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Theme: Blend your Rhythm

This event occurred on
January 27, 2019
1:00pm - 5:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Anjo, Aiti

Each of us has our own rhythm. What do we need to be able to communicate and live with people with different rhythms peacefully and happily?

In Japan, there are more and more children who won't or can't go to school which have been designed for them to develop their ability to live in a society.

What kind of education is required for nurturing our own rhythm in a society where values are increasingly diversifying? What is the difference between being as we are and being selfish?

In this Salon, you will meet two speakers who run very unique schools to share their ideas with you, and also we, TEDxAnjo selected special TED Talks for you!

Why don’t you come and think about the future and core essence of Child Education with us?

本来その力を育む場のひとつである学校に行かない / 行けない子が今、日本で増えている。ますます価値観が多様化していく社会の中で、自分らしいリズムを育むためにはどんな教育が求められているのか?「ありのまま」と「わがまま」はどこが違うのだろう?


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Sachiyo Kuroyanagi

School manager
Born in 1975, Okazaki City, Aichi. Graduated from the Aichi University of Education. After the 4years of working in a kinder garden, worked in a preschool. While on maternity leave, she learned about Sudbury Valley School through the book. There is a balance with freedom and self-government. Kuroyanagi was struck by the live examples of out-of-the-box learning, and the fact people can be independent adults through self-learning, She couldn’t find the school like this in neighborhood, so decided to create the one. In 2011, Mikawa Sudbury School Seedome was established.

Toshiki Yamagami

School principal
Born in Kyoto, in 1958. He graduated from Musashino Art University majoring in Scenography Design. Served as an attraction designer at Amusement Park Development Section in Honda Land Co., Ltd., he created a theme park in Suzuka Circuit where children can conduct vehicles by themselves. After retiring early, he established the NPO association called “Kids’ Idea Fun School.” Today he manages three schools in Mie prefecture and provides an active learning environment with real experiences to stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity by playing a lot. More than 180 kids come to his school yearly, and almost every year his students have been winning “Kids Idea Contest” held nationwide in Japan. He is a TEDxAnjo 2015 speaker.

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