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Theme: The life of Knowledge

This event occurred on
December 3, 2018
Hannover, Niedersachsen

Have you ever wondered where the knowledge comes from? How it is transmitted through generations? How does it die? We are quite sure that we built pyramids of Egypt but are we equally sure about how we built them?
How did humanity manage to preserve a certain kind of knowledge like religious knowledge even before the art of writing was invented?
Did historical wars also affect our ability to protect contemporary knowledge? Today the knowledge we managed to preserve through all the circumstances allowed us to create an internet driven society but could it be that we are losing our ability to use our brains like using calculators instead calculating in the brain?
We want to order food which is just a couple of clicks away but does it really make us curious to know where all the ingredients are coming that our food is made of?

In this event, we will discuss Knowledge from diverse and unique perspectives.

Join us with a fine selection of TED Videos, full of ideas worth spreading and our unique discussions worth contributing!

Deloitte Conference Hall
Aegidientorplatz 2 a
Hannover, Niedersachsen, 30159
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Salon (What is this?)
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Hannover, Germany


Hannover, Germany