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This event occurred on
May 29, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg (fr), Luxemburg (de)

"It was really a remarkable testament to the maturity, wisdom, confidence and vision of the student body. The students who spoke shared their stories, fears and dreams with the audience. It was very moving and inspiring to be there". Attendee feedback

"Merci pour cette soirée, si inspirante pour tous. Les jeunes speakers étaient impressionnants de professionnalisme et d’humanité.
Merci d’aider nos enfants à puiser le meilleur en eux et à le chercher chez les autres. Cela les nourrira toute leur vie.
Mon fils y a assisté avec nous et il représente le spectateur idéal, à cet âge où l’on peut traverser et vivre des expériences similaires à celles qui ont été partagées ce soir. Cela constitue alors une grande aide et une ouverture sur un présent et un futur pleins de promesses".
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The International School of Luxembourg
36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong
Luxembourg, Luxembourg (fr), Luxemburg (de), L-1430
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Ananya Jain

G10 Student
Jain, G10 “sometimes, we let our sense of guilt overpower our will to learn, or we lose ourselves by letting ourselves drown in a sense of failure”

Andrew Wakefield

G12 Student
Quote from Andrew "We need to stop selling this constant happiness we see everywhere, especially on social media, and instead connect with one another on a human level where we share our struggle and worries”.

Ian Kearns

“So often in life, we focus on the endpoint and it is the rush to the finish line, but, when you study the process, you find very often that the steps taken to achieve the goal were a lot more remarkable than just the ultimate success”.

Iness Madjouline

“Labels build wall between us; they stop us from seeing who a person truly is and they stop us from learning from one another, especially those who look different than us and whose culture is different”

Jade Rousseau

G12 Student
“Be passionate about what seem like insignificant things, but don’t be passionate about a mirage”.

Joanna Lippert

“If you aren’t proactive in changing quickly-made assumptions, you will never get to experience the true beauty of discovering something unknown”.

Juan Moreno

G12 Student
Student's quote: “ Fear, is your best compass, an irrational solution to an irrational problem”

Marta Liberatore

G12 Student
“We can’t really change people, that’s a fact, but we can change how we treat ourselves, because very often, we are our own worst enemy”.

Maya Libbey

G10 Student
Student's quote "Some of us do not do well in standardized tests because our minds are different, we think more creatively and our minds are therefore not standardized”.

Sarah Mackel

G10 Student
“If there’s a hundred people in a room, over a lifetime, eighteen will be diagnosed with a mental illness. We don’t have the luxury of “keeping it together”.

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Luxembourg, Luxembourg