ability to see the oportunity of making some changes. Also, she made much more in the local region regarding of change and see what the people really need. She also made major changes in the places where she was. She say always: "Everything is posible for people with open mind!"

Maalouf Gabriela

Specialist parenting, emotional / personal development, neurological programming expert, trainer, psychotherapist
Specialist parenting, emotional / personal development, neurological programming expert, trainer, psychotherapist. Founder of Pro Education Academy, Full Family Guide Parenting group "Kids and Parents in the Digital World" supported in 6 cities - Bucharest, Oradea, Arad, Timisoara, Cluj, Târgu- Mures Parenting studio "Say YES - children's autonomy" supported in 4 cities - Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta Speak up your child's language" parenting studio in two cities - Bucharest, Brasov Personal Development Workshop - Balancing Personal and Personal Life and Professional Life Public Speaking Camp for Teenagers- Sinaia Emotional development workshops Secom, Vitabiotics - parenting articles The Centennial of Health - Workshop "Health of the Brain"

Tocitu Adelina-Alexia

Journalism - Sciences of Communication
Associate PhD student at Ovidius University, Faculty of Letters, specialization Sciences of Communication. Coordinates seminars for the following courses: Audiovisual, Audiovisual, Performing a program, Specialized Techniques (Radio, TV). Production in the media (radio-tv) Podcast Podcast Producer & CulturALL which appears every Saturday on the network, the first podcast network in Romania. A Podcast is an on-line show (on the site, via iTunes and sometimes on YouTube) that has a regular frequency and niche content. CulturALL is a podcast about modern art and culture with guests from the world of photography, photography, theater or music. Editor at the Radio Territory Radio Constanta Producer and developer of the morning program at Radio Constanţa, broadcast daily on Monday until Friday. Children do not get lost, arrive at Radio Vacanta -Bracelet for Holidays. Coordinator of the project "Photos among Discographies". .

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