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Theme: Crawl, Walk, Talk!

April 5, 2019
4:00pm - 10:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Jouy en Josas, Île-de-France
This event is open to the public.
Tickets are available.

Our theme, "Crawl, Walk, Talk", describes the journey of an idea through its nascent stages to one of finality: to be shared with a global audience. The theme of the event came from what we saw happening all around us: peers with good ideas, but who had trouble developing and articulating them clearly.

As in the case of learning to run, learning to talk about an idea is a process.

Crawl - You first have a spark, it involves creativity, to compel yourself to think differently.
Walk - You then start shaping the idea. You find other references and discuss it with a few to make the idea clearer.
Talk - You are able to share the idea succinctly - to aim to raise awareness and move the world.

Amphithéatre Blondeau
1 Rue de la Libération
Jouy en Josas, Île-de-France, 78350
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University (What is this?)
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Afshin Mehrpouya

Associate professor, HEC Paris
Afshin Mehrpouya is an associate professor of accounting and management control systems at HEC Paris. Trained as a medical doctor in Iran, Afshin also holds an MBA and PhD in management. His research is broadly in role of performance measurement in transnational governance. He currently studies the construction and use of different calculative knowledge forms such as rankings and ratings in transnational governance regimes. He is a member of the editorial board of Accounting, Organizations and Society. Prior to starting his academic career Afshin had years of experience in the design of environmental and social rankings and ratings. He has advised a range of development and sustainability related initiatives such as Access to Medicine Index, Aid Transparency Index, Medicines Transparency Alliance, Access to Nutrition Index and Responsible Mining Index.

Alessandra Mantovani

Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation Candidate, HEC Paris
Alessandra Mantovani is an American-born designer and social entrepreneur who has spent the last eight years abroad, completing her studies in design, business and sustainability in Montreal, Berlin and Paris. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris, where she has become increasingly aware about the complex nature of global problem solving. As a designer, Alessandra is an advocate for the tremendous and nuanced power of design. Design shapes our food systems, infrastructure, education, healthcare and is at the heart of the human experience. She applies design thinking to sustainability issues - identifying pain points, creating empathy maps, and prototyping solutions. This has helped Alessandra foster iterative thinking approaching problems with a "fail fast" mentality which she applies to personal and professional life. Currently, they are working on MAWA, a fully circular start-up which creates sustainable insect protein.

Dany Isse

Master’s in Business Administration Candidate, HEC Paris
Dany Isse is an MBA candidate at HEC Paris. He is focused on digital transformation, working with companies to leverage digital tools & new innovation methods. Dany joined the American University of Beirut to study Economics. Thereafter, he pursued a master’s degree in Energy Economics from Universite Paris Nanterre & IFP School in France. His work across supply chain functions in the Oil & Gas industry took him to France, Nigeria and Angola, with pit-stops in Lebanon and Dubai. In the rare occasion when he’s not injured, Dany is a long distance runner. He’s aiming to do his first ironman in the next two years, knowing that his swimming skills are slightly better than a camel. After a client pitch went wrong in an MBA competition, Dany had a light-bulb moment: he remembered an old Lebanese proverb ... client pitches were never the same again.

Emmanuel Auberger

Expert in Packaging for a Circular Economy
Emmanuel Auberger, formerly the CEO of Verallia, wants to revolutionize consumer habits and bring back returnable packaging. Having studied at HEC Paris between 1991 and 1994, Emmanuel has had a successful career of over twenty years with the likes of Renault and SaintGobain. He is an expert on packaging and has extensively studied the dangers of plastic contamination in food. An avid traveler, ten years into his career, Emmanuel took a year-long sabbatical to backpack around the world for nine months with his wife. Outraged by the environmental impact of single-use and over-packaging, Emmanuel started experimenting with ways to reduce his family waste with the complicity of his children. His ecoconsciousness led him onto this journey to bring back the milkman’s bottle!

Hervé Dole

Professor, Université Paris-Saclay / Vice-President, University of Paris-Sud
Hervé Dole is an astrophysicist and professor at Université Paris-Saclay. He is involved in the European space mission Euclid to be launched in 2022. Euclid’s main scientific goals are focused on a better understanding of dark matter and dark energy’s properties in the Universe, as well as galaxy and galaxy cluster formation far away in the Universe. He used to work in the USA for a NASA infrared space observatory. He is also the Vice-Président of Université Paris-Sud and is in charge of science outreach, science & society, arts and culture (2016-2020). In addition to his teaching and research activities, Hervé enjoys raising awareness about astrophysics amongst the masses through different media.

