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Theme: Mindset Shift

This event occurred on
May 11, 2019
10:00am - 6:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
Bowling Green, Ohio
United States

Have you heard the old adage, “If you don’t like something, change it. But if you cannot change it, change the way you look at it.”? By changing the way we see the world, we can change the world itself.

Each and every one of our paths in life offers unique perspectives. By starting the dialogue about how each of us sees the world around us, we share intimate details that might illuminate something we would never have known existed. Shifting our mindset.

These subtle shifts inspire new views, resulting in altered decision making and ultimately– Change.

TED has provided the stage for the world to share ideas that spark a dialogue. Simon Sinek shifted the idea of traditional leadership, while Sir Ken Robinson shifted the framework around the education system stifling creativity.

What would you do, if you only thought about something differently? If you shifted your mindset, what would you feel?

Student Union Theater, Room 206.
Bowen-Thompson Student Union Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH 43403
Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402
United States
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Amelia Travis

Yoga Teacher || Writer || Speaker || Business Coach
Amelia has impacted thousands of lives through yoga education programs, stand up paddle and surf experiences, and women’s empowerment retreats. Her mission is to love people and help them activate their highest potential. She lives by her personal mantra: Set your intention, breathe it to life.

Angie Corogin

Teacher || Coach || Yogi
"“Taking life like a spring storm rolling in” is Angie's current motto. Allowing every encounter and moment to be fully experienced, with fear in the rear-view-mirror. Angie lives on the beautiful Maumee River with her husband, Weston, Syd - the dog, Big Foot the Rooster, his flock of 30 hens and two ducks. As a passionate teacher & coach, Angie is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas through learning how to look fear in the face and move forward with grace. She believes that the future of our collective well-being is hugely at the hands of our schools and the teachers that impact the lives of the future generations. Angie is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT200) and an incredibly active entrepreneur. Angie collaborates with some of the greatest minds, together we go far! Angie has spent the last 15 years of her life looking fear in the face and isn’t about to stop. This life will keep bring bigger and better things, she just knows it!"

Charlotte Perez

Student + Writer + Director
Charlotte Perez is a senior of Bowling Green High School who has a passion for theatre. Within her junior and senior year the passion expanded to social issues theatre, and bringing awareness to silent topics. Charlotte has written two One-Act plays, Focus and Better Days, each opening up the topics of attention disorders and family divorce. She hopes to bring some light to the topic of awareness and make each person think a little more.

Donovon Thakur

Learner || Clinician || Educator || Performer
Professionally, Donovon embodies the convergence of self as a learner, clinician, educator, and performer. A deep thinker with a sensitive spirit, they are devoted to the pursuit of self and sharing in others’ journey of the same. Everything they touch echoes passion and a search for meaning and connection.

Gabriel Matney

Dr. Gabriel Matney is an avid adventurer and thinker who enjoys finding meaning in the paradoxical. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics Education at BGSU in the College of Education and Human Development. He also serves as Vice-President for Publications for the Research Council on Mathematics Learning. Gabriel began his teaching career in middle and high school mathematics for five years in Oklahoma, and was given an opportunity to create a mathematics program at an inner-city school for the state’s largest district. Gabriel went on to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and is in his eighth year at BGSU. His adventures take him and his students to schools and locations around the world where he has offered 17 study abroad courses. Currently Dr. Matney is excited to be working on Lesson Study projects with teachers in Northwest Ohio, Indonesia, Chile, and Thailand. His greatest adventure has been raising his three amazing daughters with his wife.

Harry Daniels

Listener + Question Architect
Harry is always looking for better questions. The past few years they’ve been focused on death, meaning, loss, atheism, faith, and internal narratives. He also holds the paradoxical belief that all sports are a complete waste of time while also trying to play the Star Wars Customizable Card Game when ever the opportunity presents itself. He hosts several dialogue based events every month that explore the tension between ideas and loved experience. Last year he began acting in a manner that might make you think that he thinks there aren’t enough white men in podcasting.

Jim Goenner

President and CEO of National Charter Schools Institute
A devoted husband and father of seven, Dr. James Goenner has dedicated his career to helping transform education so it works better for our kids and our country. Over the last 25 years, Jim has helped launch dozens of schools, along with several state and national support organizations dedicated to improving education. Jim’s pioneering spirit earned him a 2010 induction into the National Charter Schools Hall of Fame. Today, he serves as the President & CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute where he leads a team of passionate professionals who are inspiring hearts and minds and working to ensure excellence knows no boundaries.

Jo Beth Gonzalez

Dr. Jo Beth Gonzalez teaches theatre and public speaking and directs the high school theatre program for Bowling Green City Schools in Bowling Green, OH. She is the author of two books and many academic articles that examine secondary theatre pedagogy though the lens of critical theory. Her current research examines ways that theatre activities develop the "whole child" by activating and strengthening adolescents' spiritual consciousness.

Jodi Anderson

Teacher || Photographer || Science Lover
Not quite a townie but having lived in Bowling Green longer than in her hometown of Medina, Ohio, Jodi has been capturing the natural world through photography for most of her life. Somewhere along the way a love of teaching turned her career path to students and the adults who work everyday to make a difference in their lives. After 16 years in the classroom, she works more with adults now as a curriculum director but ultimately strives to promote the value of connections with students and examining our view a little closer by taking a step back.

Luther Shinew

Student || Conversationalist || Analyst
Luther Frederick Shinew, 19, was born in Idaho, raised in Washington, and has been a resident of Bowling Green since 2013. Luther has spent time living abroad in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. He is currently studying business at Bowling Green State University. He aspires to one day be in international business, in hopes of meeting diverse people, appeasing his adventurous spirit, and making the world a better place. In his free time, Luther enjoys playing tennis, reading every article he can find about his greatest fascination, organized crime, and playing with his dog, Stella.

Ray O'Laughlin

Consultant + Friend + Conversation Expert
Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Ray O’Laughlin quit working 30 years ago. Over that time he has been dedicated to developing leaders across the spectrum; in a Fortune 500 company, the field of education, and youth in the juvenile justice system. He strives to help individuals tap into their values, identify their strengths, and create a vision to realize their potential. They often end up leading themselves and their teams to places they never thought they’d go.

Samrach Touch

Cambodian-American Music Enthusiast || Student
Samrach Touch is a Cambodian-American music enthusiast. With a vast collection of records, including some of the rarest Cambodian recordings in the world, Touch is well versed in all things music. He plays several different instruments of Western and Cambodian variety, many of which he constructed himself out of reused materials. His vocal and instrumental performances have been heard by hundreds of people across Bowling Green, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio. Touch has also written numerous musical pieces for Chamber and Cambodian Orchestra settings.

Tod Shockey

Professor || Educator || Father || Thought Provoker
Shockey graduated from Mathews High School in Vienna, Ohio. He holds a BS from The Ohio State University, an MS from Montana State, and his PhD is from the University of Virginia. Tod has taught school in a variety of locations throughout the United States, from Busby, Montana to Charlottesville, Virginia. For twenty years he has worked as a mathematics educator in higher education. Shockey focuses his scholarly attention in ethnomathematics. He is interested in the connections between mathematics and culture. This connectedness is often identified through the codes and jargons that "cultures" use, be they cardiovascular surgeons or Indigenous groups. Shockey's inspiration is derived from his children, Katherine and Samuel.

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Bowling Green, OH, United States