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This event occurred on
June 23, 2019
1:00pm - 6:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Xiamen, Fujian

90后、00后被打上了各式各样的标签:“文艺小青年”,“佛系”,“放荡不羁”...在这 个发展迅速的21世纪,每个人富有个性,活得千奇百态。在厦门,作为一个具有百万人口的城市,生长在这里的每个影子都是,有棱有角,独具一格。在这个充满“标签”的时代里,我们提出了疑惑:特别是为什么而特别,特别是标新立异还是离经叛道,特别对于我们,周围和社会的意义何在?

Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center
Xiamen, Fujian, 361000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Chunpei Wu

Founder of Light Building
Chunpei Wu majored in machinery while undergraduate and went abroad for further study in investment management and supply chain management while postgraduate. He used to study in Britain and France for 6 years and traveled to more than 70 countries. Light Building(光所), which is founded by him, has won the title of " Creative Cultural Space of the Year" of the 2018 Xiamen Cultural Industry Annual List. Besides, he also set up several food and beverage brands with the idea of combining business and art.

Haojing (Raven) Zhan

Student, Inheritor of Min Nan Hand Puppet
Raven is a junior in George School, Pennsylvania. Born in Min Nan Hand Puppet family, Raven started performing with her grandfather and mother since childhood. Min Nan Hand Puppet is the national intangible cultural heritage in China, and Raven is the third-generation inheritor in her family. As a high school student with the conception of globalization in mind, Raven differentiates her perspective from that of her grandfather and mother upon the means to protect this aged art form.

Jie Lu

Founder and CEO of Chuang Ke Mao Technology Co., Ltd.
Jie Lu, graduated from Chengyi University College of Jimei University, is the founder and CEO of Chuang Ke Mao Technology Co., Ltd. On May 2018, Mr. Lu was elected as the delegate of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Youth League. As a post-90s entrepreneur, he was awarded as Hurun 30 Under 30 for China 2018. In 2016, He participated in the Second China College Students’ Competition of “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship as the graduate of Chengyi University College, Jimei University, and won the silver award.

Sien Chen

Ph.D., CEO of Tech Valley Information Technology Co., Ltd
Born in Xiamen, Sien Chen, went from the “Prince of Games” in Gu Lang Yu to a “National Distinguished Expert.” In 2015, out of his love for his country, he started his own business in the cutting-edge areas of big data and AI in China as a senior scholar abroad. He contributed to the Skynet project and introduced his evidence-based decision-making system into China to fill the gaps in relevant fields. His everlasting interest in research, discovery, and innovation has led him to explore across six professional fields: applied electronic technology, computer science, software engineering, management science, statistics and decision-making, and system science. As an entrepreneur with an academic background, Dr. Chen recognizes the importance of the cooperation among businesses, universities and research institutes. He has set a model of School-School Enterprise Cooperation at both domestic and international levels, creating a talent pool for China.

Yan (Francis) Fang

Student, Pianist
Yan Francis Fang is a rising star on the piano stage. Praised by pianist Boris Berman as “an exceptionally gifted pianist”, Fang was described to possess “a real fire" and "deep and sincere” feelings in his performance by pianist Alexander Korsantia. As an award-winning pianist, Francis has performed in many different venues in the world, including Jordan Hall, Sala Dei Notari, Teatro Del Pavone, and Zipper Hall. He was the visiting artist of 2nd and 3rd Xiamen University International Piano Festival and hosted fundraising concerts for WWF in Orvis Auditorium of Hawaii. Francis won the Gold medal at the Chopin's 200th Anniversary International Piano Competition and 1st prize with the outstanding award at Tainan International Music Competition. He is currently studying in New England Conservatory of music under Pianist Alexander Korsantia.

Yiwei (Estee) Chen

Student, Co-founder of Project Synapses
Estee Chen, an advocate social activist, firmly believes that charity is about “making them feel stronger, not making us feel better”. She founded Project Synapses in 2016 in Singapore, striving to empower people with cerebral palsy (CP) financially and psychologically. Her team and she organized a fashion show, an art fiesta, and more than 30 times of fundraising all over Singapore, raising over $40000 over 2 years. Through planning events that showcased the talents of people with CP and multiple experiences of working with people with CP, she harvested friendship with them and understood that the best way to help them was to build confidence in them through appreciating their capabilities. Since then, she has been striving to connect the public to people with CP, educating others about CP, and spreading her insights through speeches and actions.

Yuchen Jin

Chinese Bamboo Clapper Artist, Founder of Clapper, Inc.,
Yuchen Jin, graduated from Wharton Business School and the University of Virginia, is a Chinese bamboo clapper artist, the founder of Clapper, Inc., a rhythm guitarist and a member of the duo No2 Brothers. Mr.Jin has a strong passion for Chinese folk art performance ever since childhood and has studied with renowned Chinese folk art masters like Mr. Zhang Zhikuan and Mr. Feng Gong. In 2009, he became the first to perform Chinese cross talk at Lincoln Center in New York, and later made several more appearances on David Geffen Hall, one of the biggest stages of Lincoln Center. He was invited by New York Public Radio as a Chinese representative at the Martin Luther King's Day Annual Gala. Besides his achievements in art, Mr. Jin is also an investor and a winner of the Wharton Scholarship and Jack T. J. Huang Scholarship. He has 10 years of experience in investment and financing in both China and the United States.

Yukai (Sebastian) Yang

Sebastian is a student at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Information Systems. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded two projects and is currently an executive board member of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association at CMU. As an engineer, he won the first prize in designing a space settlement orbiting Mercury in the national qualifying round. As a programmer, he designed multiple games and is a member of the Game Creation Society at CMU. He is also the former president of Animal Protection Association at Xiamen No.1 High School, and one of the lead organizer at 6th and 7th Xiamen Youth Elite Summit, as well as a speaker at TEDxYouth@YundangLake in 2017.

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