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Theme: Velocity of the Future

This event occurred on
January 18, 2019
12:30pm - 7:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Nijmegen, Gelderland

Our current society is moving at an increasingly faster rate and as a result our citizens have to start moving at greater velocity in order to keep pace and stay ahead of the challenges that threaten our very existence.

Regarding Technology we want to focus on sustainability projects. Our speakers will try to inspire every young person to get involved or to be informed to work towards a better, sustainable and modern community. Because we believe young people are the future that’s why we want to give them a place where they can express their passion. We give them the opportunity to gain confidence in their level of leadership.

Regarding Entertainment we want to highlight social engagement our speakers will bring forth topics such as growing beyond your social circle towards becoming a global citizen and taking responsibility and see the consequences of the choices by humanity. Therefore we promote speakers that help disadvantaged people and promote equal opportunities between the privileged and the discriminated. Besides we want to foster diversity and inclusion in our lineup, social young leaders will explain in a fun way how to address social problems in society by theater plays or philosophical thinking.

Regarding Design we want to adress new forms of entrepreneurship. Our speakers will bring debate among youngsters concerning the fast moving developments of how youngsters educate themselves, choose to become an entrepreneur or even to combine both to become leaders in their field of industry. Especially for design we would like to include art pieces or an artistic twist regarding the topic of the speaker.

Our team has a great network of young ambitious individuals ranging from students to influencers and entrepreneurs to government officials who like to share their journey of their passion. Through the many organisations and umbrella organisations we know which bosses and secretaries to contact who have also a large overview of inspiring projects and stories.

Hogeschool van Arnhem Nijmegen
Laan van scheut 10
Nijmegen, Gelderland, 6525EM
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anouk Schouten

Nature, Education, Sustainability Expert
What is the best way to prepare children? On working towards a sustainable future? How can one help develop the skills? Develop that are more relevant in the 21st century than ever? The digital transition is increasing more prevail. According to Anouk Schouten plenty of reasons not to visit the wild nature forget.

Carmen van de Beek

How do you make the labor market more accessible for youth? And how do you speak young people On? 19-year-old Carmen van de Beek started her business at 16 CarmenConnect to bridge the gap between young people and adults to reduce. Last year she got with her “Tinder for side jobs” concept became an investment and she was at age 18 a product owner and internship supervisor.

Chelsea Oost

Spoken Word Artist
Technological innovations are making the world smaller and smaller, but are people really connected? Or is the wifi connection a symbol that makes you think it is? Chelsea Oost is a spoken word artist who shares various aspects of social connection to connect with his target audience from young to old.

Des Balentien

Entrepreneur, Inspiration Speaker, Artist & Writer
Regardless of your origin and/or situation, nothing is impossible, it starts with your own story recognizing, accepting and converting them into action. Believing in yourself is one of the foundation rules to a stable life.

Dina El Filali

Engineer, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Spoken Word Artist, Young Author, New Amsterdam Council Member and Founder of ME-TREC
Raised in Amsterdam, Dina moved to Wageningen to attain insight on some of the complex challenges we as humanity are being confronted with. During her academic years her focus slowly shifted from land and water management related issues towards the more urban challenges. In so doing she majored in Urban Environmental Systems Engineering and developed during her graduation year as an AMS graduate a participatory tool to help facilitate cities and metropolitan areas become sustainable. After her graduation Dina founded ME-TREC (Metropolitan Training Research Engineering and Consultancy), with which she aims to bring her passions into practice and contribute to a just, sustainable and resilient world. During her TED-talk, she will share her personal view on engineering and idea on why and how to facilitate sustainable metropolitan development, based upon her personal story.

Emin Kececi

The Alchemist at Meesters met Dromen
“It is never you iDentity it is always your Strategy!”- Emin Kececi a teacher with guts, coach, social media and communication expert in the field of education, social media and entrepreneurship. Always looking for new challenges and creative in solving problems in the teaching a driven mindset among the young. Known for winning the most virtuoso teacher of 2015 together with several masterclasses as a motivational speaker and in the media In Algemeen Dagblad Emin mainly comes up as a futuristic educator with guts who creates movement within education together with Master Bart and Master Yasin.

Gershwin Bonevacia

City Poet of Amsterdam
“Potential does not exist until it becomes recognized” from this philosophy Gershwin about his personal story centered on the power of "rethinking". A poet, writer and speaker. Gershwin now provides Bonevacia presentations for organizations like VPRO, NOSop3, Erasmus University to to Google Inc., Bureau Jeugdzorg and ABN AMBRO. Entertaining, inspiring and motivating people predominate. He and his work are often described as an observer. His vision is to make young people aware of the power of words. In 2017 he debuts with his first collection of poems called "I have bought a bicycle".

