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Theme: Infinite Experiences

This event occurred on
February 3, 2019
Kolkata, West Bengal

In an individual legacy of a lifetime of experiences, we all can leave the world a better place than we found it! In the spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading", this TEDx conference will focus on the infinite experiences that make up our lives and empower the global community through sharing ideas on understanding these experiences to make the world a better place.

Bhawanipur Education Society College
5 Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani
Kolkata, West Bengal, 700020
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University (What is this?)
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Adil Rashid

Lead Guitarist
Having a family lineage of Mr. Mohammed Salim the first Indian footballer to play overseas Adil Rashid hails his life and his time behind the strings of guitar, our very own Adil Da and his band the Underground Authority went on to conquer the nation by being the runners up at India's Got Talent and winners at the Hornbill International Rock Competition 2013. Drawing inspirations from Paul Gilbert (Mr Big), Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash (Guns N' Roses), Vito Brata and many others, Mr. Rashid specialises in the strings of his guitar making people groove to jazz, blues, funk, rock and metal. With a special initiative to make the language of music a special something for the world, our in house rockstar is ready to rock it with the language of music, a language understood by one and all, and a language that unites and not divides.

Amar Agarwala

Meet a professional who is completely unconventional. A teacher and trainer by practice, and a story-teller by passion. He’s practicing Chartered Accountant & Lawyer from the city of Kolkata with a string of the most coveted qualifications. With twenty-nine years of post qualification and life experiences behind him. He specializes in motivating and inspiring people with his stories and poetry. He is an ardent traveler, who travels the world meeting people and seeing places, which adds fodder to his thoughts and his work. He is essentially a thinker who has penned down various treatises and inspirational works, including novels, plays, prose, and poems.

Anirban Biswas

Mathematician and tutor
Mr.Anirban, a former researcher in Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project of NASA is currently a teacher of Physics and Mathematics in Kolkata, India. He did his Master’s in Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin, USA where he was a teaching and research assistant in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Before that, he graduated in Mechanical Engineering (B. Tech.) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Currently, his passion and profession are to help the students discover the joy of learning mathematics and science by acquiring strong fundamentals in the subjects. He is the founding director of IITopper, also known as GoIITjee, an educational institute that imparts quality education to Kolkata students in Mathematics and Science. He has new ways of solving Mathematics, one without the pain of learning formulas and the ones developing the notions of your brain and making you love what you fear, the subject of Mathematics

Divyanshu Damani

Social Media Influencer
A social media influencer or a Youtuber, Mr. Damani has taken a charge to be one of the faces of Young India on a global map. Having started up various initiatives and programmes to make India engaged, The Soch Network and D Talks started by him stand as a flagship and motivate millions in our nation to go for what they choose rather than what the society thinks fit in. The Man behind the talk shows or workshops on enhancing public speaking, Mr. Damani is ready to make a word at TEDxBESC 2019, just adding another cherry to his vast experience of giving up the TEDx talks.

Dr Sabyasachi Mitra

Forensic Psychiatrist
Dr. Sabyasachi Mitra, member of Royal College of Psychiatry is a renowned lecturer and doctor who was associated with the cause of psychology and mental health in various cities like Manchester, Liverpool and now in Kolkata. From being a consultant psychiatrist in Liverpool, to being a lecturer in clinical psychology in Manchester University, Dr. Sabyasachi Mitra has taken the initiative to eradicate the problems of mental health in Kolkata and is currently practicing in CMRI, Belle Vue and Woodlands and also participating in talk shows for the same. With an amazing initiative to look into the minds of criminals and curing their problems and also focussing on developing mental health awareness around the nation, Mr. Mitra has a lot to offer and a lot to convey, with the believe that there is a spark that the mind needs attention towards itself for a healthy lifestyle.

Jaishankar Gopalan

Career Counsellor
We often say that,‘management is doing things right while leadership is doing the right things.’ By stating this, we create a fine; vincible line between the definitions and functions of a manager and that of a leader. However, our next speaker has defied that hypothetical fine line and emerged a winner in both fields. The quintessential career coach who has guided individuals to know themselves and choose careers which are apt for them and has many happy and successful in their pursuits be it conventional or new age professions.They are the true returns of his efforts. In his endeavour to facilitate all school and college students to take informed career decision, is one such simple yet meaningful initiative.

Mudar Patherya

Journalist and Environment Activist
Mr. Mudar Patherya, a profound journalist and writer in the corporate world, who has a simple belief that creative interventions provide quicker transformation and can be used as a safe and terrific opportunity to turn the destinies of the less privileged. He has great ideas and initiatives towards this cause of his and he wants the world to have an idea, of what it is like to firstly think for the underprivileged and secondly what it is to have that success and spread happy smiles amongst millions who are smiling on every hard situation of life. So, let's welcome Mr. Patherya, who looks to put football as a tool towards the long drawn concern of women empowerment or too get a fancy touch of innovation to the monuments that make the heritage of Kolkata and with all of this bring all the people of the world on the same pedestal of opportunity and smiles!

Nisha Lobo

Nisha Lobo, the person who might be a perfect example of being the face of new India, free of discrimination on any backgrounds of look, and appreciating every individual just the way they are. A person, who has represented a noble cause, of accepting one's own self in the best way possible and believing in your instincts to make things happen, rather than fall prey to the norms of society, she has been a part of two shows and campaigns for it, be it Satyamev Jayate or Vicks, one in a million where, she showed how beautiful a person she is. Apart from this, she's been taking initiative to step up to the society and help the people in need to cure themselves and live life in the same way, so let's open our arms to welcome a person, who wants the world to know, that a person is at it's best the way God has made them, and there is no need to change it, whatever be the time or tide.

Shrishti Jain

Thought Leader
An MBA in finance & strategy from the Indian School of Business, Miss Shrishti was awarded a merit-based full scholarship of 20 lakhs, apart from thus remained an admit to the SIM program (ranked no. 1 for masters worldwide) at St. Gallen, Switzerland. With 16 national debate prizes, 15+ business competition prizes, best budding manager awarded by All India Management Assn, A Numero Uno title from IIM Bangalore and an award for entrepreneurial excellence bestowed by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, she brings in diversity in logical learning from across realms. With the thought of making the world think the rational way, and understanding what the world actually is she certainly has some real ideas to share. Let's accompany her on a journey of molding the thoughts of people to the rational lines and making understanding the situation a more common idea.

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