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Theme: Dedicated to Development

This event occurred on
May 7, 2019
Preston, Lancashire
United Kingdom

We are proud to announce that the City of Preston will be hosting its FIRST EVER - TEDx event!

We are organising this event because we believe that it's time for change. Understanding the importance of our own roles and how we can contribute is key, that's why we are building a community of future leaders with this event, and bringing some of the most powerful speakers from across the country to share with us their knowledge, wisdom and expertise. As the times are changing there is more and more demand for conscious consumerism, personal development and scientific facts to back up all evidence, therefore we carefully selected speakers that had a niche in their field and could bring to us some new information never heard before on these topics (and more) and I'm super excited to hear them speak! The time is right, the stage is set, and TEDxFulwood is here for all of us guys to learn, laugh, grow and evolve.

We have carefully selected 7 phenomenal individuals who have some truly moving stories and experiences to share with you, so much knowledge, so much wisdom and years of expertise in their fields. These topics are unique and will provide you with insight and top tips on how you can improve all aspects of your life, from day to day activities to life-long goals. From science to spirituality, we have a large range of niche talks that will spark eye-opening, thought-provoking curiosity for all.

The event is scheduled 5.30pm-10pm (PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE 6pm!!) although due to high demand we have added an extra ticket which will allow you to stay behind for a Meet & Greet with the speakers and also a live panel session with Q&A's to finish!

We are truly honoured to be hosting this event and to have these guys share the stage on the evening, we've put a lot of hard work into making this event happen and are really excited to share the experience with all of you.

It's going to be one to remember.

The Greats’ Room
PNE Sir Tom Finney Way
Preston, Lancashire, PR16RU
United Kingdom
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Bradley Wescott

Self-Love & NLP Practitioner
Bradley is a Self-Love Coach and NLP Practitioner Having embarked upon his own transformational journey, following a lifelong struggle with dysfunctional and unsuccessful relationships, Bradley decided to retrain as a coach and utilise over a decades' worth of teaching experience by helping others overcome their own codependency issues. Today, Bradley uses his experience and understanding of transformational self-love techniques to guide men through a process of self-discovery in which they are able to heal their past and learn to communicate and live their own truth within healthy, happy, interdependent relationships. Bradley's work embodies the philosophy that everything we desire in life is attainable once we learn to love ourselves completely. It is both Bradley's vision and life purpose to spread this message and bring the transformational properties of unconditional self-love into the mainstream.

Daniel Halenko

Consciousness Architect, Entrepreneur, Adventurer
Daniel Halenko is a dedicated catalyst to transform the way people operate in business & life, a Global Master Trainer, Heart Math Coach, leader, speaker & best selling author in 11 different countries. Over 20 years in business and spiritual development, Daniel exited his last company to follow his life’s mission & now liberates leaders from the restraints of past patterns to step into their Sovereign Self as this new decade blooms. Alongside his partner they focus on Conscious Evolutionary Leadership & developed HUMAN 5.0, a blueprint for the Renaissance of your-Self believing that Great Humans make Great Leaders. A huge enthusiast for life in both the outer and inner worlds his mission is the mobilisation of the rise of the collective consciousness. Daniel is a great communicator, weaving great storytelling skills with analogy to explain complex ideas & blends modern science with ancient wisdom, where life & business meet spiritual development. www.DanielHalenko.co.uk/embrace

Jana Sremanakova

Nutrition and Cancer Research Scientist
Jana is a Nutrition and Cancer Research Scientist with a background in genetics, molecular biology, nutrition and exercise, completing PhD in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Manchester. Jana's research focus is the implementation of nutrition in prevention, treatment and recovery from cancer. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association, member of European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, and the Nutrition Society. Jana is also a public speaker, delivering sessions on nutrition, health and prevention of diseases with the aim to raise awareness about once capacity to shape health towards food. Jana is currently preparing to launch the business and social enterprise with the aim to educate children and youngsters about nutrition, alongside finalising a nutrition book for children. Find out more about Jana here: https://advancedeating.co.uk

Jordon Groves

Mind and Performance Specialist
Jordon is a mind and performance specialist. He helps people break free from limiting beliefs through one to one, group and workshop based coaching. His 10 years experience of coaching thousands of people has given him a valuable insight into what holds us back from living the life we desire. He has appeared on BBC1 and is currently writing a book to help inspire people from all over the world.

Livon Yeow

Performance and Leadership Coach
Liv is the founder of LivLife BIGGER - a company specialising in Lifestyle, Performance and Leadership Coaching with a focus on Mind, Body and Soul alignment. A born and bred Londoner who is happiest out in the African bush, Liv is passionate about wildlife, conservation issues and building more collaborative communities. Through her work delivering training and coaching with business leaders, Liv helps entrepreneurs and educators to live their best lives, free from fear. Today, Liv's mission is to positively change the world, one leader at a time and to use her impact, influence and voice to support local causes.

Sonya Barlow

Confidence Coach & Technology Consultant
Sonya Barlow is an award-winning Tech Entrepreneur, Community builder and Diversity consultant. You can follow the social enterprise LMF Network CIC @lmfnetwork and her profile @sonyabarlowuk

Tim Vaughan

Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author
Tim has been working in the field of personal and leadership development for 10 years, and has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and relationships. His vision is for a world with more togetherness, love and authentic connection. He does this by creating safe spaces for people to drop the mask, and to find the courage to lead, and relate, from the heart.

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Preston, United Kingdom


Preston, United Kingdom