Kim van Daalen

PhD Student
Kim van Daalen is a PhD student at the field of Global Public Health in which they identify the “environmental risk factors” for non communicable diseases (NCDs) in South Asia”. In her talk will they talk about the impact of climate change on health and how instead of a doomsday scenario climate change on a other (positiv) wayposi to communicate. Spearheads will be: climate change, health and the possible impact action can have on both. As Global Health and Climate Change Action lawyer, she has worked for various NGOs in recent years and, together with a of her friends the initiator of the People's Climate March in 2017. In Cambridge, she just founded Healthy Planet Cambridge, a student initiative focused on Climate Change and Global Health.

Naomi Zijderveld

Future Maker, Environmental Law Advisor and World Traveler
Ever since she was little, Naomi has been fascinated by the world around her. During her studies in planning and traveling around the world, she discovered that things must and can be arranged differently in the Netherlands but also in the rest of the world in order to make society fairer and more sustainable. The connection between people and their area is indispensable in this. The approaching Environment and Planning Act makes it possible for residents to participate in decision-making about their area in addition to public and private parties. To make this possible, much more needs to be done than just introducing the law. Naomi knows what to expect and is happy to take you through the 'how and what' of what she calls the paradigm shift of spatial development.

Nila Patty

Innovation and Sustainability Manager, Zero Waste Advisor & Activist
Nila Patty is committed to a Zero-Waste lifestyle. Among other things, she has one of the Green Capital Challenges, namely the Nijmegen Waste Challenge created. This one lasted 30 days and challenged residents to produce as little waste as possible. She is in addition, the founder of the Sampah 2 Use movement committed to small-scale machine for recycled plastic. According to Nila is changing a lifestyle essential to create a more sustainable world to create. She also takes the lead by leading a zero-waste lifestyle herself, so motivates they help others to get involved and make them aware of all the unnecessary waste.

Quirine Wissink

Co-Founder of grief app Dearly
When her father passed away at the age of 59 Quirine went through a grieving process. They noticed that the threshold to her direct environment to ask for help was high. Her experiences about mourning she has now converted in an online community and mobile app that helps people cope with their own grieving process.

Seren Dalkiran

Versatile Lifelong Learner, Innovator, (Social) Scientist and Award-winning Expert in Millennial leadership and the future workforce in the age of digitalisation
Dr. Seren Dalkiran is a versatile lifelong learner, innovator, (social) scientist and award-winning expert in Millennial leadership and the future workforce in the age of digitalisation. She builds bridges between theory and practise at the nexus of science, society and entrepreneurship. Seren conducted her innovative Ph.D. research in 117 countries on the learning and leadership needs and competencies required for Millennials at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Utrecht University and Varna University of Management with the support of the eminent Professor emeritus Geert Hofstede. She initiated a wide range of projects, organizations and networks in leadership and talent development, lifelong learning and intergenerational cooperation exploring new paradigms responsive to tackle pressing global challenges in a 21st century context.

Sil de Weerd

Expert under the Impact of our Diet on our Climate
Sil de Weerd is an expert on impact of our diet on our climate. He is founder and entrepreneur of Beter (W)eten, a organization with the mission to make people more aware making the effects of diet and lifestyle on health, that they may with the accumulated knowledge can make better choices in their daily life. A lot of people think that shower, drive and leave the light on standing is bad for the environment, but realize do not realize that this is insignificant compared to the damage which involves the production, transport and packaging of animal food. The Daily choices made in different eating habits can make a big difference to make. For Sil the main motivation to bring this philosophy to the public.

Sjoerd Gerritsen

Author, Speaker and Researcher
"As an author, speaker and researcher Sjoerd shapes the future by helping others shaping theirs. Sjoerd founded his first when he was 17 years old. Although the company failed after three years, the failure made Sjoerd realize that the world is one big playground. Over the years he has spoken to thousands of people (and wrote a book) about reshaping their future through entrepreneurship and personal development."

Ward van Gasteren

Growth Hacking Coach
What does 'entrepreneurship' mean? Can you also be entrepreneurial without your own company? How do you develop an entrepreneurial mindset? Ward van Gasteren is the founder of Ondernemers Olympiade Nijmegen and in one year he introduced +1000 young people to entrepreneurship in the form of a tournament. He will tell how he set up this tournament in a short time without financial support and with an organization of only Nijmegen students, schools and organizations.

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Nijmegen, Netherlands