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Theme: "Oasis: Existence in Nothingness"

This event occurred on
February 15, 2019
8:00am - 8:00pm +0330
(UTC +3.5hrs)
Tehran, Tehrān

Oasis; existance in nothingness, is our own chronicle. A Tally stick of prosaic days we spent longing for a green tint of a bud and then another one and one more afterwards; and the agony of a spontaneous generation as the phenomenon of "growth" bringing about an unfamiliar weight of roots, stalks and leaves and all in a barren soil which dictates hostility and deprivation to its very grains.
This is a feature of every wasteland and "being a wasteland" is a feature of each and every adamant herbage's origin; one by one green dots of life strifing the desert's crimson and Oasis, our home is the coincidence point of three primary colors and us in between, the most vital one.
But what differentiates between Oasis' picture and one from depletion of selfish wildflowers is our roots. Somewhere in the depths of the ground, afloat in a saturated black silence, is our hands reaching out for each other's; as in a model of Michaelangelo's "The creation of Adam", but surreptitious, acquiring a common sense which whispers the conspiracy of water and food impoverishment in the roots' knots –as ears-. We TALK to each other; TALKing about ourselves; our chronicle; our Oasis and the expectacular settlement we built uphill.

elaheh khodadoust
Tehran Province, Tehran, Hemmat Highway, Iran
Tehran, Tehrān, 1449614535
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Alireza Nakhjavani

Marketing counselor and retailer

Anahita Khorrami


Hooshang Shahbazi

Airline Captain;
"Mr. Obama, I hope you act upon your famous motto of 'change' and [put] politics aside, consider human rights standards, and lift the sanctions on sales of civilian airliners and spare parts, to save people's lives." These are the words of the “Hero Pilot” who safely landed the Iranair flight 742 with its nose landing gear jammed. Since then, Captain Shahbazi has been campaigning against sanctions that target air industry; he has even gone as far as participating in a session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to make his voice heard.

Mahsa Tahzibi

Deaf community activist
As a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) Mahsa has grown up living with the problems and complications the deaf community face in the society. Being able to hear, Mahsa is trying to be the bridge between the world of the deaf and the hearing and speak their concerns out loud.

Saeed Zaroori

Being diagnosed in early childhood with muscular dystrophy didn’t stop Saeed from pursuing his dreams. Driving a wheelchair he has challenged himself into flying up above the clouds to diving far below the seas...

Seyyed Hassan Kiyaeyan

Publication manager
As the founder of one of the largest and most popular Iranian publications-Cheshmeh pub-, Hassan Kiyaeyan has devoted most of his life to promoting the culture of reading.

Vahid Jahanmirinejad

HIV/AIDS Activist
During the last years of being a medical student Dr Jahanmirinejad noticed the stigma surrounding the HIV+ patients in the medical facilities, which in turn prevented them from receiving appropriate medical care. The cause became so important to him that he devoted his M.D. thesis to it. He later channeled this concern through his lifelong interest for cinema and theatre and started raising awareness about HIV/AIDS by making informative animations and performing street theatres around the subject. He is now the ministry of health’s media counsellor in the HIV/AIDS field.

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Tehran, Iran
  • Novin Nabavi