Joaquin Marcano

Master’s in Business Administration Candidate, HEC Paris
Joaquin Marcano is an MBA candidate at HEC Paris. He’s a production engineer (Venezuela, Universidad Simón Bolívar) with a minor in business (Belgium, Louvain School of Management). He’s a curious individual who loves to learn about different things and has multiple hobbies (soccer, writing, social entrepreneurship). He’s always eager to create new business ideas with a healthy disregard for conventional thinking and a high regard for creativity and innovation. One, amongst his numerous social ventures, seeks to close the educational gap between those who have access to quality education and those who don’t. From 2010 to 2015, he worked in an NGO that promoted democratic values and youth participation in elections. It was then when he realised that the problem of accountability and representation needed to be solved in order to politically tackle the more pressing problems facing our world. He believes that there are many things that politics can learn from businesses and vice versa.

Julie Andrieu

Master’s in Management Candidate, HEC Paris
Julie Andrieu was born and raised in the Southern French countryside. She left the sun and the good food for rainy Jouy-en-Josas to study at HEC Paris, in the Grande École program. Prior to that, she spent two years in Toulouse for her classe préparatoire with a focus on Geopolitics and Mathematics. After working for a hedge fund last summer, she has decided to pursue a career in finance. Julie enjoys travelling, reading and meeting new. She’s a total foodie and goes back to the south of France as often as possible to get a taste of her grandmas’ cooking. Julie was born with a neuromuscular disease called SMA, but never let her disability prevent her from being ambitious. As she progressed through her studies, she noticed that people were often misinformed on disability issues, which made her want to spread awareness and banalize disability. Today, she is an ambassador for a charity raising funds for research on genetic diseases.

Kelsea Walsh

Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation Candidate, HEC Paris
Kelsea Walsh is from Canada and has lived in France, Vietnam, and China. She pursued an undergraduate degree in politics and international studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada before coming to HEC Paris. She has travelled extensively, observing environmental innovation and learning about inequalities all over the world. Kelsea’s favourite activities include hiking, playing guitar and yoga. This last having been a passion of hers for a long time, she became a certified yoga instructor in India in 2017 and started her own business teaching private yoga last summer. Having observed the major chasm in social justice between Vietnam and Canada three years ago, Kelsea became motivated to help drive change towards our sustainable future. Her passion initially started with environmental justice, and expanded to social justice. Her talk focuses on our acknowledgement of privilege and power, and learning to use this step by step to find meaningful connection, in order to create change.

Lucas J. Carbonaro

Senior Project Manager, European Investment Bank
Lucas J. Carbonaro is half Italian and half Scottish and self-identifies as European. He grew up in Sicily and graduated in Mathematics from Catania. He pursued his Master’s in Statistics at LSE and then studied at Oxford. At the University of Oxford, he performed three years of research on computational finance. This alumni from the HEC MBA program currently works for the European Investment Bank. Between 2010 and 2015, Lucas fundraised $150k for charity, mostly for educational causes. In 2016, he decided to take a sabbatical to set up a Luxembourgish fund to support low income students to access Best-In-Class Universities. He enjoys sports and believes in life-long-learning - he has four masters degrees and takes weekly lessons in Russian and Chess. "It is well known that humans can do amazing things", he says, and to which he adds "in my opinion, this is easier when one has a clear goal, a step-by-step approach and is surrounded by people sharing the same objective".

Lucia Gonzalez Schuett

Master’s in Business Administration Candidate, HEC Paris
Lucia Gonzalez Schuett was born in Barcelona but moved to Madrid to major in Translation and Interpretation. After working in different areas related to languages and communication, she altered her career path with move to a multinational fast-fashion company. She began playing the flute at age nine and has been part of several bands and chamber music groups ever since. Her other passion is sport. Lucia’s family moved to a very small rural community in southern Spain when she was still a child. Her father had made an abrupt career change and they were all of a sudden into farming, harvesting cork and managing cattle on horseback. Her childhood shaped her sensitivity towards social issues and the importance of community. She was fortunate to be born into a loving family, in which her needs were always met. She then earned enough money to comfortably keep covering them. Maybe that was precisely why the initial question arose: what did she really need? When is enough... enough?

