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Theme: Edge of Chaos

This event occurred on
February 8, 2019
Kochi, Kerala

Too much order and change ceases. Too much chaos and organisation recedes. Somewhere in between thrives the sublimity of reality, celebrating a wonderful mix of stability and evanescence. It is a vibrant existence where nothing really locks into space, yet never really dissolves into turbulence, either. It is complex, intricate, spontaneous, dynamic, adaptive and very much alive.

Our 'edge of chaos' as this abstract and intuitive theme, poised for evolution and adaptation, that flaunts the true spirit of ideas worth spreading.

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering
Kerala, India
Kochi, Kerala, 686671
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University (What is this?)
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Anjali Vinod

Anjali Vinod, a.k.a. Mrs. Foodaholic, is a self-taught home cook in Sydney, Australia who has been trying to bake the world a happy place, one dish at a time. Sugar, spice and everything nice, this food blogger and photographer, has a brownie of a heart and custard of a smile every time she talks or writes about her hopeless and lifelong love affair with munches from every cuisine.

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith—who presently teaches at M. A. International School, Kothamangalm, Kerala—began her teaching career back in 1992 at a school in England. Blissfully married to a football fanatic for over thirty years, life-long learning is her mantra. With an insatiable love for literature, Debbie has a working experience of over three decades at various schools in the Europe and the USA.

George Vivian Paul

George Vivian Paul ticks all the right boxes for tickling the intellect with his humour. Ever since his departure from a two-year tussle with a desk job, he has made it his mission to nurture the open mic and stand up comedy culture in Kochi, Kerala, India, by founding the Kochin Komedians. George finds comic gold in topics that make you feel uncomfortable, things that make you cringe, and he does it with the precision of a surgical strike.

Guneeta Singh Bhalla

From being a condensed matter physicist who was a post-doctoral researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley, to founding the '1947 Partition Archive', and being a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, Guneeta Singh Bhalla's journey has been quite unorthodox.

Gunjan Virk

She's a honeysouled being who mustered up the courage to let go of a high paying job when it wasn't fulfilling, in pursuit of an uplifting passion that truly resonates with her inner self. From working with exquisite fashion houses in Milan (Italy) to launching her own fashion label, hers has been an astonishing odyssey. She went to Germany and learn German, And somewhere in between all those breathtaking transitions she discovered something truly magnificent—a penchant for world travel that bloomed into the one true love of her life—Things to Dot: her very own travel, fashion and lifestyle blog. Yoga enthusiast, linguist, fashion consultant, photographer, this globetrotter is on a journey Dotting the Map of Life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Krishna Teja Mylavarapu

Krishna Teja Mylavarapu is an Indian Administrative Service Officer who crafted the groundbreaking 'I Am For Alleppey' campaign, whose efforts were pivotal in the evacuation of close to two-hundred-thousand people in three days during the deluge in Kerala.

Maria Rony

Maria Rony is a professional table tennis player who serendipitously took to the sport when she was as little as five. She hasn't swerved in her commitment to the sport ever since.

Nithin George Eapen

Nithin George Eapen has been a manufacturing engineer, a software programmer, wall street investment banker/market maker, a chief investment officer with a Masters in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago. Now the Founder/CEO of ChanceRiver, he's the uber CryptoEvangelist, the champion spokesperson of decentralization helping others swerve through the blockchain space.


Oorali is a contemporary conversational band dealing with folk-reggae genre mostly known for their political themes and songs. They are the voice of changing times, culture, destruction of environment, attacks on human rights and also is a melodious voice that makes you dance uninhibitedly.

Parvathy Gopakumar

A lawyer in the making, from National Law School of India University, Parvathy Gopakumar drapes her unapologetic, prudent persona with the finesse of a narrator articulating immersive stories from a book you can't put down. The becoming of the person she is, from the day she began to be showered with sympathetic glances, and then coming to terms with her body image, to the point where she paints her prosthetic nails and stashes chocolates in her prosthetic arm, she's a page-turner of a human book.

Pavisankar S

Passionate with a flair for dry wit, this young artist is unlike those before him, and yet, he has just begun. Pavisankar S, visual artist and entertainer, has left all mesmerized with his graffiti work, and the digital art on his fabled Instgram page 'Sarcasanam'. Marked by a fierceness and feistiness—the traits of the passionate—his works will transport to you a world of thought and contemplation.

Shifa Vaheeda Sadiqe

Brought up in a conservative Muslim family, her life appears to be beaming bright--from being the student council president to pursuing post-graduation in International Relations and Politics. She is never a 'play it safe' sort of person, because she has got the daring might to fight her battles and the courage to seek her truth. A fierce young lady who decided to unlearn the nonsense fed to her, to take charge of her life, she is Shifa Vaheeda Sadiqe.

Trishita Bhattacharya.

Trishita Bhattacharya is a travel buff, photographer, blogger and Instagrammer; a dreamer with a zest for life. With a graduation in pharmacy, her beginning wasn't obvious. She has worked as a freelance photographer with several brands, and is a GoPro Ambassador.

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