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Theme: MAZE - Unravel Life

This event occurred on
May 7, 2019
Kottayam, Kerala

Life is not a straight road with directions on where to turn. It is a maze where every decision we make takes us in a different direction and every time we turn one way we could just as easily have turned the other. There has never been a better word than "The journey is always as beautiful as the destination" to describe the path through the labyrinth we call life. Every person we meet, or turn we make, plays a significant role in steering us to our destination. 2018 was an eventful year and it showed us that life altering events often come unannounced, but we don't have to deal with them alone. There is no event too big nor any turn too wrong that cannot be made right with the right people to explore and unravel the mysteries of life with. TEDxAJCE 2019 explores the mazes of life through our speakers.

Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
Kanjirappally, Koovappally P.O.
Kottayam, Kerala, 686518
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Abhijith P S Nair

Violinist and composer
Embarking on his journey into the world of music at the mere age of 13, Abhijith P S Nair is now one of the finest instrumental musicians of this age. Besides being an exceptional violinist, he is also an well accomplished music composer and arranger. He is perhaps best known for his instrumental video projects and unique instrumental flash mobs, that have gathered over millions of views over various social media platforms. He has performed and done many stellar collaborations with various artists; drummer Dave Weckl, Dr. K. J. Yesudas, Senri Kawaguchi, Shankar Mahadevan just to name a few.

Anwesha Das

Teen Researcher, Science Enthusiast
16 year old Anwesha Das is STEM Researcher. She is interested in science, especially mathematics. The functioning of the human brain intrigues her. In addition to this, she likes writing, dancing, painting on walls and rocks, but is still pretty clueless about the World Cup or K-pop. A few months ago, she represented India at the International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2018 and was a bronze medalist. She was also a national finalist to the Innovation Challenge 2017, and was a second prize winner at the Innovation Display Contest 2017 conducted by the Council for Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh, India. Anwesha Das makes it all seem like a cake-walk.

Geetanjali Chopra

Founder, Wishes and Blessings NGO
Dr. Geetanjali Chopra is an academician, researcher, journalist and the founder and president of a Delhi based NGO. After completing her PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, she went on to gain experience in a variety of sectors, and has even tried her hand at radio jockeying and acting. After working as a fellow at Centre for Policy Research for 5 years, she chose to follow her dream of helping the underprivileged and set up ‘Wishes and Blessings’. She has reached out to more than two lakh people in just five years, and is excited to turn more tears into smiles in the future.

Mani Karthik

Blogger, Mentor
In love with the idea of sharing ideas with people, Mani Karthik took up blogging as a hobby to kill time. He soon quit his boring job in the Silicon Valley and took up blogging as a full time job. A few years down the line, he now works on his own as an entrepreneur, and helps people to settle in after returning to India from their jobs abroad.

Piyush Shinde

Strategist, Innovator
Mr. Piyush Shinde is a strategic sales, marketing and communications expert, providing efficient and successful business solutions and innovative strategies to various organizations and companies worldwide. With affinity to behavioural science, human psychology, and also his personal tryst with failures despite giving it all, made him think deep and paved the way for development of a novel concept called the “Thought Matrix”, that categorises all of us into four different personalities based on how each one of us reacts to opportunities. Using the Thought Matrix and its reflections he has constantly created opportunities when others around him failed to see them.

Sathya Ramaganapathy

Author, Humour writer
Sathya Ramaganapathy is a humour writer, business professional and a mom. She is the author of the recently published book “It’s a Mom Thing: Kickass Parenting”, which takes a light hearted look at navigating the minefield called parenting. Sathya has written three children’s books and has been published in Voices from the Attic, The Madras Mag Anthology of Contemporary Writing, literary magazines including Papercuts, Antiserious and The Criterion, and in The Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald and Bangalore Mirror. She is the author of the funny parenting blog “Things My Kids Say”.

Suresh Devnani

The Happy Doctor, Author
Dr. Suresh Devnani is an inspiring Motivational Speaker and Consultant who shares practical strategies from his 28+ years of professional experience and his on-going global research in Leadership, Personal growth and Organizational transformation. Commonly known as the Happy Doctor, Dr. Devnani is the Founder, Chief Happiness officer, of Dr. Devnani & Associates and one of the world’s leading experts on creating happiness within the workplace. He was recently awarded and recognized as the 101 Top Global Coaching Leaders by the World HRD Congress. His mission is to inspire people globally to leverage on happiness to boost their resilience, engagement, creative innovation and kindness.

Vava Suresh

Snake Master, Wildlife enthusiast
Renowned as the snake master, Vava Suresh is an extraordinary human being. Being a wildlife conservationist and a snake expert, he has captured and released over 50,000 snakes, from human habitats back to their natural environments. At a time of rapid climate change and precarious ecosystems, is when work done by people like him become all the more meaningful. He works towards rescuing, rehabilitation of snakes and creating awareness among the public about snakes and their behavioural patterns.

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