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Theme: Aesthetics

This event occurred on
June 15, 2019
Jinan, Shandong

Aesthetics was first put forward by Baumgarten, a German philosopher. "Aesthetics" is complex. It can be applied to all aspects of our life, such as music, mathematics, physics, biology, psychology and so on.

Have you ever noticed the mathematical aesthetics of the golden ratio in architecture, music around you?
Have you ever known the inherent aesthetics of design in artworks, clothing, and luxury ornaments?
Have you ever found the aesthetics of nature in the environment around you?
Have you ever had a profound experience to make you realize the beautiful nature and soul?

Coming to TEDxYouth@QuanchengSquare, you will hear more ideas about aesthetics which you have never known before.

Caper Land
Lishan Road, number 132, caper land
second floor
Jinan, Shandong, 250014
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Han Zhang

Neuroscience & gender studies researcher, drama director and prospective doctor without borders, Johns Hopkins class of 2023
A neuroscientist activist, Murph has been working in genetics and neurobiology labs at Cornell University, University of Minnesota Medical School, and Shandong University Medical School during her high school years. An award-winning biochemistry scholar and orator, she regards herself as an “idealist practitioner”: she works towards empowering underprivileged communities through an anthropological perspective on medicine. She has been working with local LGBTQ+ activism groups and will be researching multiculturalism and religious coexistence in Israel this summer. In her spare time, Murph also enjoys sketching, boxing, curating Animenz piano playlists, and creating internal dialogues about causal determinism.

Hanjun Cui

Student, Cheshire Academy’2020
“We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases.” An explorer who knows to think and thinks to negate himself, Hanjun Cui is on a continuous march of reframing his paradigm and refining his logic. He was a USAPhO qualifier, a student artist, a tennis player; here he is a thinker, presenting the essence of his view of this world.

Jiaqi Lu

student at Beijing National Day School (class of 2020), social issue researcher especially in the field of education.
Jiaqi Lu is a student at Beijing National Day School, class of 2020. She founded Step Into Volunteer Teaching Club, which was awarded the highest club awards at BNDS: The Honorable Club Award. In January 2018, she was recommended by school and participated Dean’s List Hweek program held at Harvard University in spring semester, where she completed her research paper “The Role of Education in Shaping Chinese Economy”. She also led a student research team on the project “Volunteer education innovation: from ‘fragmentation’ to ‘systemization’” and did field work in Shennongjia, Hubei Province, supported by local education bureau. The team developed a website model, which won the People’s Choice Award at China Thinks Big competition, aiming to alleviate “fragmentation” in the process of volunteer teaching.

Lingyun Zhu

Micro-expression lover; Criminal psychology lover; Photographer; Amateur movie critique
Andrea has a two-year history of being into photography. She is a portrait photographer who specializes in portraying people’s characteristic through facial expression and tiny body movements. Also as being a huge fan of micro-expression and criminal psychology, she combines her interests to dig for further beauty and connection in the human faces (facial expression). Besides photography and micro-expression, Andrea is also good at writing film reviews, analyzing how facial expressions and body movements can contribute to the characterization of every persona.

Shuo Meng

High School Student (11th Grade)
Lisa is an 11th Grade student in Jinan Foreign Language School International Center. She loves writing and speech giving. She enjoys the moment that staying on stage and expressing her perspective. She started to take part in NSDA regional Original Oratory from 2017 and has already participated over 4 contests. What’s more, her interests include playing the piano and singing, and she has practiced to play and appreciate music for over 5 years.

Xirui Li

designer, art historian, and amateur of political science
She is a student in Jinan Foreign Language School international center. She spends 10 yrs on sketching, and drawing in both tradition and avant-garde ways. She devotes great passion on wondering and writing analysis of various subjects like art, history, and religions. She also enjoys Urbex( urban explore), ruins exploring ,and making films.

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  • Mingyi Gong
  • Xiaohan Liu
  • Zihan Xue