Ludivine Berouard

Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation Candidate, HEC Paris
Originally French, Ludivine Berourard has lived abroad most of her life. She grew up in the Czech Republic and then moved to The Netherlands to pursue a Bachelor’s in International Business Administration at Erasmus University. Her working experience in China and Thailand lead her to yearn to discover new cultures and learn about complex challenges. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris. Before joining HEC Paris, she worked in Uganda where she co-founded Marula, a consultancy business that works with large corporates, NGOs and the public sector to integrate youth into agriculture and address the high unemployment rates. This is when she became passionate about creating sustainable agricultural models within the food industry that are inclusive to local communities, the planet, and her fellow youth. She believes that social good, equality, and diversity can and should play a key role in today's world of global business.

Nina Sesto

Director of Telemedicine, Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Medicine / CEO & Co-Founder, Smart ECG Tech
Nina Sesto earned her Ph.D. in molecular biology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. She has led multiple research projects that were published among the highest ranking scientific publications and was awarded the Jacques Monod Prize for research in medicine. She earned an MBA from HEC Paris and Wharton Business School. Nina worked as a consultant for Dana Farber Cancer Institute on the use of telemedicine for cancer diagnostics and therapy in Africa. During this period, she explored digital health and machine learning based analytics as a way of improving processes and increasing access to healthcare. In 2016, Nina became an alumni of Singularity University Exponential Medicine. She is active in the start-up community, helping med-tech and bio-tech companies and developing her own startup. Her family owns a private clinic specialized in cardiovascular diseases, where she acts as a director of telemedicine. Calling Croatia home, Nina is a mother of two wonderful boys.

Pierre Guyot

Master’s in Business Administration Candidate, HEC Paris
With professional experience in the Tech industry both in North America and Europe under his belt, Pierre Guyot is now pursuing an MBA at HEC Paris. After his graduation as Industrial Engineer in France, Pierre decided to get out of his comfort zone and to live the Canadian adventure. During this interesting and enriching experience, he faced many unexpected challenges. Specifically, his young age appeared often to be an obstacle to his legitimacy and credibility. He usually had two options: either to hide his age or to accept to be under-considered. He believes that anyone who wants to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient society and business ecosystem, regardless of their race, gender or age, should have the opportunity to be heard adequately. In other words, we, as a society, should emphasize on talent and on what people can bring to the table instead of these factors that we tend to use as proxies.

Sephra Abraham

Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation Candidate, HEC Paris
Sephra Abraham is from Mumbai, India and is pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris. She holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and a Diploma in Business Studies from ICADE, Madrid. She has been working with an organization called Red is the New Green. This organisation is focused on combating menstrual health and hygiene related issues and promoting sustainable menstruation in India. She is heavily involved in research pertaining to the same. Her goal is to enable the not-so-privileged menstruating population to get access to clean, affordable and sustainable menstrual products. She wants to open people’s eyes to the environmental problems of menstruation and encourage them to make sustainable switches!

Sergio Pecorelli

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Brescia / Adjunct Professor, Yale Medical School
Sergio Pecorelli is an innate storyteller, a life-long learner and a native of Northern Italy’s Brescia. He received his Medical Degree cum Laude at the University of Pavia, with his residency in OB/GYN cum Laude at the University of Milano, after which completing his Fellowship in Pelvic Surgery at Mayo School of Medicine (Rochester, MN) with a PhD in Gynecologic Oncology Research. Among his many honorary awards, he has received the Gold Medal for Public Health Services by the President of the Republic of Italy and the August and Marie Krogh Medal from the Kingdom of Denmark. He enjoys being the nucleus of his family that includes two daughters, one son and three grandchildren. He initiated, with an international team, called “The First 100 days of Life”, aiming at studying 1500 pregnant women, their babies and the fathers of these babies. The study observes environmental influence on future health and wellness of these babies and their future generations.

Tom Pullen

CEO, Innovinco
After being trained in Design Thinking by Stanford University, Tom Pullen started his Executive MBA at HEC Paris in 2017, majoring in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Shortly afterwards, he founded Innovinco, a start-up specialising in accelerating innovation within large established companies. In a career spanning 21 years, Tom Pullen has worked at major global corporations like Mars and Danone. He has driven business growth for iconic brands like Twix, Bounty and Badoit, as well as turning around the Evian brand in its largest market. In his capacity as the Global Innovation Director at Danone, he was responsible for the acceleration of innovation worldwide, creating numerous commercially successful, award-winning innovations in the process. Tom is originally English, now half-French, and lives with his wife and 4 children in Versailles. He plays football (badly), tennis (better) and has completed many long-distance races including the London Marathon.

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