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Theme: From Conundrum Towards Creation

This event occurred on
February 3, 2019
Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Life is about creation and creativity.
The World always appreciates creativity and success!
But thousands of mistakes and small and big confusions
are an important part of the process!
Appreciation and recognition of these conundrums
and how the ideas and leaders have raised themselves
above it is what this year's theme focuses upon!
Come join us at the second annual TEDxKITCoEK Conference on the 3rd of February, 2019.

Sayaji Hotel
Kawala Naka
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, 416001
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University (What is this?)
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Abhanga Repost

Indian Folk Fusion Band
Abhangas are poetry written by the Poet and Saints from Medieval Era and pre Modern Era performed as a part of Maharashtrian Culture. Abhanga Repost as the name explains 'Repost' i.e. replace Taal by incorporating Modern Instruments. This folk fusion is the bands way of offering reverence and also help in sustain these culturally significant abhangas and make them popular among the younger generation by presenting them in a form that appeals to them.

Chakravarthy Sulibele

Social Worker
An orator, author,columnist and a profound thinker working towards the betterment of the country as an individual also motivating the generation to come through his notable work and talks.He is also the mentor of Yuva Brigade Organisation which has more than 1,58,000 volunteers. He has written over 15 books in Kannada on various topics.

Dnyaneshwar Kamble

Sarpanch ( Head of Village)
Dnyaneshwar Kamble is the first ever transgender person to be elected as sarpanch in India. Dnyaneshwar won by more than 800 votes out of 1600 voting population of Tarangfal Village in Solapur District of Maharashtra. Dnyaneshwar won people's hearts with dedication towards providing basic facilities of Education and Sanitation. Dnyaneshwar is also fondly called "Mauli" by local villagers

Dr. Jayant Narlikar

Dr.Jayant Narlikar is a world renowned Astrophysicist alumni of reputed institutes BHU and Cambridge University. He gave theories like Hoyle- Narlikar and Quasi-steady state. He has published numerous research paper and 21 and 5 books in Non Fictional and Fictional Category in English, Marathi and Hindi. He is also honored with Padma Vibhushan Award, Maharashtra Vibhushan, Kalinga Prize by UNESCO etc.

Dr. Sandeep Inamdar

Educational Consultant
Dr. Sandeep Inamdar is a bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Masters in control systems, and holds Doctorate from National Institute of Industrial Engineering. He is an educational consultant. He aims to spread 'project based learning' a different approach to conventional teaching-learning system.

Gayan Samaj Deval Club

Performing Arts Institute

Pankaj Koparde

Evolutionary Ecologist
Working at Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore India Pankaj Koparde studies geographical distribution of owls and dragonflies. Without limiting himself to just research he promotes the message of conservation of our ecology and has written directed and also featured in a short film. He also coordinates drangonflyIndia a citizen fuled group.

Pracheer Dutta

Social Entrepreneur
Pracheer Dutta COO of Kriya Labs, At Kriya Labs they utilize the Agro waste to make paper, tableware, fabrics and much more. This Agro waste that would be otherwise burnt and contribute to pollution gets utilized in an optimum way.

Sajid Chougle

Aerial Extreme Athlete
Aerial Extreme Athlete, Sajid Chougle does skydiving, base jumping etc but he is an Educational Content Designer by profession but still continues to purse his passion of these extreme sports. He has completed about 320+ sky dives, 11 Base Jump and 80 + wingsuit flights and still feels that this adrenaline rush is sort of meditation for him.

Sanjay Patil

Sanjay Patil works at BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune Maharashtra. He currently research is on indigenous crop diversity and wild food resources in tribal and rural communities in Maharashtra. Through this programme they have established five community seed banks for community level seed production. His work emphasizes on documentation of indigenous knowledge,germplasm collection etc

Varun Deshpande

Food Technology Innovator
Varun Deshpande, Managing Director at Good Food Institute in Mumbai. Good Food Institute works in the sector of developing plant and cell based alternative to meat which have tremendous potential to address malnutrition, increase farmers income and usher in a more healthy, sustainable and just food supply to consumers.

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